The Top 15 Design Articles on the Web This Week

Best of the Midweek News

The Top 15 Design Articles on the Web

With such a great ever expanding community news feed and design community online as a whole, means that more and more great articles are being created each week. Here I would love to showcase some of the best articles from the past week or so which have inspired and educated me on many aspects of design.

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The Best of the Community News Feed

These are my five favourite community news submitted articles that have sought to inspire, make me laugh or inform me of something I hadn’t known before!

Web and Designers

33 jQuery Tutorials to Create Navigation Menu

Design calls in loads of out of the box thinking. Design needs loads of effects and functionality that should make a distinctive image and perspective. jQuery is one tool that makes all of this possible.

When we are thinking about creating an extraordinary design we need to consider the usability of web design as well. Usability is directly linked with navigation and navigation has great impact on visual appearance of the site. So when you bring along navigation and JQuery you are in a state to create navigation menu that stands out from the crowd, as jQuery provides plenty of options.

Lucas Cobb Design

Principles of Design This column is about Web design—really, it is—though it may at times seem a bit distant and distracted. In my opinion, any good discussion about design begins with the fundamentals. Almost by definition, the primary tenets around which any field is based are universal: they can be applied to a variety of disciplines in a variety of ways. This can cause some confusion as principle is put into practice within the unique constraints of a particular medium.

Design Beep

55 Meaningful and Inspring Logo Designs Created using Numbers Everyday new logos are created by talented designers and of course some of them are standing out among the crowd.You know some logos are really meaningful like below ones and this depends on the creativity or imagination of the designer.Mostly we see showcases of every type of logo designs in blogs and of course great examples but today i want to showcase more specific logo designs.All the logos are created by using numbers and i’m sure you like them all.


Designer Spotlight #1 Micron Whilst I have been working on nenuno for the past few months, I have been in contact many talented artists, designers, photographers and web developers who push their passion to a limit. We are happy to announce our newest weekly feature that will honour the work of these artists.

This week I will be featuring the work of Fernando, who also goes byalias “Submicron”. He has created some stunning HD wallpapers and recently just received a Daily Devation over at deviantART for one of them.

Smashing Buzz

50 Stunning Poster Advertisements Poster designing is one of the most creative part of graphic designing and helping for brand advertisements, now web designers also like to draw advertisement posters for web promotions and we have some awesome collection of Poster designs in this creative post.

Creative Posters always attract users whether they graphical posters accumulate to the side of roads, in the paper flayers, wall posters, telephone cabin and even when distribute on the way, they always grab the viewers attention and invite them to take some immediate action.

This is my favorite alternatives for inspiration is poster design, by looking at great posters, you can learn a lot about composition, typography, and use of colors, hope you will like this article and share your own inspiration to other as an link.

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