Wine Design: Beautiful and Inspiring Wine Bottle Designs

We are hard working people. We design daily. When we aren’t “working” on we are reading about design, writing about design and how it affects us, we take breaks to design our personal sites, and when that is all said and done if there is any time left in the day, many of us want to enjoy an adult beverage or many adult beverages (I’m not an alcoholic I swear, I’m a connoisseur of experiences.)
This is all in hopes so we can stop thinking about kerning and tracking; pen tools; font families; color theory; the awful uses of papyrus; grids; layouts; “oh my god did I make backups/close those </div>’s/send the right file to the client”; and forget them long enough so we can sneak in 3 hours of sleep. Of course, the choice of beverages which we ingest come in all shapes and sizes, packages of common strain and those of beautiful and unique design.
Today I’d like to show you a plethora of lovely wine bottles that adhere to the same high standards that we hold ourselves to create daily…to be beautiful, exceptional, and comfortably designed. Who cares how the wine tastes, as long as the empty bottle helps to make my collection of empties more and more unique, right?
Half-empty; Half-full; all beautiful concept. Simple, minimalist, clean, effective. I would have more words for this design if I haven’t drank half a bottle already,
Art Nouveau is back, I don’t care what they are calling it these days. Flourishes and organic design patterns galore, this original bottle design piques interest from a room away. Lovely.
What an elegant B&W design. Organic and alive even, very clean and pretty. I love the off-set type and the font used on the dates. Old style numerics are sexy.
Elbows Bend exercises great play with typography. Out of any other driving forces of design, I think play is the most effective way to come across a well designed result.
Speaking of play, I LOOOOVE this bottle design. Any design that brings in exotic elements like weathering, especially when done properly like this, are just almost breathtaking. I love it.
More art nouveau. Pretty.
Color! If there is one thing that i can safely say that wine bottles and designers tend to stray away from is the use of color, exhorbitantly even. I don’t even know what that word means. But it works, all gooshy like. English.
Those of us who spent time in college dorms know the appeal of the box of wine. These packages take it to a whole new level. Highly stylized cartoon humans dancing. Whee!
Here’s a great idea. Lets identify on each bottle the location of where the grapes inside are grown. Anyone who knows much about wine knows that location is very important to many flavor aspects of the body and fullness of the wine. These bottles identify the latitude and topological identity of the area where the grapes are grown. Brilliant. Contour lines! Thats like drawing 101. Awesome.
Here’s a great idea, one of the most common gifts in western society today is a bottle of wine. Why not design a bottle with a spot for a message included on the bottle? Genius.
Mmm the amazing quality of contrast. It’s very minimal, and very clean and well done. I like.
Color AND black contrast. Awesome. Love it.
I really like this bottle. Simple addition of color to set apart important information. Great.
And lastly, I know it’s not wine but still doesn’t this bottle make you feel like you would be cooler just for owning it? Hell yes.
Well that’s it for me, I hope you enjoyed this installment of drunken inspiration!



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