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Community News Inspiration

Showcases & Roundups

Inspired By Creativity – Wallpaper Special22/08/2010

Today is the start of a five post special here at nenuno creative. Where I will be paying tribute to some fantastic designers, illustrators and artists we have featured here over the last few months. To get this special series started, I will be focusing sololy on wallpapers!

40 Breathtaking ”Infinity Edge Pool” Photos Around The World22/08/2010

There are thousands of dreaming hotels in the world but the ones below are really special.They all have infinity edge pools.(I learnt that they call it infinity edge pools or zero edge pools).They have stunning sightseeing

30 Funny And Creative Food Photos Which Make Me Laugh22/08/2010

This is a collection of creative and very funny photography with Food and drinks. These photographers have used their amazing talent in giving these food items shapes and situations to make it humorous. Today when i was searching for something different i came up to this art and i found many examples of creative food art mostly created with fruit and vegetables.Hope you like them all and share which photo you like most.

Excellent Logo Design Inspiration: 50+ Fresh Designs for Inspiration22/08/2010

Today we are presenting Excellent Logo Design Inspiration: 50+ Fresh Designs for Inspiration. Logo designs is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand. Typically, a logo’s design is for immediate recognition.

Week Favs #21 – Best of the week 21/08/2010

Hi Guys, once again I have compiled my favs for this week!! I always recommend to check this great articles from others Design blogs that I find very usefull. Hope you enjoy!

30+ Mind-Blowing Artworks for Inspiration21/08/2010

Visual arts attract everybody and it can express a word more interestingly and more meaningfully. Here are 32 mind-blowing artworks hope these will impress you and also your friends.

Pakistan’s Flood Victims In Pictures.20/08/2010

This is a humanitarian crisis, and one should really not consider the nationality of the families dieing due to such a crisis. It is so unfortunate that people are considering nationalities when giving aid to individuals including little children. I think this is an opportunity for people, regardless of race, religion or color, to unite.

30 Fantastic Examples of Twitter Backgrounds20/08/2010

Twitter background design is one of the most important things, you can change in your account to attract new followers. We only can change little things in Twitter so why we don’t put there the best we can? Let’s change our background right now, but before we do that – time for you to get inspired! I hand picked those 30 Twitter backgrounds, while I was browsing through like 400-500 twitter pages – these all were the ones which caught…

Fruity Designs – Showcase of Cool Fruit Logos20/08/2010

Fruits are most often used in logos because they have pretty and warm colors and they are easy to remember (when you want to establish a better position of the company’s name or products in the consumer’s mind). In today’s article I made a collection of logos with fruity designs.

54 Impressive and Well-Designed Resume Examples For Inspiration20/08/2010

Creativity is everywhere.If you want to stand out from the crowd,you have to be different from the others and you can do it by the creativity in your mind.A resume is a document that contains a summary of

Showreel: 40+ Stunning And Creative Examples20/08/2010

The use of showreels is one of the best ways for a motion graphic designer to show off their portfolios. Once these talented artists set static elements into motion and add funky music, they can accomplish visually stunning animations and special effects that will leave you drooling for more. When viewing these amazing creations, it makes you feel like you are actually traveling through the artist’s portfolio and all their works. What you wi…


Here at inspirationfeed, we like to think outside the box. Beautiful design can be seen almost everywhere, including architecture. So we thought, ‘why not make a roundup of stunning homes that will make you drool?’ Each home on the list is probably more than a million, so if you got that kinda money this will be a great chance for you to shop around. As for the others like me, i will just drool all over the keyboard wishing i had enough mo…

30+ Examples of Decent Corporate Website Designs19/08/2010

Corporate Websites play an important role in establishing you as a brand. It has to be neat

and clean and should not be cluttered with too many things. A corporate website also needs..

25+ Beautiful Icon Sets19/08/2010

Icons are a great source of identification and recognition. In most modern designs

An Inspirational Showcase of 30 Aerial Photos19/08/2010

Sometimes you have to step back to appreciate what is right in front of you. Aerial photography shows landscapes, even ones that you are very familiar with, as you have never seen them before, revealing colors, patterns and shapes that you might never have noticed.

Stylish Accordion Fold Brochure Design Inspiration18/08/2010

The accordion fold can deliver your message to your audience in many beautiful ways possible. It allows information to flow slowly as the reader turn each page.

Logo Design: 80+ Beautiful Examples18/08/2010

It has been almost four months since my last post on logo design. Since then I have assembled an amazing collection of fresh new creative logos for you to be inspired by. I am confident that these new logo designs will get your creative juices flowing. So with no further ado here is your latest dosage of beautifully designed logos. Enjoy!

Discover Your Favourite Photographers on Facebook18/08/2010

Here we have chosen to showcase over thirty of the best photographers and photography studios I have found on Facebook. I would encourage you to check them all out and each picture links to each fan page.

Poster Art – Reminiscence Down the History Lane18/08/2010

Poster art is one of the most well-defined forms of art that has a rich historical background that involves a number of famous artists throughout the world. Ranging from advertising campaigning to political and social awareness, posters have made their mark well on the walls of history. These interesting pieces of paper are a frequent tool of advertisers, propagandists, protestors and other groups trying to communicate a message. Another type …

40 Splendid Examples of Reflection Photography18/08/2010

Photography has been the best source of inspiration for designers. Using reflection in the images can give them amazing effects.

24 Clever Mathematical Logos – Solving problems!18/08/2010

Here are 24 inspirational logos comprised of mathematical symbols, inducing a unique meaning in a clever and intelligent way.

25 Brilliant Examples of Film Festival Posters18/08/2010

In order for film festivals to be successful, event organizers use different media forms to spread the news about the it. One of the most popular advertising tool they use are posters.

Impressive Industrial Design Concepts17/08/2010

An interesting look at industrial design concepts with a touch of class.

20 Cool Ads from Around the World17/08/2010

The point of advertising is to make a design or slogan that is so clever, so smart that it stays with the consumer for days, weeks, or even years to come; and ultimately, will inspire them to purchase the product.

42 Breathtaking Photo Manipulations To Make You Say Wow16/08/2010

Photomanipulation is one of my favourite artwork. In the past we covered two posts on photomanipulation. one is 35 Examples Of Dark Photo Manipulation and the other one is 51 Fresh & Amazing Photo Manipulations From DeviantArt. This time we collected 42 breathtaking photo manipulations that will make you say wow. I hope you will love this collection.

43 Impressive and Fully Creative Hand Drawn Websites16/08/2010

We became familiar with Web 2.0 styled websites in the last few years but there are also trendy and unique designs.Hand-drawn style is getting more popular in design world and you can come across amazingly creative hand-drawn websites over the internet

25 Examples of Web Designs using Water Theme16/08/2010

Adding a touch of nature to your designs can go along way. Today i have picked water as my theme of web designs. So i have gathered a lovely collection of Water Web Designs for your inspiration. These designs are really cool and beautiful. I hope you do like them.

20 Best Free Fonts Inspired by Movies16/08/2010

A collection of the best free movie fonts is offered below for you to make the most of your bright and brave creative ideas.

Week Favs #20 – Best of the week15/08/2010

Hi Guys, once again I have compiled my favs for this week!! I always recommend to check this great articles from others Design blogs that I find very usefull. Hope you enjoy!

Interviews & Opinions

Tips and Advice When Starting Your Own Design Blog16/08/2010

If you are just starting out in the design niche of blogging or planning to start your own, here are a few of my thoughts on what I’ve learnt whilst running nenuno on a daily basis and I will discuss on what I could have done differently along the way.

How to buy a Point and Shoot Digital Camera16/08/2010

Numerous digital camera models are now available in the market and it is left to you to decide about selecting an appropriate model based on your choice. Spending too much for a useless product is meaningless.

Designing for Print in CMYK: 10 Essential Tips18/08/2010

There is a difference between printing your designs for the web and using them in print advertising.Here are some tips which will help you create that perfect CMYK design.

UBD Network talks to Terry Sommerville18/08/2010

After seeing Terry’s work in the Somerset College Graduate book, we loved his designs and decided to delve deeper in to his life as a designer and what makes him tick….

Logo Design Mistakes Which You Should Never Make19/08/2010

8 logo design mistakes which as a profession logo designer you should not be making as well, as a useful check list for aspects of which a good logo design should consist of.

Whats The Real Problem With Action Photography?19/08/2010

This post explains in detail the real problem of action photography and offers tips to help overcome that problem.

Using a Reference Image to Produce Art – Justified? | A Harmony …19/08/2010

Do you use reference images to produce art and design? Don’t you think its a bit wrong to use someone else’s ideas and recreating them in your own way? Well, this post discusses this matter in some depth.

Freelancing Vs. In-House: Which Do You Prefer?20/08/2010

Freelancing or an In-House position? Which works best for you? In this post, I will discuss my opinion on each, but I want to hear your opinions as well!

The Power of Crowdsourcing – 5 Ways it’s Reshaping the World!20/08/2010

Crowdsourcing is helping to provide quality solutions and accurate results. The world is beginning to realize the long term benefits of this efficient problem solving system.

Things-To-Remember In Freelance Graphic Designing20/08/2010

Freelance graphic designing is a completely different phenomenon in itself. It is different than a regular salaried designing job, 360 degrees. It is a prevailing trend among the graphic designing community. Many experienced salaried designers are turning to freelance graphic designing and even a good number of fresh graduates are starting their career as freelancers. Like every other thing in the universe, freelance graphic designing has its…

My Personal Experiences in Guest Writing and Working with Guest Writer…20/08/2010

I wanted to share with you the good and bad experiences I have experienced on a personal level when writing for various design sites.

WordPress & Web Design

Adding A Flexi CSS Layout To A Dreamweaver Template16/08/2010

In this tutorial we will go through the steps of adding some CSS columns and rows to an existing Dreamweaver Template using the Flexi CSS Layouts extension. We will explain how to customize a standard Dreamweaver template without coding.

Tips to an SEO Friendly Website Design16/08/2010

Gone are the days when only a flashy website design was more than enough. In the present scenario,

8 useful receipes to improve your WordPress theme16/08/2010

Here are 8 snippets of code that have helped me in recent projects.

15+ Useful Cheat Sheets for WordPress Design and Development17/08/2010

WordPress is an amazing blogging platform. It is just so simple and easy to use.

Pick Your CMS wisely17/08/2010

Planning to own a website? Going with a CMS would be a better choice if you don’t keep any interest in HTML/XHTML, Web Page design, Photoshop, PHP, MySQL or anything else related to core function and technicality of the website…

Free CSS tools online17/08/2010

Any tool that helps us work faster, simplify the design process and speed up the development time for our web pages really makes our life easier.
This list contains simple CSS tools to calculate border radius, font size, create templates, CSS Editors and experiment with color combination.

30 Useful Jquery Plugins For Developer & Designer17/08/2010

jQuery is one of the most popular Javascript framwork out there. It is very easy to use and full of cool features. It can be hard for us to know how to use the code and create amazing stuff using jQuery. So, develepors decided to release and create plugins to help us fulfill this task by making it easier for us. Here’s that awesome list of the best jQuery plugins that will help you add beautiful effects and functionality in your next project…

30 Free High Quality Blogger Templates for Download17/08/2010

Blogger is a blog publishing tool which like all other Google products is free and provides an amazingly intuitive user interface. Starting your own blog is a piece of cake, where you just need to setup a domain name and start posting. I have gone around the web, browsed nearly a 500+ templates and handpicked 30 best free blogger templates for you to get inspiration from while customizing your own blog. These templates are absolutely free to …

40+ Really Useful CSS3 Techniques & Tutorials17/08/2010

CSS3 can improve your website to be more attractive, user friendly, and stylish, its Importance increase rapidly these days as it has many features and functions you will need in your website. CSS3 is essential for web designers and developers to learn all its exciting features, there are already been few posts on this crucial topic but still we need to put some extra efforts, So here is a collection of 40+ CSS3 tutorials and techniques which …

How to Choose a CMS Platform that Support SEO Goals18/08/2010

A Content Management System is the basic foundation of website content. If the base is not strong then, it won’t support the marketing goals of the website such as SEO. CMS website design is in trend these days. Selecting a CMS is indeed very important and a major task.

25+ Stunning Websites Using HTML518/08/2010

Now, HTML5 is the new web standard. HTML5 defines many elements and attributes that can be seen under the hood.

22 Excellent HTML5 Tutorials20/08/2010

Even though HTML5 is not fully supported in major browsers, there are those that are pushing forward and experimenting with its new features. Today, we have compiled a list of HTML5 tutorials which maybe can help you to learn how to make HTML5 powered web application.

Resources & Tutorials

Install Xdebug Debugger to Eclipse PDT – Tutorials16/08/2010

These are instructions to install Xdebug debugger to Eclipse PDT IDE using wamp or xampp PHP. They accompany the video tutorials Here.

How to create an abstract colorful illustration in Illustrator16/08/2010

Today we will create an abstract colorful illustration. This technique can be applied to any shape, no hand drawing skills are required – just a bit of imagination. This tutorial can be completed by both beginners and advanced, all steps are explained in detail. Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced

Completion time: 45 min – 1 hour

Tools: Illustrator CS3

40 Best Resources for Get Photoshop Tutorials Updates16/08/2010

Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems. Whether you are learning Photoshop and you are looking for resources or you are a Photoshop guru looking for an inspiration, tutorials are one of the best ways to learn new stuff and get inspired. It is excellent software for creating attractive and stunning designs for various purposes like print media, web and multimedia. And if you are looki…

Photoshop Tutorials: 60+ Hot New Tips16/08/2010

Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful tutorials from around the web from the month of July 2010. You’ll find everything from creating awesome text made of 3D blocks in photoshop, to designing a beautiful cosmic space scene. So what are you waiting for…why not try one out?

My Guardian Angel – Beautiful Angel Vectors17/08/2010

Angels are a beautiful and precious element which you can use in your art work. You can create magnificent posters, vintage illustrations, wedding invitations, Christmas illustrations, t-shirt designs and much more. I have put together a collection of angel vectors and illustrations to inspire you in your art work.


We would like to proudly introduce you to Vectorious is a great resource for finding royalty free stock vector images. Currently they offer over 12055 vector image files available for download, don’t worry new vectors get added monthly.

Learn how to create a professional travel/booking web layout in Photos…19/08/2010

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a nice and professional web layout for your travel website.

Download security shield / badge and icons in 3 colors19/08/2010

High quality security shield / badge seal in 3 color variations – red, green and blue. This 100% secured icon seal comes in 3 fully-layered .PSD files in 2000×2500 px resolution .PNG format in sizes 256×256 px and 128×128 px.

Fresh Vector Packs from Designious.com19/08/2010

To help you in your design work, we at are constantly creating new and fabulous vector packs. This time we came out with some mind blowing floral, trees, birds and Christmas vector packs.

High Quality Paint Strokes Photoshop Brush Set19/08/2010

Today freebie is a high quality free Photoshop brush set of paint strokes, the set includes 5 brushes which are well designed Photoshop brushes to give an authentic paint stroke.

Floral Diamond A Free Seamless Vector Pattern20/08/2010

A very nice clean simple sophisticated seamless vector floral pattern this superb pattern is not just available in pink but also within an additional 8 other colours.

July’s Fresh Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials21/08/2010

This roundup includes 21 Photoshop tutorials which deal with creating web layouts, fresh and inspirational resources from design community (July 2010).

21 Free Beautiful Vector Backgrounds21/08/2010

Vector graphic can be used on any project as they are easily resizable without destroying its quality. You can easily find free vector graphic designs but find some good one can be difficult task.

33 Powerful jQuery Slideshow (Sliders) Plugins and Tutorials21/08/2010

jQuery has overpowered Flash in a lot of web uses becoming a very powerful tool for web designers. One of these uses that I’m referring to is the image slider. Implementing this feature in your site will definitely count as a big plus so don’t waste your time and download the available jQuery plugins in this 30 Powerful jQuery Slideshow (Sliders) Plugins and Tutorials.

Awesome Grunge Yellow Concrete Textures For Free21/08/2010

In this month I give the texture of concrete with peeling yellow paint on it. You can use it for free for your next design.

Create the BMW Logo in Illustrator22/08/2010

Hi there. Next you can learn to create the BMW logo. It’s one of the simplest logo tutorials so far. You’ll start with some basic tools and simple shapes. Then, with the Pathfinder options and some Warp effect you’ll get the desired shapes. Finally, you’ll need several gradients, strokes and some simple effects.

Giveaways & Competitions

Giveaway 3×3 Months Subscriptions to Vectorious!!18/08/2010

Today we’ve joined up with some amazing people over at Vectorious to give THREE lucky readers a free three (3) months subscription to Vectorious!

Over $400 Worth of Envato Files for Just $2019/08/2010

This year Envato turns 4 and we’ve got LOTS of celebrations in store for you. We’re kicking off things today with our Birthday Bundle 2010 which is even bigger and more value packed than last year!

Everything Else

The Influence of Art History on Modern Design – Cubism17/08/2010

Today’s article is about one of the most influential art movements of the twentieth century: Cubism.

The ultimate StumbleUpon guide, all secrets revealed17/08/2010

On this article, we are going to take a ride across the basic and even some expert tips that will make your experience on Stumbleupon a successful event. Hopefully this article becomes an essential reference for all the new stumblers around.