My Favourite Articles of 2009 at Design Something

Design Something is a spin off from designer Daniel Wolstenholme’s website, here he showcases his portfolio of work and Design Something is a design magazine holding a plethora of articles. Several articles since its inception have been brilliant and here I am going to showcase five of the best.

The Art of Pixels

Every single thing that we look at on screen is made up of pixels. Simple fact. We normally look at pixels as a general blend on screen.. Read More

You Won’t Want to Throw this Packaging Away: Creative Packaging Round-up

One of the most common examples of great graphic design is packaging, apart from holding the relevant information for the product itself it becomes a brilliant tool for sales.. Read More

The New Years Resolutions of Today’s Design Community

Will Christmas and New Years all happening in what if often a hectic time of year, many of us wake up in the afternoon of the first day of a new year and tell ourselves we won’t drink again, or we will go to the gym at least one a week for that year.. Read More

Interview with Creator of Nymfont

Interview of Lauren Thompson, type designer and creator of the blog Nymphont, interview by Dan Kern. One of the world wide web’s up-and-coming design stars is paving her own path through the challenging landscape of type.. Read More

Be Sure to also read other interviews with:

50 of the Best Typography Posters

Design can’t be made without some form of type, the more consideration you give to the type you use the more likely your design is going to look kick ass.. Read More

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