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Links from across the Web

The best of the weeks articles, roundups and showcases from across the web, found and bookmarked by myself.

  • 25 New and Fresh Typographical and Text Art Wallpapers Link

This is a selection of wallpapers which use typography and text to express various forms of graphic design, I hope they are give you the same inspiration they have given me.

The ‘Urban Dictionary’ describes typography to be:

“The study of the design of letter forms, exhibited in type/font styles.”

We all have our different ways of explaining and seeking out what we consider to be good and sexy typography but often it can said that typography is something which;

“Makes shit look good.”

Found on Pixel Clouds

27 Creative and Futuristic Cell Phone Concept Designs Link

Technology is growing at a drastic rate. Whats new today, is obsolete tomorrow. Lets be honest, we can never live without cell phones. Its what we live and roam around with everyday. As User Interaction becomes more and more demanding these days, the technology has to cope up.

Found on Richworks

  • Photoshop Tutorial: Digital Curriculum Vitae Link

Found on Hv Designs

  • 16 Out of the Box T-shirt Illustrations Link

I love creative illustrations and especially if they get fitted to a shirt. Wearing something creative and fascinating is definitely something that appeals to me. I found 16 Creative out of the box t-shirt illustrations that you guys would love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Found on Creative Overflow

  • 50 Kick-ass Websites you need to know about Link

Found on Maximum PC

  • “If Movie Posters Told The Truth” Link

Found on Listal

  • Nintendo 3DS Concept Link

Found on Yanko Design

  • Peeping into 88 Designer’s Workstations in the Designers Community Link

Found on One Extra Pixel

  • 45+ Fresh WordPress Tutorials, Techniques and Hacks Link

Found on Speckyboy Magazine

  • 40+ Beautiful Clever Typographic Logos Link

As I have written previously in a few posts about logos, logos are what represent your company, product, business, or even yourself. They are the primary way to communicate to the world your business’s personality, identity, essence, and individuality. There are two types of logos: logomarks are symbol-based logos, and logotypes of logos that are made up of artist typography.

Found on Admix Web

Links from our Community News Page

The best of the weeks news which has been submitted to our community news page, don’t forget you can include your own articles by submitting them today.

  • 60 Free Twitter backgrounds to Download and Custom…10/04/2010
    If you dislike the default twitter backgrounds and you want something different, this post is for you! Search, download, customize and use every twitter background you like from this post. They’re 60 and free!
  • 26 Fonts Used By Famous Design Blogs10/04/2010
    Do you ever look at a website, and think “I wonder what font they use..”? Well, I do, pretty much all the time. So I’ve brought together the fonts of 26 of my favourite blogs.
  • 65 Best Websites To Download Free High Quality Ado…10/04/2010
    I have compiled a list of websites and some blogs that offer Free Photoshop Brushes of high quality. Please remember that most of these sites are offering royalty-free brushes and you can use them for personal purposes. If you want to use these brushes for commercial purposes, don’t forget to check their terms and conditions first.
  • 13 WordPress Plugins For Better Performance10/04/2010
    One of the things I love about WordPress is the amount of plug-ins available. There is a wide variety of WordPress performance plug-ins for making your blog more faster on loading and rank well on search engines. page speed is one of the factors Google looks at when ranking your blog.
  • 40 Great Examples of Facebook Fan Page Designs09/04/2010
    Facebook is the second most visited site in the world. Just from that sentence alone you should be hopping on and creating a Fanpage for your business. But before you do that, you need to get some good old inspiration. Now whatever your business is, Facebook Fanpages are not all the same. Unlike Twitter, Facebook has more usable features than just status updates. You should explore these featur…
  • Great Examples Of One Page Websites09/04/2010
    One of the latest trends in website design is one page websites. I really love these kinds of sites. I find that the designers use these websites like an artist or painter would use their canvas. They apply all of their artistic works on this one page to tell a story. In this post you will see some really beautiful designs of single page websites. If you are looking for new ideas or just some …
  • 10 great iPad applications for creative people09/04/2010
    Many applications are already available for the iPad, and many of these apps are great for creative people.
  • Fan Art: Awesome cartoon villains09/04/2010
    Who doesn’t like cartoons? Who doesn’t love those superheroes with super-powers that blast away the evil with their superpowers? I say screw that! I want darkness, I want drama, I want…
  • Ways To Increase Page Impressions to Your Site09/04/2010
    Some very important techniques you have to follow in order to get more page impressions for your website or blog. This will help you to get more money.
  • Designer’s Break – 11 Exceptional Commercials09/04/2010
    We’re designers and we like commercials. These here are the kind that make you buy their product because of their extremely creative presentation. And a quality to match. Here they are.
  • 26 Top Fresh Resources for Designers09/04/2010
    There are many of design resources in the Internet, And here in this article a roundup of most tweeted design posts this week. Enjoy the news roundups of the most interesting content .
  • 41 Free and Secure File Storage Websites09/04/2010
    Save and share your favorite media files online using best tools for this. I’ve collected best 41 websites which are specialized in online file storage.
  • 35 Humongous Resources to Find Free Icons08/04/2010
    Any good designer knows that before you start a project, you should have some great tools, and resources to save you time. The main tools in this article, are icons. They can play a huge role in web designing, so why not have a handy collection ready to be used. In this roundup we have gathered some awesome resources to find free icons.
  • Top 31 Good Looking Premium WordPress Themes08/04/2010
    Professional and good looking premium wordpress themes that actually worth your money. These themes will help you to increase your blog credibility.
  • Quick Tip: Cool asymmetric rays in Illustrator08/04/2010
    I’ve put together a quick tip of how to create cool rays that have an aspect of randomness, but still maintaining that clean look. For this, you don’t really need a graphic tablet…
  • How I Build Myself As A brand08/04/2010
    Learn how graphic designer Roberto Blake built himself as brand and how he use social media and marketing strategies to succeed.
  • Graffiti tribute – 21 Outstanding wall paintings08/04/2010
    We, artists, always find unusual ways to express ourselves through stunning graphics, turning mostly everything we see into canvases that reflect our imagination. Here are a few “canvases” that..
  • 40 Mind Blowing Latte Art Designs08/04/2010
    A latte (from the Italian caffelatte, meaning “coffee and milk”) is a type of coffee drink made with hot milk.You know art is everywhere and with the help of your imagination you can create amazing things as you can see below.
  • Why Caring for Users is More Important Than Caring…08/04/2010
    Would you buy from your own store? This is a very important question one should ask oneself when one is running a store of any kind. This article talks about user experience and how important it is for building trust in your customers and not just Google.
  • 57 Great Websites Where You can Download Free Font…08/04/2010
    A very comprehensive list of best free fonts websites available on the web. Download thousands of free fonts.
  • Best Web Design Related Books You Need To Read07/04/2010
    A huge list of web-design related books you need to read. Chalk full of useful design information and a must for your collection.
  • Andres Borghi – The Future of Argentine Film Dir…07/04/2010
    this time we will learning about an Argentine director that promises to go far, Andres Borghi, he is 27 years old and was born in Buenos Aires, in the district of Ciudadela…
  • 30+ Wonderful Twitter Birds07/04/2010
    The bird of twitter is very popular and used as alternate way to represent twitter. In this collection you will find some wonderful twitter birds. Enjoy!
  • 80+ Websites To Submit And Promote Your Articles07/04/2010
    In this article, you will get a list of best 80+ websites where you can submit and promote your article to get huge traffic.
  • Interview with artist Hollis Brown Thornton07/04/2010
    Hollis Brown Thornton is an artist who keeps alive the classic drawing on paper using only his talent, acrylics, oils and permanent markers, currently merging…
  • What’s coming up in WordPress 3.007/04/2010
    A beta version of the next version of WordPress has recently been released, you can test it but you shouldn’t use it on a live website.
  • 33 Firefox Addons Made Popular by Users07/04/2010
    You know Firefox is the most popular browser of all time and there are a lot reasons for this kind of popularity.I think one of the most important thing is the Firefox Addons.We can find hundreds of addons for our needs and of course it is impossible to use all of them.
  • Freebies: Various Useful Icons For Your Project07/04/2010
    I would like to start this post by thanking all the great designers that have come up with all the free high end icons that are available out there on the web. In this article, you will find some really great icon sets ranging from the latest Google Buzz icon packs to various social media icons to some really great free e-commerce icons set for you to use on your e-commerce site. So if you are …
  • Huge Collection of High Quality Social Media Icons06/04/2010
    Social media is every where and is rapidly growing. You gotta stay alert and keep up with the latest trends. These beautiful social media icons should help. Keep in mind these are only high quality, we know there are tons of others out there, but we hand picked the only ones that met our criteria. If we missed any please let us know.
  • 20 Best And Useful jQuery Plugins of March 201005/04/2010
    I have compiled a list of 20 of the best jQuery plugins of March 2010 which are really cool and very useful. Check the list below as I am sure you will find something new and useful plugin here which you surely want to use in the future for your website.
  • 20 Wonderful PSD’s from 365psd.com05/04/2010
    On there are hundreds of .psd’s ready to be downloaded. Please, have a look around and see if there is any design that you can give a second chance; a new purpose. Believe me, it feels great!
  • 52 Amazingly Creative Food Art05/04/2010
    It was time for another creative,amazing and mostly unbelievable post.When it comes to creativity there is not limit for human beings.I think the first thing is of course imagination.
  • Extremely Useful Comment Plugins for WordPress05/04/2010
    Build a more interesting comment system for your blog. Get more comments from visitors by using these great comment plugins for WordPress.
  • 11 Fresh Portfolio Design Tutorials05/04/2010
    Creating your own portfolio website will showcase the work and services in best manner.When you start working, your great graphic design portfolio is going to help you land that great job. Your portfolio represents your skill and artistry, so put it together carefully because your artwork is going to speak for you.


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