Sunday Snippets: 50+ Articles to Inspire, Inform and Learn From

The Best of the Community News Feed This Week

The best of the weeks news which has been submitted to our community news page, don’t forget you can include your own articles by submitting them today.

20 Creative Abstract & Bokeh Wallpapers25/04/2010
Week 7 is here and in our creative resource showcase we are featuring 20 creative Abstract and Bokeh wallpapers which come in a wide assortment of sizes.

Branded Photoshop [Text Effect] Tutorial25/04/2010
This tutorial will teach you some more basic Photoshop skills, but with a different outcome. Do you need to design a rustic looking website? Or a rustic poster design, well follow this simple tutorial and then experiment with the results.

68 Fresh and Great Examples of Single Page Website…25/04/2010
In this presentation, you’ll find a variety of highly-creative, beautiful and most importantly inspirational designs which is following the same trend of 68 Fresh and Good Examples of Single Page Website Designs. We inspire your imagination to create your own design trend because your website represents you and your brand.

Experimenting with visited links25/04/2010
A list of neat CSS tricks that make use of visited link styles (the ’:visited’ CSS pseudo-class)

Ferald Blog24/04/2010
An upbeat and unruly blog based on Ferald characters created by Keith Williams.

The Little Things: Behind the Scenes User Experiene24/04/2010
An article detailing an incredible example of user experience I found with Gmail the other day, showing the importance of behind-the-scenes UX and how it can turn a casual user into a lifetime subscriber.

33 Awesome Apple iPhone 4G Concept Pictures24/04/2010
I am here to show some awesome concept ideas for the upcoming next generation,i.e, iPhone 4.0.It won’t be taken long the actual release of Apple iPhone 4.0 and if they adopts some ideas from these shown concepts in the new model , then it’s worth buying it.

30 Stunning Fantasy Illustrations24/04/2010
I have been a big fan of the fantasy genre for many years and being an avid gaming enthusiast, I have been drawn into such titles as Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, Age of Conan and many more.

Today I have decided to showcase some very talented artists work as a special one off featurette.

Week 7: 10 Stunning Logotypes24/04/2010
Week 7 is here and we have hand picked a great selection of 10 logotypes from some very talented designers. We are hoping next week to feature more logotypes with combining the selection from deviantART and Behance.

Webmaster Support24/04/2010
I provide tips & tricks to develop and deploy websites..

100+ Creative Logo Designs for Your Inspiration Pa…24/04/2010
Today we present 100+ Creative Logo Designs for Your Inspiration Part-2. A Logo is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand.

  • Best Website to Submit Your Links and Get More Tra…24/04/2010
    You can submit your links, blog post, News and rss feeds to the following best websites or blogs. Follow each sites guidelines and provide a link back if requested and to increase your link popularity.

18 Effective Domain Name Tools & Generators23/04/2010
Finding the perfect domain name is a challenge, lucky for you were here to help. If you are making a website and want to find a cool name, these resources should definitely help. These tools will help you find available domain names, and domain suggestions. If you know of any other great tools, please list them below.

3 Common Misconceptions About Thesis for WordPress23/04/2010
These are the three most popular issues I find people have with the Thesis WordPress theme, and they’re not all based on fact. Here’s an attempt to explain how Thesis might be more than you think it is and how you can get real enjoyment out of making the switch.

Quick Tips: CSS IMG fixes23/04/2010
Quick tip on adjusting image size for your blog post once and never again!

40+ Free textures and stock photos websites23/04/2010
Want to find some free nice photos to practice your skills, experiment new techniques in manipulating photos or you just need some good-looking textures for your doodling?

Minimalism in web design: 15 awesome examples23/04/2010
Achieving simple yet powerful designs is a time-consuming task. I’ve made a selection of websites that did a great job creating efficient designs.

Create a documents icon in Illustrator23/04/2010
Hi there. In the next tutorial you’ll learn to create a pretty common icon. To reach this result you need to know how to use the Rectangle Tool, the Pen Tool or the Type Tool. The Drop Shadow, the Warp effects or the Clipping Mask will help you create some discrete details.

March’s Free Professional PSD Web Templates23/04/2010
Here’s a collection of fully customizable templates which contain the graphic source files in .PSD format, fresh and creative resources from design community (March 2010).

20 Clever Futuristic Free Fonts23/04/2010
Futuristic fonts were always one of my favorite font styles. I was never that much into grunge and similar styles. I rather keep it clean, but still cool looking. If you like this style, take a look at the collection of 20 free futuristic fonts I put together below. Enjoy!
24 Outstanding HDR photos of people23/04/2010
HDR or HDRI is an acronym for High Density Range Imaging and it refers to a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of…

25 Amazing But Scary Photos Of Volcano In Iceland23/04/2010
The volcano in Iceland (Eyjafjallajökull) erupted a week ago and it was a real risk for all of us.Especially in Europe,the air traffic almost stopped and caused big problems for the airways.

Showcase of 30 Corporate Website Designs23/04/2010
Design is all about the collage of creative unite brought together to create a WOW effect. But when it comes about corporate site the design calls in a bit of professionalism with simplicity, readability, presentation and accessibility in designs.

100 Wonderfully Designed iPhone App Websites22/04/2010
The App Store is growing daily, that means if you’re a developer your competition is heavily increasing. Your app needs to be greatly designed, have a website, and should be heavily promoted. Take for example TapTapTap, they have a webpage for each of their apps, and they promote apps by giving away prizes.

12 Indispensable Adobe AIR Apps for Web Developers…22/04/2010
Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that lets developers combine HTML, Ajax, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Flex technologies to deploy rich Internet applications (RIA) on the desktop.

Drawing vector portraits Part 1: The facial struct…22/04/2010
In this tutorial I will explain the basics for portrait drawing. These guidelines are a must to know and will help you a lot in your future portrait drawings.

  • Persepolis from Comic to Movie22/04/2010
    Persépolis tells the story of the author from 1979 when she was ten years old and she witnessed social and political changes that puts to an end more than fifty year of the reign of the Persia Shah in Iran and gives way to an Islamic republic

How to duplicate yourself with Adobe Photoshop22/04/2010
Do you like the several visual effects of duplicate that you usually see on movies or pictures? Do you want to make something similar for yourself? The tutorial below will learn you How to duplicate yourself with Adobe Photoshop.

Totally Free PSD WordPress Template From DesignBee…22/04/2010
Today i was really bored and i decided to create a simple wordpress theme and i want to share the PSD file with you.Sorry but it is only a PSD because my cousin who is a coder is abroad and he is not able to come back because of Iceland Volcano Eruption

Earth Day 2010 Creative Wallpapers22/04/2010
Today we are present Earth Day 2010 Creative Wallpapers, Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment and we sure the earth day 2010 wallpapers also inspiring you.

Top 21 Helpful Color Tools for Designers21/04/2010
If you are a designer that is stumped on color variations for your project, you’re in luck. Choosing colors for your project can be a hard task. You have an idea in your head but you can only pick one.

Interview with digital artist Jurryt Visser21/04/2010
Jurryt Visser is a 21 years old artist from Netherlands who values originality and individuality. He has found a way to harmoniously blend vectors with pictures, obtaining unique…

70+ Inspirational Logo Designs21/04/2010
I find viewing other artists and designers logos is a great way to get inspired for you next project. If you want to get those creative juices flowing, you should check out this post. I have assembled a beautiful collection of fresh logo designs that will definitely help stimulate your creative juices for your next design. Enjoy!

  • Interview: Web Developer Dan Cannon from Nicasio D…21/04/2010
    In our article, We are Calling all Web Designers and Developers: We Want to Know the REAL You, I requested designers and developers to nominate colleagues in the field for an informal interview conducted by myself.

9 Must See Character Design Tutorials21/04/2010
Character Designs is one of the most effective ways for promoting your projects and also for inspiration. Creating character designs is really very interesting to do it beside design logos and layouts. In this post, we’ll showcase some interesting Character Design Tutorials.

The art of the 404 page21/04/2010
Since errors will happen no matter how good your website is, it’s a good idea to improve your 404 page to make it as useful as possible.

40 Beautiful Rainbow Based Website Designs21/04/2010
Rainbow websites have been very popular lately. For this reason I have gathered some nifty rainbow based websites. The title says they’re rainbow based, what I mean by this is that they contain the rainbow as a common element. This element, will give the website a colorful eye appealing look. With this said go ahead and check em out, they are very cool and creative. Feel free to share you tho…

Vintage Icon Set For Bloggers20/04/2010
Inside this hand made high quality Icon Set are 17 Free Vintage Social Media Icons for Bloggers created exclusively for the readers of webexpedition18.

Summer Wars a gem of Japanese Animation20/04/2010
Summer Wars is a japanese film animation (anime) produced by Mad House studio and directed by the increasingly renowned director Mamoru Hosoda.

Free vector music illustration20/04/2010
Use this cool vector music illustration to promote a band, an upcoming party, a concert and more.

  • 15+ Signature Tutorials from deviantArt20/04/2010
    Signatures are used everywhere in the web. You can find lots of them on forums or blogs, but not everyone has the skills to make one alone. Below, there’s a collection of 15 and more signature tutorials from deviantArt to make your favourite signature as you want, alone!

Free wordpress gallery themes for web savvy people20/04/2010
With the versatility of word press as it can function as a blog, e-commerce site, or photo gallery. Despite the great space that wordpress provides for photographer, and it is out of this world when content management comes to play, finding a quality free theme for a WordPress photography site is a bit more complicated.

After Effects Tutorial: 60+ Kick Ass Effects20/04/2010
In the last few months I have written a couple of posts about motion graphics. Although I have only dabbled in After Effects, it is still one of the things that intrigues me most. After Effects is a really cool software that allows you create vibrant motions graphics just like the movies. So if you are thinking of making a meteor hitting the earth with a smoke trail or just graffiti writing on…

10 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Monitor Your B…20/04/2010
These 10 social media tools to help us track and monitor your brand’s performance and results across the internet.

10 Project Management Software Reviewed – Part 119/04/2010
As a Project Manager, you surely want do an effective management plan for your projects. To come to your aid, we made a presentation of the Top 10 most useful software you can use…

51 Exciting Email Newsletter Designs19/04/2010
Newsletters are very important to your brand or business. A newsletter informs your reader about whats going on. It is extremely important to have an appealing design, on top of that you should have news that will interest the customer. As you might know newsletters are a great marketing strategy to keep your subscribers coming back. Use this to your advantage, and create lustful email newslett…

  • Best Photography Related Books on Amazon19/04/2010
    My huge list of amazing photography books on amazon. Learn how to get the perfect shot ever time with these books chalk full of helpful tips and tricks photo related.

11 Tips for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)19/04/2010
The popularity of a web site gives more profit to a business organization by reaching to more people. The best and probably the cheapest way to reach to more people, is by increasing the listings at search engines.

  • The Comic Coloring of Christian Alvarado19/04/2010
    Today we are featuring some amazing work from Christian Alvarado, who happens to be a guest writer here at Admix Web, who will be doing some more articles here very soon! We wanted to show the talent he has, doing his passion, which is coloring comics. 
  • 40 Ravishing Scenery iPad Wallpapers19/04/2010
    The iPad is finally here, so far Apple has sold over 500,000 iPads. I would like to help out the iPad owners, by providing beautiful scenery wallpapers. Here is a massive collection of beautiful wallpapers, to brighten up your iPad.


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