Recommended Books for a Prospective Product Designer

Despite the recent news that amazon is seeing e-books outselling the humble paper and hardback books we see filling up libraries across the world, to have a book a physical copy is a great way to self teach and help mentor you as a product designer.

Here I want to recommend to you several books which you as designer may find to be of great inspiration and teach you or to improve your design education.

Sketching: Drawing Techniques for Product Designers

Author: Koos Eissen + Roselien Steur

RRP £32.50 (Around £20 in most retailers and online.)

Some people may think that in this digital age we live in drawing by hand is a dying art, but as a product/industrial designer it is essential for you to develop your drawing skills as much as possible. It is this foundation which will only go to help you later on when you bring in other elements such as digital representation and renderings.

This book by Koos Eissena and Roselien Steur goes a long way in helping teach us all of the various design drawing techniques and is a must have for all students of product design.

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Making It: Manufacturing techniques for Product Design

Author Chris Lefteri

RRP £19.95 (Around £10-12 in most retailers and online.)

Knowing every single manufacturing technique is an impossibility, turning to this book to start looking at the different product methods available for manufacturing is a great start. With nearly 90 production methods outlined, the book not only describes each but offers great advice and further detail into costs, production volumes, typical applications and much more.

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Presentation Techniques

Author Dick Powell

RRP £25 (Often now found for lower at around £15 online.)

Written by renowned designer Dick Powell (of Seymour Powell design studio) although old the book goes into depth in every aspect of design illustration and rendering. It offers a great deal of information pertaining to perspective, colouring, presentations and how to show material textures.

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Innovative Product Design Practice

Author Carl Liu

RRP £24.95 (Can be found for £20 if you search the net for current availability.)

This book inspires you as the read through simply amazing sketch work and makes you look at your current drawing work and wonder if its close to scratch. You want to go back and improve your sketch work each time you flick through this book, it will help you improve through great tutorials. Great tutorials in; marker, pencil crayons and computer tablet.

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Drawing for Designers

Author Alan Pipes

RRP £19.95 (With some searching around in the right places online this can be yours for £15 and under.)

Found on Amazon

Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals

Author Rob Thompson

RRP £49.95 (currently can be found for under £30.)

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Designers are Wankers

Author Neville Brody + Lee McCormack

The book is aimed at covering many aspects of a professional life as a designer, aimed at students and those of us who are just setting out into the big wide world of design. It helps you relate to the pitfalls you may undertake with clients, manufacturers and helps in advising you on how to avoid being taken advantage of.

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Designing Interactions

Author Bill Moggridge

Found on Amazon

Visit the Website Here there is lots more information on the book and DVD! So head over there and check it out.

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Author Janine M Benyus

I’ve been inspired by Biomimicry and found it a really interesting topic ever since being shown this talk on TED, (also by Janine Benyus.) I’m sure this book will only go to further inspire you on the potential Biomimicry can offer.

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The Bauhaus: 1919-1933

Author Magdalena Droste

If you haven’t read up on one of the most important design movements in the 20th century then this book would be a great place to begin you Bauhaus design education. Featuring some of the most important modernist designers and products of that century, how the movement came from Germany to North America.

Found on Amazon

Deconstructing Product Design: Exploring the form, function, usability, sustainability and commerciall success of 100 Amazing Products

Author William Lidwell

Found on Amazon

Product Design and Development

Author Karl Urich

Found on Amazon

Emotional Design Product Design: Why we Love or Hate Everyday Things

Author Donald A Norman

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Can you recommend a book of your own? or wish to send in your thoughts?

Then drop us a comment below.

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