Saturday Snippets: The Best of This Weeks Design Community

The Best Articles of the Week

The best of the weeks design articles and inspiration found on the best of the webs design sites. Articles covers various great topics. Articles include topics on; business card inspiration, Photoshop tutorials and improving typography through space.

30 Useful Adobe AIR Application

Found on Noupe

How to Create an Organic Mixed Media Illustration

Found on LBOI

Examples using Dark Colors on Business Cards

Found on Artfans Design

Creating a Matrix Wallpaper with Photoshop

Found on Admixweb

Improving Typography through Space

Found on the Design Cubicle

10 Creative Abstract Interfaces

Found on Nenuno

Steve Huffman on Lessons learned at Reddit

Found on Carsonfied

Ferrari to Remove ‘Malboro Barcode’

Found on Design Boom

Essential Guidelines for Featured Content in Web Design

Found on Instant Shift

The Webs Best New & Up-coming Designers

Found on Dezign Diva

Other Great Links

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Vintage Style DC Character Posters : Link

Extremely Hilarious T-shirt Designs : Link

Awesome Skins for iPad : Link

Bulletproof of Mind Mapping: Overview Benefits + Tips : Link

The Best of Design Juices This Week

These are the three most popular Design Juices articles published this week.

Future Design Thinking: I’m on a Boat

I Love Guest Posting: How you can guest post on Design Juices + My Guest posts across the web

Introducing: 10 New Fresh and Exciting Design Sites

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