Interview with Admixweb Creators: Teylor Feliz & Holly Lamarche

Design Juices has had the pleasure to interview and talk with several great artists and photographers since its inception, today we introduce a great interview with the working brains behind the amazing design site ‘Admixweb.’

Both Holly and Teylor are amazingly busy people and I have grown to love their site over the past few weeks and months with some brilliant inspirational articles and more recently with some awesome tutorials they have been making. Be sure to read on to get the inside scoop on how they work together, what inspires them and what design influences they have.

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Thanks for taking your time out for this interview for our Design Juices readers Holly+Teylor!

Would you please introduce yourself to the Design Juices community.

Teylor: Hello, my name is Teylor Feliz, and I am from the Dominican Republic, but currently live with my wife in Louisiana. I have a varied background and tend to be a jack of all trades when it comes to design and development. I started about 12 years ago studying various computer languages such as C++, Pascal, and Basic. From there, I made a move to working in databases and back-end development.

On the side, I studied CSS, PHP, JavaScript,and HTML, and I found my true passion in front end web development. From there, my nature designer instincts, and my type A personality let me to learn more about design and design, as well as develop, because I preferred coding something I had designed. Finally, in 2009 after about 5 years of working in front end web design and development, I took the initiative to open my own blog, Admix Web.

So fast forward to today, I work for Edifice Information Management as Freelance Web Applications Developer where I design web applications, and I an about to complete my Bachelor’s in Applied Sciences with a concentration in Business and Technology. From there, I will start my Masters in Information Technology with a concentration in Web Development in January 2011. So, I started as a straight programmer and have ended up doing design, but I very much enjoy what I do!

Holly: Well, I am Holly Lamarche, married to Teylor Feliz, and together we run Admix Web. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and was raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, but after I lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, I decided to start a new life in Dominican Republic, which is where my father is from. I lived in Santo Domingo for two years, where I taught at a local private High School, and where I met Teylor.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a minor in History, as well a Juris Doctorate in Civil Law with a Concentration in International and Comparative Law, so no training in Design or Development, but I have always loved design and art, and when I met Teylor, that passion for design just grew! Now I do interviews on Admix Web, as well as write about blogging, freelance, and business.

You are both a lawyer and a keen advocate for all things design Holly, how did you find yourself in this career path?

Holly: Well, I am a lawyer by day, design lover by night, hence my twitter ID @HollyDesignLove. While in high school, I studied art and design, and I actually looked into studying Graphic Design at one point, however it was still a fringe career at that point, so I went with something more secure. I do enjoy being an attorney for my career, as it fits my love for justice and righteousness, and design stays as a very important hobby.

Did your personal relationship flourish through design or was it a more happy coincidence that your talents have merged together as one?

Holly: Oh, it is definitely flourished since I met Teylor. It was amazing that his work was a passion of mine, and I still remember sharing my art work with him, and he sharing his design portfolio with me. Our shared interest is what ultimately led us to Admix Web.

Teylor having had a spell in the teaching community, did you feel it was something you had always planned to do? or was it a happy chain of events and something you enjoyed?

Both Holly and I love teaching, and it is something we would love to do in the future in fact. When I got my first teaching job, I stumbled upon it by happenstance while I still lived in the Dominican Republic because I happened to speak English and know about computers, which both were a pre-requisites for the job. I really enjoyed teaching, and I found that I have a natural ability for teaching, which has lead me to start the tutorial series on Admix Web, because I love helping people learn new ideas. My future ambition is to get a Masters in Information Technology with a concentration in Web Development, and ultimately teach web development courses at the University level.

Teylor, how do you find the time to keep a busy working life and also the site running?

Well, I study about 18 hours worth of classes each week, and work about 20 hours a week, so finding time for blogging can be somewhat difficult. However, I am lucky that I work remotely from home, so I can built my schedule as it works for me. School comes first, then my employment, and third comes the blog, but it is still a priority, so I make sure to allot at least 5 hours a week to blog related writing and research. Also, I am fortunate to have Holly to share the workload by writing her articles. Ideally, I would love to have the ability to post something everyday on the blog; however, time permitting, we usually write 2-3 times a week, which works for us and still keeps our followers content. So, it is a happy medium!

Teylor, what has been the most pleasant experience you’ve had since you started Admix Web?

Well, actually everyday is pleasant when it comes to the blog, because I actually enjoy writing articles, tutorials, and cruising the web for inspiration to make round-ups. However, one day in particularly that has absolutely incredible was when two of my CSS3 tutorials were recently tweeted by Smashing Magazine on more than one occasion, and they were featured on Web Design Ledger, which sent more than 5 times my average daily traffic to the blog for three straight days! It was amazing so see my tutorials appreciated, and that so many people found them useful. It really inspired me and encouraged me to continue what we do!

Holly and Teylor, has there been any negative events which have been roadblocks in the paths of your careers? Have they helped you improve, or rather a detriment to your progress?

Holly: In my opinion, as cliche as it may be, I believe everything happens for a reason, so any event I may perceive as negative at the time, is only that, a negative perception of something that may be positive in disguise! I try to be an optimistic person, because I know that if I let something be a roadblock, then it will be.

Teylor: I agree with Holly :), to be honest, I would say that having to work my way through university has been rather difficult and is the reason it has taken me longer than I would have liked to graduate, but it has made it that much more of an accomplishment.

Holly and Teylor, which people in the social media community (such as twitter) do you both find to be the most refreshing and great to speak to about all things design (and otherwise?)

Everyone we follow on twitter is being followed for a reason; we think everyone brings something unique to the table. It is difficult for us to single anyone particular out, but we enjoy networking, sharing, and discussing with many different people on social media. Check out our twitters to see who we follow, because they all put our great content and links!

Teylor, what design and development sites/blogs do you review and read on a frequent basis? Are there any you would recommend to our readers?

I really jump around a lot when it comes to blogs I visit, because I tend to check out daily each blog that posts on the community news section of Admix Web, as well as each blog I have on my friends section on the blog and links I find interesting on Twitter.

However, great classic blogs I recommend are Smashing Magazine, Line 25, Spoon Graphics, Six Revisions, and the Fuel Network, as they have great content and writers.

Teylor, what are the most regular sources of inspiration to you? Both online + offline?

I read consistently, and I have a wide, expansive library of books which really provide me with the majority of my inspiration for my web development work, and for my design work I get inspiration just about from every place imaginable. 🙂

Teylor In 2010…

I have yet to go on vacation.

I hope to complete university.

I will not watch crappy reality T.V.

I would like to learn something new.

I wish I could win the lottery.

Holly In 2010…

I have also yet to go on vacation, but at least we are planning one. 🙂

I hope to get a raise!

I will not procrastinate.

I would like to be able to run 5K without stopping.

I wish I had 30 hours in a day!

Quick Fire Five:

• Mac or PC? PC

• Helvetica, Love it or hate it? Love it

• Hand drawn or Digital? Digital

• Facebook or Twitter? Twitter

• Design for Life or Design for Pleasure? Both!

What or who has been the best piece of advice in getting where you both are today?

Holly and I share the world view that being positive creates great things, and I know that mindset has helped to get us both where we are today, as well as to help us to find each other! Holly inspires me everyday, because she has lived through so much, and she still continues to stay positive, so she has helped to realize that you should never sweat the small stuff, because life is so much more important than trivial things.

If you had no clients to please and no work in your to-do pile, what would you both go off and do with all that free time?

Vacation!!! We both love to travel and wished we had more time to see the world, but we would probably continue blogging, including opening up a view more blogs or online magazines!

What do you find to be the most relaxing activities to do whilst not working?

Holly and I both enjoy dining out, watching movies, traveling, bike riding, and spending time with friends and family. We love watching LOST, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, CSI, and Criminal Minds as well. My relaxing activities include playing basketball, sleeping, and checking out Fail blog!

Holly loves doing kickboxing, Zumba, horses, and swimming. We always try to find time to relax and enjoy life each week, because live cannot be just work, work, work!

Where would we find you both online?

Well those of you interested in contacting us can check out our blog, Admix Web, and email us there.

Or check us out at Twitter: @teylorfeliz, @admixweb, @hollydesignlove and @admixwebfeed.

Big Thank you to Holly and Teylor for taking his time out in making this interview possible!

We hope to have more interviews and features in the future, if you want to be involved then drop us a message or get in touch!

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