Innovative Concept & Prototype Cars of the Future

What the future will hold transport is anyone’s guess, the rapid rise and advancements in technology only go to prove the inability to predict the future of transport. Whether we all develop hover boards, jet-packs and flying cars, the future is an unpredictable and yet exciting mistress.

Here I look to showcase some of the more exciting and sexy designed concept cars shown by the large car manufacturers. Whether they are the next step in hybrid technology or focusing on the next urban vehicle to reduce car emissions and size in the built up cities.

Citroen Survolt

This is an all-electric concept car, hoping to point to the future in how a small coupe could look. Also making its debut at the Geneva motor show, it fuses the design themes and ideas of the Revolte and GT. Added with its sports racing look, and its head turning design I am most attracted to the great LED clusters.

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Alfa Romeo Fastback Sedan

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Mini Beachcomber

The Mini Beachcomber, is a concept car which is heavily inspired by the long-awaited junior SUV which mini are set to launch in the near future. It shares its key features of four-door body and four-set cabin.

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Alfa Romeo Pandion

“The design of the new car was lead by Jason Castriota and details of the power train and other specifications will follow when the concept car is released at the 2010 Geneva auto show this march.”

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James Piatt’s Hybrid Concept

“The aesthetics of this automobile are intended to be simple, pure and classic. Open wheels give the design a more primitive and primal feel while the well defined curves create sculptural and sumptuous forms. I wanted the car to feel like it could have been created at any time by keeping the details simple and by staying away from expected aesthetic trends.”

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ZMP inc: RoboCar G

“A one seater electric vehicle intended for researchers who want to work with the next-generation of autonomous cars.”

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Mini Multifunctional Emergency Vehicle

Effectively functions in various instances of emergency such as short distance transport fire fighting, distribution of resources, security and patrolling, breaking ice and cleaning snow.”

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Tesla EYE Concept

Unlike many concept vehicles the intent of this design was to show that electric cars (such as the Tesla) can be made to be sleek and sophisticated. Experiments were made with aerodynamics and designing unique front air scoops, the floating rear lights were also an experiment in adding to the aerodynamic feel.

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Tata Nano Electric

Designed by Mumbai automaker Taka motors, this is a car which has been targeted specifically for the Indian market, and has been around since 2008. It is an all electric version of a previous design, which has a range of around 160km. The car may look small and not have much room inside, but it claim to hold room for four adults. This four door car also claims to have space left over for truck space?

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KIA Ray Concept

Unveiled at the Chicago auto show, this is the new ‘ray’ concept car developed by KIA as a hybrid. Part of the new sub0brand KIA has developed the car focuses on aerodynamics to maximize efficiency levels. Powered by electric, it hopes to achieve a level of 202.3 mpg!

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Hyundai I-Flow

Launched at this years Geneva car show, the car is a hybrid turbo diesel and also holds roof solar panels. The car also aims to harness excess exhaust heat transforming it into energy the car can use.

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Revenge Verde

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GMC Granite

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Lamborghini Ankonian

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Nissan NV200

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Hyundai ix-Metro

Hyundai promotes the car in being ecological with minimal CO2 emission with a hybridized power train, the petrol engine has sophisticated features which maximise output while minimizing its fuel consumption.

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Honda P-Nut

‘Personal-neo urban transport’

The angular three seater design instantly grabs your attention and is propelled by a hybrid engine, the engine is kept at the rear and then maximises the space at the front of the vehicle. The compact design is its biggest selling point, with the massive inside space makes it suitable for urban driving situations.

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All designs found on Design Boom & Core77 (unless otherwise stated) & link back to their original location online.

Hybrid engines and sleek designs look like they’re here to stay. With their efficiency and ingenious design comes greater complication, however, so it’s important to find an experienced auto repair shop capable of servicing your new vehicle.

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