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  • http://www.lucascobb.com Lucas Cobb Design

    I like that corporations are finally taking the time to think about the visual appeal of their products. I have seen a few of these products in years passed with less than stellar packaging (ex. full throttle) did not used to look so snazzy. Great round-up Jared and thanks for the insight on great package design in the UK and elsewhere.

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  • http://inspirationoverload.org/ Conor

    Great post, thanks! Unfortunately, the products that have good, emotive designs such as those shown here are smaller ones and not as common on the shelves…

    I simply adore the GameBoy condoms. They're so good, they'd tempt a priest out of celibacy (Although here in Ireland, that doesn't take much :P )

  • Don

    Awesome post Jared… thanks for taking the time and sharing!

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  • Fandy

    yes, corporations should be. visual appeal are one very important side for marketing of their product.

  • http://www.artfans.info Fandy

    eye catching on product packaging visual are crucial. people see, touch, then buy

  • Paul

    Great! Thanks for the great article posting and your all effort. I think the above article is valuable for all concerned people about this topics. For me the Information are really really useful for my research.

  • Lasse Hansen

    I will post this to the next marketing executives which handles packaging design. It should make them realize that it its NOT all about USPs and filling things up with illustration and explaination. A good example here is the MOMA! great breakfast.

    Thanks for the article – very good selection and many I have never seen. Cool.

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  • designjuices

    Very true, its a very interactive design medium.

  • designjuices

    one of many sides they have to think of!

  • designjuices

    Haha love it, the condoms are definately a great way of bring a more fun interactive element to protection.

    The emotive designs are often all smaller brands and products have, becasuse the bigger brands are able to rely on brand image to sell products.

  • designjuices

    Yeah the full throttle makeover was definately a good chance for the bring much improved!

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