Five top Tips to keep ahead with your Facebook Fan Page

These few points aim to discuss the small things you can do to keep your Facebook pages up-to-date and as interactive as possible. Feel free to leave your comments below and I would love to here any other ideas and tips you wish to discuss.

Keep your Content up-to Date

Post new updates on a regular basis, whats the point of having a fan page if you are only going to leave it to not be something you cannot be bothered to work with. People aren’t going to interact or be aware of your design sites content if the Facebook fan page is just projecting content which was posted up months ago. Make the Facebook page as welcoming and as exciting as possible, fans and readers are more likely to actually follow through and take a look around your actual site.

Be Interactive on a Daily Basis

Be sure to not just make your Facebook page a scrolling feed of the latest article from your site, you can add various things to a Facebook page, just make sure you are not flooding people with unnecessary content or floods of content most of which users may become tired of seeing day in and day out.

Showcase links from your community feed; If you particularly like a link which is submitted to your community news feed why not show it some extra exposure by linking it up on your Facebook page. It will give the content writer a boost for their article and is just as important as having re tweets on an article. They may not only be more likely to do the same for you but, this could open up new relationships and shows that you aren’t just someone who is self centred and instead being someone who is willing to open up their page for others.

Ask questions of your Facebook Community; Ask the people who actually visit your site and see your site what they think. It going directly to the people who are involved, they may ask you questions themselves in content of their own. But its great to get a straw poll opinion on what the people themselves think, and you maybe surprised with the answers you receive.

Post up your article links

Always update your Facebook page with links to your articles; this will drive traffic coming from your Facebook fan page fans who may not always be subscribed to you RSS feed, or be following you Twitter. They may wish to simply find out your news from your fan page, you are opening your articles out to a greater catchment of people by submitting your articles on Facebook. Not only to your fans, but they are also more likely to pass on your articles through the Facebook share button.

The news/articles/interactions you post on your Facebook page automatically filters through to the Facebook news page system and even if fans/friends don’t visit your page on a regular basis they will see the links you post up. Its almost like a status update for your fan page.

Make sure you have a relevant Thumbnail image; this will only go to attract a user more towards clicking to read your article. If there is a relevant thumbnail image they may not immediately be attracted to the article name but could also be attracted by a thumbnail image. Whether this is one of the sampled showcase pieces of artwork your showing or a relevant images, people are more likely to respond to images as opposed to text.

Sync your Facebook Page with your Twitter Feed

Syncing with between the two platforms is only a click away and you can quickly and easily do this both ways, but I would only recommend that you have your twitter be updated when you post anything on your Facebook page. This keeps your twitter stream ticking over, and will attract people to check out your Facebook page through the links. I wouldn’t have your tweet displayed on your Facebook fan page purely because it could just end up being a stream of all your tweets and people may not want to see everything your tweeting. (I know I can often be found to tweet hundreds of time a day, not everyone will need/want to see all those tweets.) Stick to showing only relevant content on your fan page.

Place the Facebook Badge on Your Site

Simple quick and easy, done within the Facebook site itself, more likely to gain the hits you want and increase the number of fans on your page. Simply place the badge you can create on Facebook and place it in your Sites sidebar this should bring you a number of new fans on a weekly basis, and you can also show the most recent content from your Fan page.


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