Interview: Roberto Blake Graphic Designer and Digital Artist

Today Design Juices has had the pleasure to interview a young and exciting digital artist, from which I have been luck enough to connect with over the past few months. Today we interview Roberto Blake, who is a digital artist and designer, already he has enough skills to make most of us jealous of his talents. Roberto is a great approachable guy who works hard on all aspects of his work, and also finds time to be interactive on twitter and maintaining his own site and blog. Enjoy this interview!

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1. Thanks for taking your time out for this interview for our Design Juices readers Roberto, Would you please introduce yourself to the Design Juices community.

Sure, I’m Roberto Blake I’m a Graphic Designer and Digital Artist originally from Brooklyn New York.

2. What did you study at university/college and was there a specific reason you chose to study these areas?

I’ve always been interested in visual arts from an early age, and been a creative person and had various creative people around me for influences. I went to college and studied advertising and graphic design before being hired by a Web Hosting company to be their primary Graphics and Web Designer.

3. You have a great educational background and years of design experience behind you, Was there one person/teacher which directed you along this path?

I think nearly all of them but I took something important from mainly 3 of them. Frank Gallucio had a very strong focus on Typography and was also one of my professors for Photography and was meticulous and detail oriented and this became very important to me as time went on. David Shoulter was a very lively and sarcastic man who taught me a wealth about the history of design and advertising and the uniforming principles of design. Ricci Fuller taught me a lot about the nature of print design, dealing with clients, and constantly tried to drill time management skills into me that would become very important throughout my career.

4. Has there been a situation in your learning (and working) which has made you step back and think this is something which I am going to remember for the rest of my life?

I think I may have felt that way when I first got a handle on Non-destructive editing techniques. It really helped me with my work flow and is something I utilize on a daily basis and try to pass on to other designers.

5. Is there a particular piece of work or group of design works, which really made you, think id love to do what that person can do?

Quite a few actually. Radim Malanic, Rob Shields, David and Sarah Cousens, Kyle Lambert, Zach Bush, Karen McDade, Christopher Ang, Jose Ries, and Alena Lazareva

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6. What is new in the life of Roberto Blake in 2010, has it been a good year (so far) compared to 2009?

Well this year I released my first self published art book via “Artful Manipulations”, I’m really happy with the way the book came out. Also this year saw me published in Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 67, and I’m supposed to be featured in Photoshop Creative Issue 61 as well. Finally within the next month I may have a new job with an advertising firm, but I can’t say too much about this yet.

7. You have several places online from which you showcase your work as a portfolio, What are these and Which do you find to be the best for this?

The best place to see my newest work is usually on my account because some of it can’t be displayed anywhere but there unfortunately.

8. What has been the worst and best experience in the Design industry for you?

The worst is dealing with people who attack the industry unfairly, and having to defend yourself to them. I would say my best experience was seeing my work appear in Advanced Photoshop Magazine as that has been a personal goal of mine for over a year now.

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9. Have you had any opportunities to work with any big name clients during your design career? Big name brands or companies?

I’ve worked with Opportunity World Magazine before and Money and Profits Magazine, producing a cover once and several ads on other occasions.

10. Have you found your work published in magazines in print or online? Where could we find these?

I’ve been featured in Photoshop Creative Magazine as well being one of their featured Galleries on the site, I’ve been featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine 67 and will be appearing in Photoshop Creative 61. I’ve also appeared on quite a few blogs, you can view them on my about page on

11. What software/hardware do you use the most as a designer and do you have a particular favorite, Which can find you spend hours on end working with?

I think my favorite is certainly Photoshop, I love experimenting in Flash and working with Actionscript and I’d like to work more often than I do with Illustrator, in fact that is something I will be focusing on this year.

12. Are there any new pieces of software you are excited by?

Like many I’m very excited about Adobe Creative Suite CS5 and the new features it will introduce, I can’t wait!

13. Do you think you can ever truly switch off as a designer, or Do you find yourself thinking of the next idea all the time?

I find myself picking books at Borders based on the typography in the title or the quality of the digital painting or photo manipulation applied to the cover art, or even its overall design sense, before I even read the back of the book. I constantly snap pictures with my phone of the designs on graphic tees when in the mall or graffiti I see on buildings. So no I haven’t found the off switch yet.

14. Which people in the social media community (such as twitter) do you find the most useful and great points of reference when in need of inspiration or to source an opinion from?

I would have to say @BKmacdaddy, you of course, and @Rob_e_bowen

15. If you had no clients to please and no work in your to-do pile, what would you go off and do with all that free time?

What I usually do in those instances is find challenges, contest, inspiration or a personal muse and try and create something interesting and unique. I also tend to update my blog more when this happens lol.

Where is the best place online for us to find you online?

The best place to find and contact me online is through and via twitter @robertoblake

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Big Thank you to Roberto Blake for taking his time out in making this interview possible!

We hope to have more interviews and features in the future, if you want to be involved then drop us a message or get in touch!


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