Are you Extreme? Brilliant Examples of HDR Extreme Sports Photography

This is a collection of some abstract, extreme and have you peering over the edge, they are some of the best HDR photographs that I have found on the web. HDR photography can make a normal photo be much more attractive and appealing to the human eye. It is as if a HDR photo is something taken from an alternate perspective than you have seen before. All images are said to be much more properly exposed and is attributed to be much more appealing, at least I think they are.

The subject for these photographs are extreme sports users and enthusiasts with the odd superstar, vote up or comment this collection if you have a spare moment.

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Skate 9527 Found on Flickr Here

Da Lines Found on Flickr Here

K Grind Found on Flickr Here

The Man: Part 2 Found on Flickr Here

Sunset Bmx in BCN Found on Flickr Here

Elolrol Found on Flickr Here

Chimpo Found on Flickr Here

Motocross Sonseca Found on Flickr Here

Jump in the clouds Found on Flickr Here

Para Glider Found on DeviantART Here

MTB Jump Found on DeviantART Here

The Rider Found on DeviantART Here

MTB Dirt Found on DeviantART Here

Found on DeviantART Here

Going up! Found on DeviantART Here

Blunt Transfer Found on DeviantART Here

Each Picture is the property of the respective photographer, clicking each picture/link takes you to the respective photographers site/Flickr/Deviantart page. I would encourage you to check out their other works!

The opportunities in sports photography are endless. Photography is a great way to mingle with extreme sports fans who are enthusiastic about the sport, and corporate companies who have purchased hospitality packages in an effort to build client relationships.