Why You Should be a Part of The Behance Network

The Behance Network is very similar to the design site Coroflot in terms of interaction and feedback. It allows its users to showcase their work in an online environment, from which the community of users are interactive in offering feedback; both positive and constructive criticism. The thumbs up system is much less emphasized in comparison to  other sites. Friends are easily organized into circles, which makes it easy to organize by discipline or subject matter.

Creating a circle of friends can either be something lightweight and between a group of friends on the same course, at the same university or a part of the same design firm. But this can also span to meeting and communicating with new groups of users from across the world, learning from each others work and improving from one another’s experiences.

The huge numbers of people on the site means that you can find lots of great artists which you may have seen their work profiled in magazines or in online design blog articles and showcases. Find them on Behance and see the full extent of their portfolios and work, you can also leave comments and contact each person or artist individually.

The gallery of work from all the people on there offers the site to be a great resource of inspiration in all levels of design discipline, the site breaks down users work into specific groups and you can browse by searching, browse by category or just look at the most popular work of the moment.

The portfolio system works so well because you aren’t showcasing each piece of work individually. You are able to show a project from start to finish; if you wanted to show how you achieved a certain design you can show the steps in which you achieved a certain effect or how a design evolved from its initial idea to its final rendered glory. Close-up shows can also be created if your original work is too big to show the full detail in which you have created.

The site also features a great tip exchange area and jobs board for the creative out there looking for a new challenge or simply to find his first employment opportunity after college or university. The tip exchange is a creative to creative open knowledge exchange, allowing you to take advice from the more experienced heads in the design world; if you are having problems to create certain effects in illustrator/Photoshop for example.

Find me on the Behance Network

I have a small selection of my portfolio showcased on the Behance network and I have also had a chance to connect with some great artists and designers.The format of Behance gives you great control over your content and how its displayed as an online portfolio for the word to see.

Find These Great Artists on the Behance Network

Alberto Seveso

I first came across Alberto Seveso through his project for ESPN magazine with Michael Phelps, I have also seen great works involving other great sports stars such as Kelly Slater. Alberto Seveso is an Italian Graphic Designer/Illustrator, his unique and expanding style will awe and captivate your mind in opening new doors of inspiration. Unique and awe inspiring elements intertwine into wonderful works of illustration and graphic art.

Cristiano Siqueira

Cristiano Siqueira has some great skills across the board and works in illustrative and graphic design as well as advertising.

Kareem Montgomery

Raised in the heartland of Jamaica , Kareem is an amazing young digital artist learning and picking up his skills as he grows. Producing great works each week, he loves to use the Behance network to build up relationships with other designers, learn and grow to improve himself as an artist.

Kadeem Montgomery on the Behance Network

Daniel Baker

Based in Edinburgh, Daniel is a highly talented digital artist, I am drawn to the darkness used in Daniel’s work.

Jared Nickerson

Famed for his brilliant illustrations I first came across Jared Nickerson’s work with his wallpaper collection which he released for free. I loved the styling and bright colors used in his designs, his work in his portfolio is all of the highest quality.

Juan Hodgson

Steaming from Panama, Juan also offers us some really bright work and explosive illustrations. His skills steam in all sorts of directions and you can find his best work on his Behance profile.

Karen McDade

A brilliantly humbled artist who works from South Africa, her skills have lead her work to be featured with National Geographic and The Discovery Channel to name but a few. Her digital art skills and skills in web design just make you want to improve as a designer and artist.

Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake is a Freelance Graphic Designerand Digital Artist from Brooklyn New York. In his own words : “For nearly my entire life I have pursued art in some form or fashion. My earliest background is that of an Illustrator, not a day goes by that I do not practice this craft; a growing interest in computers eventually lead me to Digital Illustration and Graphic Design, as well as Web Design.”

Marcel Pirosca

Michael Fennen

Si Scott

Sneh Roy

Sneh Roy on Behance

Tariq Yosef

Guest Posting

Here at Design Juices I am very open to other creatives and designers of all disciplines to be involved in article writing, whether you wish to discuss aspects of social networking, a roundup or rant about a particular design topic.

I would encourage anyone wanting to create a short-long term relationship in guest posting get in touch!


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