Five Design Blogs to Watch Out For In 2010

I personally use Google Reader to organize my blog roll, and keep up-to-date on a daily basis with several blogs. These are just some of the blogs which pop out in their design, content and originality. Be sure to check them out and recommend any others you may think are worth a watch in 2010, just comment below.

Dezign diva

Find Dezign Diva over at

Find Mia Zoe on twitter!

“Web Blog offering the best content pertaining to Web Design , Designers and all things Web related .”

How Dezign Diva aka Mia Zoe describes her site:

Dezign Diva is borne out of my passion for Art , Web Design & Development . This site is for You , who also appreciate & share an affinity towards all things Art related. Whether you are a Web Designer Font expert/creator, Developer or Artist , don’t ever consider yourself to be great at what you do – because then, the “Hunger” to become better will forever disappear ! Keep on creating & Welcome to Dezign Diva.”

My take on Dezign Diva:

Straightaway I’m blown away by the new look over at Dezign Diva, previously a more purple affair the website now is more darker and knowing Mia well this site really brings out her personality. The site is brilliantly functional and I am a big fan of the footer which provides a plethora of information.

Favorite recent articles:

Visual Swirl

Find Visual Swirl over at

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“Design Resources, Inspiration, Tutorials and more! Tasty Snacks for the Creative Professional.”

How Visual Swirl aka Chris Thurman describes his site:

“Visual Swirl is a community-focused design blog. Our purpose is to create and distribute quality resources, thought provoking articles, breathtaking inspiration and instructional tutorials.

The design community is at the heart of everything on this site. We want to challenge designers to not only grow in their expertise but to give back to a design community that embraces creative freedom and generosity. We encourage feedback and discussion and hope to make this site a home for many great designers and creatives.”

My take on Visual Swirl:

The new look again at Visual Swirl is absolutely amazing, looking over every detail at the site you can see the amount of effort and detail each part of the site has undertaken. Chris is a wonderfully gifted individual and I hope one day to have the skills he brings to the table, I often find myself seeing new things on the site I hadn’t noticed previously.

Favorite recent articles:


Find Nymfont over at

Find Lauren Thompson on twitter!

“I’m Lauren, self-proclaimed “dweeb,” and the coolest person I know.”

How Nymfont aka Lauren Thompson describes her site:

“What began as doodling Fraktur during class, as an adult became focused creation of typographic art for print and for screen, including this digital type experiment I call “Nymphont.”

I do freelance web and graphic design along with type design. The icons below link to social networks and bookmarking sites that I am involved with. You’ll find me most on twitter, Stumbleupon, DeviantART, and Digg. From the fabulous Las Vegas, Lauren “Nymphont.”

My Take on Nymphont:

This is a site I first came upon back in the summer and found myself marveling at for hours, the typography and fonts are amazing and it has undertaken at least one revamp since i first found it. Lauren is a marvelous and gracious designer, I am lucky enough to have featured a great interview with her. Her blog is amazingly neat and tidy, the grid layout is superb and I am so very jealous of the footer and sidebar design. Do also check out her fonts and blogger templates, simply to die for! Her articles are wide ranging and feature work from all over the net, be sure to have this site bookmarked, and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Favorite recent articles:

Echo Enduring

Find Matt Ward over at

Find Matt Ward on twitter!

“Echo Enduring Media is the online presence of me, Matt Ward.

How Echo Enduring Media aka Matt Ward describes his site:

“This site is my online home. It is one part portfolio, one part resource base, one part blog, and altogether one giant virtual playground, where I can play, experiment, design and re-design in a continuing effort to better myself and the site in general.”

My Take on Echo Enduring:

The best blog to come to me directly, I came across the site by the man himself. He emailed me a few links to his latest articles over the period of a week or so and I began to take note of their quality and variance. He writes such brilliant and enthralling tutorials and articles his blog is a definite must for your RSS feed.

Favorite recent articles:

Roberto Blake

Find Roberto Blake over at

Find Roberto Blake on twitter!

“For nearly my entire life I have pursued art in some form or fashion

How Roberto Blake describes his site:

“My greatest strengths are that of a Graphics and Web Designer, as I have the most experience at those types of projects, and a vast knowledge of the principles, standards, and trends associated with them. I have been developing websites from an early age, and have followed the evolution of website design for the past decade.”

My Take on Roberto Blake:

This blog showcases great work and allows Roberto Blake to show off his latest releases and works. Both the articles and his work are of the highest quality, and I can only hope that one day I will possess skills that are 10% of what his are. His work in digital art is amazing so he is also a designer of the future I could see going extremely far in the industry.

Favorite recent articles:

Other Great Bloggers

Admix Web by Holly Lamarche and Taylor Feliz

Web Expedition18 by Colaja

Ruminations of a Designer by Chris Trude

Out the Other Side by Christy Latz

Lucious Detail by Leslie Kingery

Old Design Favorites

Design Something

My Ink Blog

Area 1

The Design O’Blog

Grace Smith

Join the Design Juices Community and please provide us with your thoughts below!

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  • Chris Thurman

    Thanks for including my blog in your list! I’m honored.

  • Holly

    Great List! Thanks for including Admix Web as a “Great Blogger!” Love your blog!

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  • GrafikOdyssey

    I really think GrafikOdyssey should be a nice blog for inspiration.

  • Lauren

    Hey thanks for featuring me, I am honored. DezignDiva & EchoEnduring are two favorites of mine, great selections.

  • echoenduring

    Hey Jared!
    Thanks for including the Echo Enduring Blog in this list. And thanks to Lauren too! I'm glad that you both enjoy my posts!

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  • colaja

    Thanks for mentioning my blog Jared, I'm honored :)

  • robertoblake

    Thanks for the feature and your great comments, its always great to know your work is appreciated by others. The other blogs here are actually really cool too, and I'll be subscribing to them!

  • Michelle Trevino

    Great job with the article! I have some new sites to add to my list. I'm always a sucker for a good font site. 😉

  • Teylor Feliz

    Thanks for including us!!!

  • Peter Simcoe

    Can I suggest the design blog I've been working on for the last 6 months? I m hoping that it helps my clients further understand processes the designer uses to achieve results – you can see it at Hopefully your readers would consider this to be a site to watch out for in 2010! Thanks and keep up the good blogging.

  • Anonymous

    well nymphont is most definately that!

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t recommend the blogs featured here enough!

  • Mihai O.

    Thanks for featuring :)

  • Vunky

    Great in depth post of the blogs you choose. Never heard of Visual Swirl. Like it!

    (p.s. The images under the last four links are broken.)

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  • designjuices

    keep up the good work as ever, and expect my guest post in your inbox soon!

  • designjuices

    images are fixed!
    Visual Swirl has some amazing posts new every week :)

  • Cris

    Don’t forget about should be an interesting one too :)

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  • Mahmudur Rahman

    Nice list. All 5 having nice post. Regular i am going to check them out. Thanks for share. :)

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    Aww you have me blushing bashful now Jared 😀 Thank you so much for recommending my site , it is truly such a generous act on your part – but then again : You are a very generous individual ( with your readers , users & friends ) ; therefore I am not surprised . You are a King amongst mortal men Jared Thompson :) Thank you ❤

  • designjuices

    Haha i would echo all these compliments for your bad self, your are a queen of design and i dont know what i would do without all your help!

  • designjuices

    Haha i would echo all these compliments for your bad self, your are a queen of design and i dont know what i would do without all your help!

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