Sunday Snippets: The Best Links Submitted to Design Juices & Found Across the Web this Week

The Best Links from Across the Web this Week

Jared Thompson is a design student out of the United Kingdom who is bringing the alphabet to the living room. His ‘A’-shaped chair is perfect for any kindergarten classroom or for any kid named Alison, Alvin or Arnold. Needless to say, we give the chair by Jared Thompson an A+.

Found on TrendHunter

With the advancements of digital graphics software peoples skills have risen and grown to showcase masterful works of art. Here are 25 masterful works of photo manipulations created by some of the best digital artists on the web. All artworks are gathered from across the web and link back to their original sources online, we hope you are inspired by the time and effort taken out to create these pieces of work.

Found on Creative Fan

Brands today have the incredible opportunity of interacting with consumers on the #1 social network in the world – Facebook – and creating relationships with them that are long lasting, personal and relevant.

Found on The Next Web

Apple computers and Mac OS X gain more and more popularity, that means more users, more users which transform into fans and these fans would want their desktop to be associated with their product. For you, Apple fans, I’ve selected the best 55 apple wallpapers and eliminated those that were not attractive so you could have a great selection from which to choose one piece and put it on your desktop background.

Found on Design Your Way

“Designed by Andrew Kim, the Eco Coke Concept is made of 100% organic material (sugar cane byproducts to be more specific). One big feature about this design is that it is much more collapsable, making it more condusive to carrying to a recycling bin. Hopefully we’ll see this in the market sooner than later.”

Found on Packaging World

Every writer I know wants to give their very best in terms of content and to be helpful and share information that is relevant to the people who comes across their blogs.  When I read a blog or an article, I make sure that my opinion is heard and I leave a comment.  But there are, of course, times when I do come across an article that in a way is hard for me to give a comment on.  Maybe, it was in the way it was written, or simply because it did not really merit a comment.  Have you had that experience too?  Here are 8 types of posts that I hope will help you to get more comments on your articles.

Found on Ink Rebels

Cristiano Siqueira is an Illustrator from Sao Paulo / Brazil, specialized in digital and vector illustration. He works under the artisitic identity of CrisVector. For more vector portraits inspiration make sure to visit Chris’ portfolio. Below is only a small selection of his outstanding works.

Found on Fudge Graphics

Looking for some photos for your website or blog? Looking for an option that won’t break the bank? There are a lot of great stock photography sites out there that offer their wares at reasonable prices, especially for the low resolution images that are typically needed for the net. But, while cheap is good, free is even better!

Found on Echo Enduring Blog

Links from our Community News Page

The best of the weeks news which has been submitted to our community news page, don’t forget you can include your own articles by submitting them today.

  • Innovatory USB (Universal Serial Bus) Drive Design…28/03/2010
    There are lots of USB Drive Designs on the web that’s why we collected some of the 100 creative cool USB Flash Drive designs and USB Hubs to showcase it here. For today’s inspiration
  • 170 Free Smashing WordPress Themes27/03/2010
    Do you want to make a new wordpress blog? Do you want to change your wordpress theme? If your anwser is YES, then you have to take a look on this post! You will find 170 Free Smashing WordPress Themes to download!
  • 65 Best Freelance Jobs Websites for Designers, Dev…27/03/2010
    This article is specially for those who wanted to achieve financial freedom and getting rid of their boring job.

    Here, we are compiling a list of 65 Best Freelance Job Sites which surely can help designers, developers and blogger’s etc.

  • Best Animated Jquery Slideshows27/03/2010
    Here is a collection of some of the best jQuery slideshow scripts, packed with eye-catching transition effects which are just perfect for showcasing your work and image galleries.
  • 51 Examples of Funny & Creative Advertisement27/03/2010
    Advertisement has evolved dramatically in the past decade. Marketing is a huge business and will only keep growing. Print advertsing is a difficult task and takes creativity. Most of the ads below get the message across, while making you laugh.
  • Quick Tip: Free-hand drawing brushes setup for Ill…26/03/2010
    I bet that when you start drawing in Illustrator you only have a few default brushes that are not really of much use unless you customize them to your drawing style.
  • 38 Striking Colorful Examples Of HD (High Definiti…26/03/2010
    Today, we are showing you 38 Striking Colorful Examples Of HD (High Definition) Wallpapers. These can be find in different resolution e.g. 1280×800, 1440×900, 1680×1050, 1920×1200 and 2560 x 1600 wide. I appreciate to all those talented designers who create these excellent wallpapers with their efforts, imaginations and creativity to give us a chance to use these artistic wonders on desktop…
  • 50 Examples of Beautiful HDR Photography26/03/2010
    Photographers spend a long time making the picture just right and it definitely shows. HDR photos look amazing and a lot better than regular photos. They have so much contrast and lighting effects, that often makes them look unreal. Here are a few examples of stunning HDR photography. These were all hand-picked, we hope you will get inspired by them.
  • 31 CSS Navigation and Menu Tutorials You Should Pr…25/03/2010
    As a new CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) learner i decided to start from creating menu and navigation buttons.You know one of the most important part of a web site is the menu and navigation.Today i made a detailed search about the menu tutorials
  • 10 creative design ideas for your electric plugs25/03/2010
    The following electric plugs and concepts all try to improve the usability and/or the look-and-feel of an appliance we use every day.
  • Online logo design contest at 48hourslogo.com25/03/2010
    Getting a professional logo design for your website used to be very expensive. Not only that you have to pay the expensive design fees anywhere between several hundred to several thousand dollars upfront, but also you have no idea how your logo design will turn out to be. However that’s changing quickly. Online logo design contest is now gaining popularity and offers a more affordable way of…
  • Guest Post: Amazing Cosplay Photography Collection24/03/2010
    Cosplay put simply is short for ‘costume play’ and stems form the Japanese love for Manga and Anime cartoons. Although I don’t confess to be a big love of this subculture I have often found myself admiring the quality of the work gone into these type of costumes and characters.
  • Design Something Showcase: Why we all Love Typogra…24/03/2010
    To many people it is different things, I personally find text art to be such a great simple yet highly motivational strand of design.
  • Flickr Group Showcase #2: The Best Digital Artwork…24/03/2010
    One of the ways in which we can all interact as a community is to join the design something Flickr group. It is a way for people to add their work which can later be collated at intervals to showcased on this blog, this is the second collection of works which has been submitted into the group.
  • Weekly Design Inspiration #1324/03/2010
    This is our selection of our favorite web designs from the past week, some sites we discovered, but the most of them have been recommended by our readers.I will gives you a weekly design inspiration of web design consisting of 20 to 25 design concept. To get your creative juices going. If you have a general comment about the site’s, we’d love to hear from you.
  • Cool Tshirts for designers24/03/2010
    Tshirts are the only true garment of clothing that we can use to express our graphical and artistic tastes. As designers in particular it can be seen as a strong visual statement of inspirations and views. This resource will hopefully grow and flourish to become a major showcase for the coolest tshirts that can be for found
  • 7 Qualities That Makes A Awesome User Interface24/03/2010
    User Interface is about creating an interaction in between user and an application. It’s not about the looks, its about the work. Picking a color or button does not make an interface prettier, its more about selecting the right tool for the purpose.
  • Digital Art: 40+ Most Beautiful CG Girls On The We…24/03/2010
    I have said it in the past and I will say it again, the talented artists and their outstanding works that I showcase on never cease to amaze me. Today I have assembled an amazing collection of beautiful CG girls in 3d, most of these great works are created in 3d Studio Max and Maya. This article is the second part of a two part series on digital art. Enjoy!
  • 27 Wonderful Font from deviantArt23/03/2010
    A collection of wonderful fonts from deviantArt including all the kinds of fonts. DeviantArt is a pretty nice place to search for fonts. You can find a variety of fonts there.
  • Featured designer: Chris Peel23/03/2010
    Introducing the very impressive portfolio of Chris Peel, a british designer.
  • 35 Stunningly Elegant Web Designs23/03/2010
    What separate good design, from great design is the amount of attention to detail. The sites featured in this roundup have executed this task very nicely. All the websites are hand-picked and represent high quality. Hopefully this will help to inspire you for your next project.
  • 13 Company layout Design Using Photoshop22/03/2010
    There are some very easy to follow tutorials on just how to design Company layout using photoshop .Company layout should be pleasing to the eye. Choose colors, graphics, text fonts, and other background items keeping in mind both aesthetics and convenience
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator Keyboard Shortcu…22/03/2010
    Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheets
  • 42 Perfect Web Design Layouts From DeviantArt22/03/2010
    DeviantART, a widely popular online graphic design community, is an unlikely (but surprisingly terrific) place to find inspiration for web design. There are many designers and artists at DeviantART who choose to display their beautiful creations to the rest of the community. In this collection, you’ll find some of the best web design layouts created by DeviantART Users.
  • Secret Photoshop Techniques – Typography Art…22/03/2010
    Here is an inspiring tutorial that combines different secret Photoshop techniques to create a colorful poster.


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