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The Best Articles of the Week

The best of the weeks design articles and inspiration found on the best of the webs design sites. Articles covers various great topics. Articles include topics on; the iPad, Cheap Web Design, Photo Manipulations & Super heroes artwork.

Three Ways to Satisfy your thirst on for more Followers on Twitter

Found on Colorburned

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The “4 Move Checkmate” of blogging

Found on Blog Go Down

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Ipad; Is it really that Great?

Found on Creative Overflow

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Times are a Changing in the Creative Industry

Found on I’m Just Creative

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{thumpthump] in your div/div

Found on Chris Trude

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What Cheap Web Design Really Looks Like

Found on Grace Smith

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Minimalism in Web Design: 15 Awesome Examples

Found on Design Daily

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40 Jaw-Dropping Photo Manipulations

Found on Web Design Ledger

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Super Heroes in Comic & Illustration Art

Found on Dezign Diva

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Stylish White Packaging

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Found on Abduzeedo

Amazing Album Cover Art

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Found on Denis Designs

Stylish Re-Envisioned Movie Posters

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Found on Abduzeedo

21 Beer Inspired Photo Manipulation and Ads to quench your Thirst

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Found on Orphic Pixel

How to Create a Retro Sci-Fi Computer Game Poster

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Found on Chris Spoon Graphics

Empire State of Ads Part 1

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Found on Roberto Blake Blog

The Best of Design Juices This Week

These are the three most popular Design Juices articles published this week.

The Best + Most Creative Forms of Typeface Design + Typography

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Why you Should be a Part of the Behance Network

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The Best Design Books for Dummies

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Personal Guest posts:

3d Design Inspiration: 30 Awesome Concept 3D Modeled Vehicles

Found on Lucas Cobb Design

10 WordPress Plugins for a more Interactive Design Site

Found on InspireBit

Guest Posting

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