20 of the Best Design Articles + Inspiration from Across the Web

An ever expanding community feed and greater design community means sources of inspiration and informative articles can be found in hundreds of places online. Be sure to include your articles in our community news feed as we love to read your submissions.

This selection of great articles from across the board highlights some brilliantly written articles and massively inspiration compilation posts, be sure to click through and read them yourself. Each picture links back to the original articles.

The Best of the Weeks Design Articles

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Best of the Community News this Week

These are my five favourite community news submitted articles that have sought to inspire, make me laugh or inform me of something I hadn’t known before!

30 Stunning 3D Typography Designs

Found on Web and Designers

Typography has always been linked with creativity and passion towards design. The beauty of typography enriches when it is bonded with 3D. As 3D in itself is know to amaze designers by its wonderful effect.

Collection of Well Designed Business Cards

Found on Designrfix

As I try to do ever month, I am bringing you the latest in business card design.  There is never a shortage of new business cards to drool over. In this post you will see business card designs ranging from really creative and cool to very simple and slick. I hope that these business card designs will inspire you to create your own masterpiece.

30 Inspirational Examples of Nice Website Footers

Found on Modny73

Footer contents varies from developer/author’s short bio, recent articles, Flickr photos, quick links and so on, but it’s interesting to find out how designers prioritize their footer. Not only it will inspires us, it somehow help us understand what we really need in our footer section. Footer is so important part of your web design. Some of the examples shown here use visual elements to make the design of the footer more interesting, and others simply focus on providing navigation or information in the footer that will help visitors. Look at the following list for Inspiration of well designed footers.

White Magik Social Media Icon Sets

Found on Graphic Design Junction

WHITE MAGIK Social Media Icons increase your social media traffic that your blog receives, you also need to consider enhancing a few icons to provide good amount of boost towards your daily site visitors. The WHITE MAGIK Social Media Icons Pack contains 46 PNG icons in three different sizes: 64×64,  100×100 and 128×128 for some of the most popular social networks out there.

Please feel free to join us and you are always welcome to share your thoughts even if you have more reference links related to other tips and tricks that our readers may like.

When Creativity Meets Minimalism

Found on Web Expedition18

Advertising needs to send a clear message that users can easily grab. At the same time, the message must to intrigue and entice the customer to purchase the product.

Most of advertisements that we can see on TV or magazines are still elaborates. Instead, I think that simple and minimal advertisement is easier to understand for users and capture their attention in less time.

Create an advertisement minimalistic, and at the same time, clean to understand isn’t easy to do. This post contains a collection of 30 advertisements where minimalism is the main feature.

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