Whats the Best way to Promote your Latest Article?

How do we all drive people to our site? To see the articles we all slave over for hours each day?

Each of us are all out here to get the most hits we can onto our pages, (whether it’s to create advertisement revenue or not.) There are several ways in which to achieve this, and I hope to discuss two of the easiest and simple in which to setup and carry out.

Promotion Buttons

There are various ways in which to promote your design articles, whether its just a few tweets, diggs, bumps or blends.  Popular ways include submitting design articles to various sites which encourage users to vote up their favourite articles, as well as submitting to design community news feeds.

Facebook Share Button

Facebook quite possibly is the most popular social network and looks like it is going to be around for a while, businesses are also drawn to the site. Allow your articles to be posted on Facebook, so people can show their Facebook “friend” contingent what they are reading. Find it here

Design Bump Button

Download-able from the design bump website, each click of the bump propels you further up the sites chart of the most popular articles on the bump site. Proving to be a popular selection for several design sites across the board don’t rule out its impact. Find it here

Digg Button

A popular site in ‘Digging’ any page on websites from across the web, (not restricted to design) the site promotes any page which is submitted and can bring in large numbers of traffic when enough people Digg your site. The buttons are easy to install even in sites made with WordPress, and large numbers of people interact with the site. Find it here

Web Blend Button

Much the same thinking as Design Bump, the Web blend is another voting up of design articles. Once submitted you can encourage your users to blend up your articles, this has driven large amounts of traffic to my site through the web blend button. Find it here

Reddit Button

Another voting system, which allows uses to vote your submitted articles good or bad. More votes can often mean more exposure for your articles. Find it here

Retweet Button

This may not been as popular as it once was, but the Retweet button is a simply way of getting your article to be promoted on twitter by as many people as possible. One click simply relays your page onto twitter and allows it to be reach the millions of people interacting with twitter every second. Find it here

Other Promotional Buttons

Google Buzz

New to the world, Google buzz has just entered into the world of social networking and the Google buzz button allows your to spread the word just as all the other buttons do. Will Google buzz be a success? Only time will tell. Find it here

Design Moo

Has undergone some problems recently, which were linked to the sale of the site by its previous owner I believe. But this works in much the same way as the more favorited design bump, web blend and Design Float. Find it here

Submit Articles to Design Blog Community Feeds

When I complete a new article on Design Juices, I always go to several sites from which to promote my articles. Design sites across the board often have community areas from which people can add their design links, these can usefully help you drive a few extra visitors to your site. It such a simple idea, in that all you need to do is fill out a quick contact form and your link (maybe moderated) will then be display on the sites community feed.

Several great sites which I would recommend you to submit articles toward are:

  1. Abdueezo
  2. Dezign-news
  3. Designrfix
  4. Tripwire Magazine
  5. Colourburned
  6. DeviantART news
  7. FavShare
  8. Admixweb
  9. Instantshift
  10. DesiznTech

These articles have been specifically put together to showcase the various and best places from which to submit your design links:

60 Websites to promote your articles on found on Area1

53 Promotional Websites to gain traffic quick and easy found on 1st Webdesigner

Websites that will Increase your Design Blogs Traffic Substantially found on the Design Cubicle

Submit Your Design Articles to Design Juices

Here on Design Juices we have our our community feed page which allows you to input your design news, articles and roundups to drive further traffic to your site. When a submission is posted I will also post the article on twitter personally through the Design Juices Twitter page.

Write original and Engaging Content

So why is it important to write original and engaging content and articles for your readers? If you keep your readers interested then your readers will be more likely to look forward to reading future articles. Keeping in touch via the various social network sites and subscribing to your RSS feeds. When writing content each time, go with subjects you have a personal interest in, and will have the necessary drive with which to carry out the necessary research. Allowing you to complete the article to the highest quality possible.

Sharing with Friends

Building a great circle of friends which will pass on your content and articles which they believe is of a high quality, will help you spread the word easier and faster. A friend will bring it easier for you to spread the word when initially releasing your new articles onto the web. A common phrase often associated with this type of behavior is noted as ‘If you scratch people backs then they will scratch yours.’ Be kind to others in promoting their articles and they are more likely to do so in return.

WordPress Plugins Which Promote


This is a simple plugin, Which displays at the bottom of your posts, it offers your users ways in which they can promote your article through the various sites from which I have listed. This plugin is customizable but I feel that there are better plugins which work better at attracting users to be interactive in promoting your article, or voting your page up.

Find Socialize here.


ShareThis plugin allows users to add your post to many social bookmarking sites, or to send your post link via email, AIM, Facebook, MySpace and more.

Find ShareThis here.


Gregarious claims to be a social bookmark plugin which integrates Digg, Share this, Reddit and Feedburner all in one easy to use package.

Find Gregarious here.

Sexy Bookmarks

This is the plugin used by Design Juices, it is a bookmarking plugin I have seen used in several sites, it offers complete customization and features every perceivable site your article could be posted to.

Find Sexy Bookmarks here.


Comment luv is a great simplistic plugin which shows your previous post, when others comment on your blog posts. This will encourage more users to comment on your articles, (if they didn’t already have enough reasons.)

Find CommentLuv here

In Conclusion

There is no right and wrong way in which to promote your latest article, each person will do it differently and no-one has the perfect formula. Your content needs to be of a high quality and not just a boring repetition of topics repeated covered in other design blog. Try to be fresh and take advantage of the various sites out there wanting to some of the hard work in promotion for you.

Guest Posting

Here at Design Juices I am very open to other creatives and designers of all disciplines to be involved in article writing, whether you wish to discuss aspects of social networking, a roundup or rant about a particular design topic.

Already we have had one great guest posting on the site and I would encourage anyone wanting to create a short-long term relationship in guest posting get in touch!

Become a part of the Design Juices community, we would love to hear your comments.

Don’t forget to use the promotion buttons below to show this to your friends!

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