Five Inspirational Design Magazine Sites you must add to your RSS feed

Discussing the top five design (and technology) based sites which not only inform us of the new developments in today’s fast moving society but inspire us to look further into the future ourselves. These are five great magazine sites and should be filling up your RSS feed on a daily basis, bringing you great news, reviews and opinion.


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“Industrial Design Magazine and Resource”

Core77 is a great site to learn about all levels of disciplines, I particularly love the site being a product designer. It often has great articles giving coverage to great conferences and design shows from across the world, as well as having cutting edge news stories on new designers and fresh design talent.

The site is also part of the network which includes Coroflot (the portfolio site to showcase your work as a designer.) The best of the work showcased on Coroflot is then also showcased on Core77, core also features create interactive discussions, reviews and its own online store. A big part of the site is to also showcase high level design jobs, scouting for the best design talent around the world today.

Find Coroflot Here.

Five articles to wet your appetite:

Design Boom

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“industrial design today: courses, education, competitions, history and contemporary, shop, interviews, snapshots, design-aerobics, the intelligent hand competition”

One of the most comprehensive design sites on the web; with great interviews with designers who are changing the world, up-to-date news on the newest innovations and articles on the state of the worlds design. A website which is updated regularly throughout the day, it features great work all the time, its news section shines the light on design talent from across the world featuring stories of the best new architecture, industrial and product design.

Five articles to wet your appetite:


Head over to find Fubiz online

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“Daily Dose of Inspiration”

Written in French but translated into English it still brings with it great content, and as its name suggests you can be inspired each and everyday. I have fallen in love with the site featuring great concept vehicles, great artists, designers and other great inspirational content. It features really great inspiration galleries feature, as well as all you could need to be an interactive member and you can also find Fubiz on Facebook.

Five articles to wet your appetite:


Head over to find WebUrbanist online

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“Alternative Art, Dynamic Design, Visual Culture & More”

Profiling the good and bad in terms of emerging technologies, design ideas, products and inventions. You cant really go wrong in being inspired and love the WebUrbanist website. With over 300 thousands readers already on their RSS feed alone and a presence on Facebook and twitter you cant go wrong with the WebUrbanist site. The design is maybe a little dated and in need of a makeover, but you cant question its great showcasing content in providing inspiration when the mind needs it.

Five articles to wet your appetite:


Head over to find Wired online

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We have all probably seen the famed print magazine which covers the great and the good in the gadget, technology and design world. Recently the magazine also saw its launch go successfully over here in the UK also, the wired magazine website is also that of great importance to keep tabs upon with lots of interactive coverage and comment. It has some very creative and exciting bloggers who provide comment on the weeks design news as well as new and exciting developments form across the world, videos and reviews are precise and extensive to cover all the latest product developments you could imagine.

Five articles to wet your appetite:


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