‘Bitten’ The New Picture Book for Adults

As a child I had a favourite book. It was called Winifred’s New Bed and I took that book out of the library every week for at least a year. Then I got older, books got less colorful, every word extended by a few syllables and I was no longer allowed to judge a book by its cover. Reading, quite frankly, became a little boring!

I will openly admit being a non-reader. Having managed to read one novella and 50 pages of book since January, I’m probably not ranking high on the academic list! However, give me something with lots of great artwork and you’ve got me captivated for several hours. And I know I’m not the only one –  almost all children picture books are bought by adults. So maybe adults DO still like pictures… interesting.

Over the last few years I have been working on developing a range of picture books for adults, which incorporate the techniques of our favourite childhood books into visually appealing, adult friendly titles. Based on well known fairy tales, each book comes with a darkened twist and lots of creative eye candy to help inspire.
Following the success of ‘Wonderland’, which was released in 2009, this August sees the release of ‘Bitten’, a new picture book for adults. Adapted from the well-known classic ‘Snow White’, the book follows the story of a mistress so desperate to keep her beauty she will do anything to save them, including harming her own family. The book features an all star cast including cabaret star Joe Black, actress and New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts’ student Emily Marshall, fashion model Daniel Dewhirst, burlesque performer Lily Belle, Sprit Model Management’s Kristina Frenchum and alternative model Sally Parkinson.

There will also be a launch exhibition at Iksentrik in Bath on Saturday 7th August which will run throughout the month of August.

The book retails at £18, however for a limited time only, you can pre-order the book at a sale price of £15 from Tigz’s website.