70+ Articles: Let the Community News Inspire Your Thinking

Community news feeds are great ways to get your articles out there, and this article aims to showcase articles of all topics to give us all the inspiration we need. This showcase of design articles features over seventy articles, be sure to check out and click any articles which catch your attention. (clicking each article takes you to it’s original location online.)


Week Favs #18 – Best of the week24/07/2010

Hi Guys, once again I have compiled my favs for this week!! I always recommend to check this great articles from others Design blogs that I find very usefull. Hope you enjoy!

10 Awesome CSS3 Buttons to use on your website24/07/2010

I created 10 awesome and beautiful buttons with CSS3 for you! There are buttons for every kind of website and I think that you will love them! Feel free to use them everywhere.

3000 of Graphic Elements from TrendyPacks – Comment to Win24/07/2010

We are happy to announce that TrendyPacks is sponsoring us a round of great contest this week! There will be 1 winner selected and he/she shall receive a set of Infinity Design Pack and another 10 winners selected and he/she shall receive a single pack at your choice.

4 Ideas For Styling Link Hovers With CSS24/07/2010

Let people know they can click your link with style, by learning four awesome link hover techniques you can apply using simple CSS and CSS3.

CSS3 – Limelight on New Trends24/07/2010

CSS3 (Cascading style sheet ) is an advanced version of style sheet programming language for website presentation. The term cascade refers to the specific style of font to be loaded in a page.

Creative & Inspirational Promotional Poster Designs24/07/2010

You see promotional posters everywhere, on billboards, bus stops, bins and even on the occasional wall! Showcasing products, brands, events to global awareness these poster designs stand out from the crowd.

35 Mind-Blowing Typography Font Designs for Design Inspiration24/07/2010

Typography Fonts has always been a fundamental aspect of design inspiration, but many designers are now making type the centerpiece of their designs. Not only is typography becoming the design, but type is being pushed to the limits by being used in cool new ways such as Fonts typography.

June’s Best Resources for CSS323/07/2010

Here are the best CSS3 coding techniques and tutorials of June 2010, 43 fresh resources to help keeping up with new technologies.

32 Excellent Examples of 3D Home Interior Designs23/07/2010

Here are Amazing Interior Design In 3D Max.Those are truly amazing but I must tell you that using the software is not so easily.Is very hard to reach the level for creating such pieces of modern art.Check them out and tell me which you liked the most!

42 Awesome Examples Of Humorous Photography To Make You Laugh23/07/2010

We always heart this line that making anyone cry is easy but its not easy to make anyone laugh. Today we are trying to do this hard thing by compiling a list of 42 awesome photographs that will make you laugh.

PSD Party Poster Template23/07/2010

Ready to print A4 CMYK party poster template. Free for personnal and commercial purposes.

Typography and its Immense Importance for Your Designing23/07/2010

Among different elements of graphic designing, typography is an important one, which the designers usually take for granted. Typography in terms of graphic designing means to choose the kind of font type that completely blends with the design and speaks for itself as a part of that design. In technical terms, typography is the art of arranging font type into the layout of the design. This arrangement includes the selection of typefaces, point …

30+ Lovely Images of Macro Photography23/07/2010

Macro photography is close-up photography. This usually requires a special lens that is optimized to focus sharply on a small area. A round-up of some truly revealing and inspiring macro photographs which are sure to have you marveling at the world around you. It is really impressive to see our world with the kind of close-up. Here is a collection of truly amazing macro photographs from various photographers.

NEW! Web Design Studio at Espreson Media23/07/2010

Espreson Media a brand new design studio dove into web development cum design world. The design studio is based in India. Catering services worldwide through its experienced development wings. Basically, Espreson Media help businesses and organizations build a stronger presence online.

Bringing in Clients: Ways To Get a Project Successfully23/07/2010

Building relationship with the prospective client and baiting a project successfully is the first and the foremost thing, which acts as the stepping stone in any business. Therefore, communication is the most effective weapon that is likely..

Create the Mini Logo in Illustrator23/07/2010

Hi there. In the next tutorial you can learn to create the Mini logo. You’ll start with some basic tools and simple shapes. Then, with the Pathfinder options and some Warp effect you’ll get the desired shapes. Finally, you’ll need several gradients and strokes plus some Gaussian Blur and Drop Shadow effects.

Learn How to Create a Website for Your School or College23/07/2010

In this tutorial I will explain how you can create a professional website for your school or collage. CSS/HTML is available for our premium members.

Role of PSD to HTML Conversion in the Success of a Website23/07/2010

PSD to HTML conversion is an important step in web development and the services are in huge demand these days.

Great tips to win more projects as a freelancer23/07/2010

I call myself a freelancer and I am very proud with my appurtenance to this category. A few days ago a friend of mine asked how one could differentiate between two freelancers; it was a very interesting question which probably has an even more interesting answer.

15 Cool and Refreshing Posters of Water22/07/2010

15 posters of water to refresh your mind and provide you with inspiration for your future design projects.

Defining Exposure22/07/2010

In this post I define what exposure is and why it’s important to photography.

20 Creative & Inspirational Wallpapers #622/07/2010

This is our sixth installment of our wallpaper feature and each week we will be showcasing 20 creative and inspirational desktops to spice up your working environment.

This was also featured on the Abduzeedo Daily inspiration 569.

15 Awesome Footer Inspirations22/07/2010

Amazing Collection of 15 Footer Examples and Ideas for your Design Inspiration.

38 Great Examples Mega Drop Down Menus in Web Design22/07/2010

In this article we take a closer look at the nature of drop-down navigation menus, analyze situations in which they should or should not be used, discuss various implementations and finally showcase a couple of bad and good examples of such menus.

40 Interesting & Cool 404 Error Pages22/07/2010

The 404 or Not Found error message is an HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server, but the server could not find what was requested. 404 errors should not be confused with “server not found” or similar errors, in which a connection to the destination server could not be made at all. A 404 error indicates that the requested resource may be available again in the future. This list is mad…

13 Sites for Logo Design Inspiriation22/07/2010

A collection of the top 13 websites for Logo design inspiration.

Design Tip of the Week #122/07/2010

This weeks graphic design tip is about paying attention to Creative Briefs and Details

WordPress 3.0 – Over 10 Million Downloads and Counting is still on�…22/07/2010

WordPress 3.0, the thirteenth major release of WordPress and the culmination of half a year of work by 218 contributors is being downloaded at a very fast pace. WordPress 3.0 came with such a brilliant set of features that it removed the tag..

Cool Vector Sneakers Inspiration – Urban Street Wear22/07/2010

I was browsing around and I stumbled across some cool vector sneakers. I put together a collection for you to inspire from in your artwork. Check it out!

Matte Painting Tutorial of Tajmahal Using Photoshop22/07/2010

Traditionally, matte paintings were made by artists using paints or pastels on large sheets of glass for integrating with the live-action footage. The first known matte painting shot was made in 1907 by Norman Dawn (ASC). Later on Matte Painting revolutionized to an extreme level for which Avatar is an example. In this tutorial we are going to cover few basic concepts and tricks in matte painting using Adobe Photoshop and designing the great a…

40 Stylish Typographical Wallpapers for Helvetica Lovers22/07/2010

Helvetica is one the most popular type-face since 1957.Yes it’s been more than 50 years and developed by a Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann.Where ever you look,you can definetely see a helvetica type-face and i’m sure the popularity will never end

Fresh Floral and Angels Vector Packs from Designious.com22/07/2010

In the past weeks we have been busy working on some fresh premium floral and angels vector packs that will simply blow your mind! They are available now for download on Designious.com. Check them out!

Captain America Inspired Artwork22/07/2010

With the Captain America movie coming in 2011, it is only fitting that I post the seventh installment of comic book inspired artwork about Captain America . It’s promising to be a huge hit with a stellar cast such as Chris Evans playing Steve Rogers / Captain America, Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones just to name a few stars.

18 Inspirational Corporate Brochure Designs21/07/2010

18 clean and professional corporate brochure designs to inspire you

More than 25 stickers to customize your iPad21/07/2010

On this post we are releasing more than 25 free stickers ready for download and help you to personalize your iPad.

How To Create Wood Social Media Icon In Photoshop21/07/2010

Some days ago we give a freebie of Grunge Social Media Icons and today again we are concentrating on social media icons. But this time not a freebie this time its a freebie. We ask our readers on twitter if they want a freebie or tutorials, most of them wanted tutorial so here we are with this tutorial on how to create wood social media icon in Photoshop. I will try to release a freebie of wood social media icon pack by the end of this week, s…

27 Awesome Eye Inspired Logo Designs21/07/2010

A well-thought logo design can effectively use a simple icon to leave a deep enough impression for the public. A memorable logo is always a plus if one wants to ensure first-time visitors to their websites will return in future. In this post you will see different kinds of Logo Design based on eye concept .

65+ Most Creative WWF Global Climate Change ADs21/07/2010

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an international non-governmental organization working on issues regarding the conservation, global climate, research and restoration of the environment. It is the world’s largest independent conservation organization with over 5 million supporters worldwide

35 Nice Examples of Online Shopping Website Designs21/07/2010

User experience is important on all types of websites, it is especially critical for e-commerce websites where visitors will be making purchases. A poor user experience will result in visitors having difficulty finding what they want, frustration during shopping and many lost sales. Here i have collected 35 stylish online shopping websites for your inspiration.

Top Airline Logo Designs – Bon Voyage!21/07/2010

Take a glimpse at some of the Top Airline Logo Designs worldwide. Read what was the basic logo design thought process behind it. Don’t forget to select the best one!

30+ Powerful WordPress Plugins For Every Website21/07/2010

To handle a blog these days can be quite difficult if you are not well-organized and you don’t spend enough time managing it. That’s why there are plugins for WordPress. They literally make your job lot easier and if you work well with them you can put them to work for you.

Custom Sticker Giveaway by Sticker Mule21/07/2010

Today we’ve joined up with the cool people over at Sticker Mule to give our readers some free custom stickers. Sticker Mule prints custom stickers in all shapes and sizes, and they are the easiest way to buy custom stickers & skins.

A Roundup of 29 Exciting Invitation Posters Samples20/07/2010

I’ve came across 29 invitation posters samples that attracted me with their unique and creative design concepts. I hope you’ll be inspired with these examples as much as I did!

Party Poster Template20/07/2010

100% FREE HQ Premium vector illustration. Based music related elements and 3D floral shapes.

60 New Stunning Text Effect Tutorials Using Photoshop20/07/2010

Text effects always inspired everyone but if you are a graphic or web designer and thinking to do something different with your text so here we are sharing some of the best text effect Photoshop tutorials. You’ll find some really cool grunge and glass styles as well, enjoy 60 most creative and most beautiful text effects for your design inspiration and learn how some of the best designers create their unique effects.

30+ Examples of Large Background Photos in Web Design20/07/2010

Websites using large background photos are consistently increasing in popularity, as the monitor resolution and internet speed is advancing, it seems like more and more designers use over-sized photos as the website’s background. These large background photos gives life to the website and make them more stunning and lively. Here i have gathered some great websites that have used large photos as backgrounds. I hope you do like them and get in…

The Influence of Art History on Modern Design – Baroque Style20/07/2010

In the previous post I started writing about some of the most important styles of art history, and I began with the Gothic Style from the Medieval Period. Today I am moving on to another important style, this time from the Western Art: Baroque Style.

Be Inspired by Text Art and Typography20/07/2010

This showcase is from typography and text art seen all over the web and brings together great sources of typography inspiration for us all to be inspired by.

45 Beautiful High-Quality Free Fonts to Seize Attention20/07/2010

In typography, a font (also fount) is traditionally defined as a quantity of sorts composing a complete character set of a single size and style of a particular typeface. For example, the set of all characters for 9-point Bulmer italic is a font, and the 10-point size would be a separate font, as would the 9-point upright.In this post we’ve rounded up 20 really high quality free fonts to seize attention for you to use in your designs.

Logo – Its Elements and Inevitable Importance for your Business20/07/2010

A logo is a magical symbol that represents your company and provides the kind of image no other attribute of the business can provide. Your business’s identity is an important element of your business that communicates visually through a logo. It is crucial to have a good, rather suitable logo for proper branding and recognition of your business.

30 Great Examples of Creative Advertisements20/07/2010

30 creative and visually attractive advertisement to show you how creativity can show in commercial purposes. Others there are so many people who love to see any kind of creative work and find inspiration from there. So my today’s post is for them.

How to Search Securely with NEW Encrypted Google Web Search20/07/2010

How to Search Securely with NEW Encrypted Google Web Search

44 Brilliant Books for Web Designers/Developers19/07/2010

The books are one of the best source of knowledge. For someone who wants to increase his skills, a book is really important. Below you will find books for CSS/HTML, Typography, Design, Web Usability, Logo Design and Freelancing.

Vector Beach Poster19/07/2010

Sunny vector poster, with girl, palm and grunge elements. Perfect template for beach party or t-shirt.

MOZILLA Design Challenge19/07/2010

Mozilla (the developers of Firefox) is calling all designers to enter in the ”Home is where the Phone is” Design Challenge! (http://creative.mozilla.org/challenges/6)

We are looking for iPhone skin designs for our latest product, Firefox Home.

Enter for a chance to be featured all over Mozilla websites, viewed by a global community, and may be even…

30 Free Abstract Colorful High-Res Wallpapers For Your Desktop Screen19/07/2010

Free Download 30 Free Abstract Colorful High-Res Wallpapers For Your Desktop Screen, If you are looking to add some creativity and inspiration to your life, you probably need our desktop wallpapers that inspires you to create something creative and original.

Artist of the Week – Rubens Cantuni19/07/2010

This weeks’ artist is Rubens Cantuni from Genoa – Italy. Rubens has a degree in Industrial Design and he is passionate about graphic design, digital art and illustrations.

10 free and useful Dingbats fonts19/07/2010

In this post are some great dingbat fonts that you can download for free.

35+ Best Various Hotel & Restaurant Menu Designs19/07/2010

Here is our collection of Best Restaurant Menu Designs. No matter what sort of Restaurant menu you are working on, or how huge its menu is, you just need to have a look on the list that we just provided below (Restaurant menu examples) choose that you like most and then use your skills and create your own magical master piece for your client satisfaction. You can also use these examples in different choices like posters, brochures and all kind…

New Release: Joomla! 1.5.2019/07/2010

Joomla! is competing efficiently in the race of content management systems. Joomla! project team is working very hard to improve user experience on Joomla platform. They are coming up with one or the other improvement very rapidly.

40+ Free Professional PSD Design Templates19/07/2010

Here I’ve listed 40+ Free Professional PSD Design Templates to Download, hope you like the download list, Also be aware about license terms and agreements before You put them in use.

Small Packages, Big Designs – Sugar Sachets19/07/2010

These days you can find designs on pretty much any product package. But if you want a client to remember you, give him a product with a package print out of the ordinary!Today I stumbled upon some sugar sachets with very creative prints and I want to share them with you. Here they are!

What is Usability All About and the Common Mistakes!19/07/2010

In the present scenario where ‘word of mouth’ is the most powerful and the most effective weapon that one can use against one’s competitor, it may act as an add-on to the reputation of your site, or it may prove a nightmare as well…

15 Must-Have Books on Typography, Fonts and Logo Designs19/07/2010

Get inspirations, graphic design tips and tricks from 15 Must-Have Books on Typography, Fonts and Logo Designs

50+ Awesome Must See Tutorials (Part2)19/07/2010

Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful tutorials from around the web from the month of May and June 2010. You’ll find everything from creating a photoshop battle poster in illustrator, to designing a brilliant website layout in photoshop. So what are you waiting for…why not try one out?

Object Oriented JavaScript: Creating an Window Box18/07/2010

This is a very short tutorial about Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript, in which we are going to create an object called JSWinbox that simulates a window in our browser.

Magazine adverts from 1981 compared to 201018/07/2010

I picked up a copy of a souvenir edition of Woman’s Own from 1981 which celebrated the marriage of Charles and Diana and I found it quite interesting looking at the adverts from that period. I don’t make a habit of buying these sorts of magazines (honest) but I decided to get hold of a recent copy of Women’s Own and compare the two.

WordPress 3 and What You Can Do!18/07/2010

After a quite long awaited by many WordPress users all over the world, finally this world most popular blog portal launchs its brand-new version WordPress 3.0 a.k.a Thelonius. So what any other features can we maximize on it? Let’s now discuss it a lil’ bit deeper.

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