Photographer In Profile: Micala Michuad

Recently I have had to opportunity to connect with several artists, photographers and designers over at DeviantART. Immediately over the past few days and weeks I have become rather drawn to the photography of Micala Michaud, I recently got the chance to interview her with a few lightweight questions. Also be sure to check out a selection of her work below, with me showcasing some of my favourite pieces by Micala.

What do you study at school/college and was there a specific reason you chose to study these areas?

Well school is basically the same old same old as far as subjects go. I won’t have too much of a choice until I get to college, but when I do get there then I hope to study to become an archaeologist. It’s always interested me and has been my career of choice for many years. I briefly considered photojournalism but decided against it because of the competitiveness of the industry. Not that I don’t enjoy being competitive myself.

Was there a particular piece of work or group of works which really turned you onto photography which you most admired and inspired you to take up photography?

Hmm…Well, about 5 years ago was when I started playing around with a camera, and it just grew from there. I don’t really remember what inspired me to start.

What kind of equipment do you use with your photography? Do you have a specific setup for your photography?

Haha, equipment? What’s that? Nah, I’m too broke to have any kind of equipment except for my camera, which was a Christmas present a few years ago. Although my dad gave me his old tripod a few months ago, but I don’t use it a whole lot. I usually don’t have a setup either unless I have a specific idea in mind of what I want. For instance, I think the one time I used any kind of set up was when I wanted some pictures of water droplets on leaves. Even then I only used a lamp and a white background.

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You cite Deviantart as your favorite new online community to showcase your work, what makes Deviantart stand out the most for you? And why did you choose to use deviantart?

In all honesty Deviantart was the first website of its kind that I stumbled onto, and that was only about 2 weeks ago. I had wanted to find something like it for a long time, but hadn’t actually done any looking for a website, but one day I got lucky and saw a post on a website that mentioned Deviantart, so I checked it out. For someone like me it was like winning the lottery.

Who have you found to be the most helpful people online in providing feedback and advice when starting out?

Well, you’re one of them actually. Really it’s anyone who takes time to comment my pictures on any website I’ve got them posted. I enjoy hearing what people have to say about them. I don’t think I’ve gotten a bad comment on any of them, for which I’m most flattered.

When you are not photographing or otherwise behind the computer, what do you enjoy doing to step away for a while?

I’ve got a lot of hobbies. I’m a huge fantasy/fiction nerd, so I read a lot. I am a gamer chick so I love to play Call of Duty and the original DOOM computer game. Also a lot of role playing games such as Lost Odyssey, Morrowind and Assassin’s Creed. I write poetry, I listen to music, I draw, I go for walks, I cause trouble. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV but I’m a Trekky. I’m also involved in the STAR program, which is Students Taking Action for Respect. It’s a program that helps raise awareness about dating violence, bullying and other kinds of issues of the sort that are prevalent in schools. We give presentations to pre-k all the way up to high school.

What type of photography is your favorite? Do you have a particular style you love to do?

I love all kinds of photography. I don’t have a particular favorite but I’ve noticed that portraits catch my eye the most. My style is kind of unique by way of angles and subjects. I take pictures of random things that most people wouldn’t think to take a picture of. I’ve found that anything can make a cool picture if you look at it the right way.

What drives you to take photos? would you consider a career in photography?

I guess the want to capture the moment and the beauty of something that won’t be there forever. I’m also a pretty visual person, so it’s nice to have pictures of things for me to look at, especially in the winter and I’m longing to see something green. Then all I have to do is go look at a picture. And I would consider a career in photography. If I got the right job, such as working for a magazine.

What are your favourite pieces of work? and why?

Well I can’t say that I have a favorite one that I’ve taken, or that anyone else has taken. I love a variety of pictures and since there are different kinds of photography then in some cases it’s hard to even compare one to another in order to decide which is favored over the other. I do really enjoy pictures of people and underwater photography though.

What does the future hold for you?

Let me go check my crystal ball. Haha, well as I stated previously, I hope to go into the archaeological field. I will most likely attend Texas A&M College Station. They have a nautical archeology department which I’m very excited about. I mean, c’mon, who wouldn’t want to explore sunken ships? That would really float my boat. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun and plus I think there’s an oxy-moron in there somewhere. But anyways, after I get my PhD, I will either go to work with a national park or possibly stay on at the university and get a job as a professor and then do field work during the summer. But who knows? Fate could intervene and I could end up as a photographer. I wouldn’t mind that.

Photo Manipulation Piece

Micala Michuad

Micala Michaud was born and raised in Texas. She loves art of all kinds, but hasn’t taken any formal classes because she prefers to learn from experience. Photography is a much loved hobby and will be for a very long time.

Find Micala on DeviantART as AidailAniron