Why We Are All Mac Geeks At Heart

My first experience of Apple like many of us was when the iPod was first launched, it was something which people had never seen before and was to become the must have music player in the proceeding decade. The mp3 revolutionized music as we know it and the iPod was the trendy music player which you had to be seen with on the playground, in the gym or on the go.

We have seen the apple brand grow under the tutorship of Steve jobs at the helm and the work of the his design team, lead by Jonathan Ive. His work is amazing and has some many layers of thought on every aspect of each products design, a great video to check out is the movieObjectified which interviews Ive as he talks about materials and the manufacturing processes of the aluminum Macbook. Each detail has been meticulously thought out and improved to be as high a quality as possible, with great functionality whilst also being Eco friendly. With various parts of the Macbook have a further life used in keyboard and monitor covers.

My first Macintosh laptop was the white 13″ Macbook, this idea was spurned on me to purchase a Macbook as I was beginning at University nearly three years ago. the previous Christmas my good friend had been given the same Macbook and was forever telling of its great functionality and superior performance compared with the windows that we were all used to. Straight away I was jealous and could not wait to get my hands on one, it was the style it was the feel of the material it was the sound it made when you switched it on.

After an unlikely demise the white Macbook was replaced by my current aluminum Macbook of which I don’t think I would have completed certain written and research elements of my university course without it. I use my Macbook everyday and nearly everyday I find something new and interesting about it, whether it aids in my productivity, speed or pleasure in work. With this new found love for Macintosh and all things Apple I have noticed more and more people around me bring turned onto the Apple way of thinking. For example my father now has gone through several Ipod’s currently settling on the fourth generation iPod Nano. (A gift he chose to receive upon leaving his previous job, not a watch or something that would last but the latest iPod of the time.) He has also recently turned onto using a the Apple OS system for personal use at home, it does all the things he needs but much better than the Windows and DOS system he has grown up using as a Computer programmer.

Only 6 months ago he purchased an aluminum Macbook for himself to use around the home and to take away on holidays and such and now he has moved onto the new shiny iMacs. I must say I am very jealous of, currently at university I have a dual screen monitor setup but I think given the choice I would much love the iMac setup. The wireless keyboard and wireless mouse are brilliant (the latter I have just received as a belated Christmas present.) The ease of setup transferring data from the Macbook to iMac was flawless and was something anyone with half a mind could complete.

This love of all things Apple extends further within my family and my uncle has recently got into the iPod touch bug and I don’t think he far behind in purchasing an iPhone, although having used his over my past holiday in Canada do you really need an iPhone when the iPod touch is everything it has minus the nagging phone network?

Skype is a rising program and there are a million and one applications to keep in touch with just about anything. Whether your checking up on twitter with twitterific or tweetdeck, updating your facebook friends or checking your Gmail. The iPod touch is all you really need surely?