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Promotion Buttons

There are various ways in which to promote your design articles, whether its just a few Tweets, Diggs, Bumps or Blends. Popular ways include submitting design articles to various sites which encourage users to vote up their favourite articles, as well as submitting to design community news feeds. These are some of the overlooked buttons which could provide your blog/site with traffic to your site which you may already be missing out on.

Delicious Button

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Design Float Button

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Dzone Button

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Google Buzz Button

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Stumbleupon Button

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Yahoo Buzz Button

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Zabox Button

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Other Promotional Button Methods

Community News

Articles can be submitted in nearly every design site around, each will often either have their own page or have a submission form in the sidebar of their pages. News can be submitted quick and easily, often bringing new droves of people to your site.

Submit to the Design Juices Community Feed

Here at Design Juices we are proud to showcases design links from across the web, simply head to the Community News page and submit your news using the contact form. Its that easy! When you submit your news there is will be approved by myself and showcased to the Design Juices readership, many will be posted and promoted on twitter. (You may also receive some design promotion button votes also, if i think your articles are up to standard.)

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