Ten of the Most Popular Articles on Design Juices in 2010

Here I want to showcase the ten most popular articles which you the readers have rated to be best and most popular articles since Design Juices Launch in February. Articles vary in covering all sorts of topics and strands of design, as well as interviews, showcases and roundup articles.

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Interview & Feature: Photographer Tika Burton

Over 7,000 page views, and a really great interview which was successfully promoted on facebook reaching vast numbers of Facebook users. It was also picked up by DeviantART also, which helped the number of people who have made this article Design Juices most popular article.

25 Design Blogs which should be on every Designer’s Radar

Dipping his head over water with over 2,00 views, by showcasing several blogs it is attractive to users who may not have seen/ heard about some of the blogs I showcased the spotlight upon. Be sure to check out these top 25 design blogs.

100+ of the Best Designers to Follow on Twitter

The Essential Elements of your first WordPress Design Site (Pt1)

Find Part Two and Part Three of this series.

Wine Design: Beautiful + Inspiring Wine Bottle Designs

20 of the Best Typographical Portraits Found on the Web

20+ Unique Packaging Designs that are Fresh, New & Exciting to Inspire you

Whats the Best way to Promote your Latest Article?

Brilliantly Provocative Typograpical Posters & Artworks: I Love Typography 4

Discover the Best Design Communities on Facebook

Facebook has brought the world even more closer than we could all imagine, whether you use Facebook just to communicate with friends on plans and sharing embarrassing photos from nights out. It has become a worldwide community of which nearly all us small and large partake in. Here I wish to showcase some of my favourite design blogs which have their own Facebook pages online, some of which are extremely interactive and great to be a part of.


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