Content Management Systems: Why I Love to Work With WordPress

Okay, I love WordPress.

I think it’s brilliant not only is it extremely useful it’s also easy to use. I’m even using it right now to write this. I discovered WordPress in around 2007 and ever since it’s been my CMS (Content Management System) of choice. I have used other packages like Joomla but WordPress stood out to me as having a massive user base of lots and lots and lots of plugins and themes along with the fact the famous 5 minute install meant I could be up and running in no time at all.

I am well aware that many people prefer other systems such as Drupal or Joomla along with countless others and in no way I am suggesting WordPress is King of the Castle rather WordPress is my tool and so I’ve chosen to write about it.

So why use a system like WordPress on your site?

Why not create static pages?

Why not just use PHP and have dynamic pages?

1. WordPress offers you the chance to add features that take hours of coding and styling in just a few clicks. I especially like plugins and the fact I can have a fully functioning Gigs Calendar or integration with Facebook with very little effort. The same is true of themes for many people, although as I design themes myself I use other themes less and less.

2. Following on, WordPress offers you a membership system that enables you to have sites where there are many contributors but you don’t want them to be able to access core settings that could disrupt the site either accidentally or otherwise. User management is a key reason why I love WordPress.

3. But why not just use dynamic pages using PHP?

I think aside from user management the fact that after install WordPress can do it all for you is a major strength. In less than 15 minutes you can have a site with a couple of brief pages on the web! (Assuming you’ve got hosting and a domain). There’s also reams of documents about how to perform certain tasks in WordPress using things like wp_list_pages to create nice navigation menus that are dynamically updated whenever you add a page. The joy of everything coming together in a theme you’ve designed is great.

4. WordPress is used everywhere. The fact that it is used in many places and for a lot of leading companies I hope means that WordPress will be continually developed and new features added. I’ve seen this take place with the evolution of WordPress 3.0 and I know from subscribing to the WP-Testers Digest a lot of work is going on to make WordPress the best it can be!

Wordpress has allowed me to add new features and get a feel for the many advantages of having dynamic content. What also attracts me to WordPress is that it allows me to design in the same way I have always done. Except for replacing a few tags with PHP I hand code the CSS and HTML exactly as I want it without WordPress telling me what to do or limiting me.

Finally, WordPress has been a valuable tool in creating my own sites and sites for others as well.

I will certainly be a long-term user – will you?

What are your thoughts on WordPress? Leave us your comments and thoughts in the comments section below underneath our social bookmarking buttons :)

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  • Florian Wardell

    I would love to be able to design my own wordpress themes, jut like you. But CSS, XHTML, PHP, JS, I just don't know where to start. For me, the main advantage is the thousands of themes I can find on themeforest.

  • Kiwus2

    It's great when you run a simple site. Recently I had to do a site which was multilingual and contained some info in database. After all I ended up using qTranslate and Pods plugins but still it was a nightmare and we couldn't provide 30% of things we wanted because of wordpress limitations. Still we went with it because WP has most user friendly admin interface.


    Yes, the range of themes available is great! It's really useful for people who want a good looking site quickly and without too much fuss! :)


    When getting to higher levels I agree there can be some problems but I'm glad you found the User Friendly Admin Interface, I think that really shines through.
    I tend to only create simple sites so I haven't yet hit the limit!

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  • tomhermans

    I'm using WordPress for 3 years now after using my own 'cms' (lowercase for a reason 😉 ), and don't think I'll be using something else soon.
    Out of the box it just works fine, is very easily adjustable.
    For bigger sites, it 'seems' it can't do everything, but if you look, there are lots of plugins that take things out of your hands. And there are lots of hooks and functions ready to be called upon with your own custom code.

    I'm now finishing a site with a few 1000 pages about skiresorts in Europe, and the next project will be an e-commerce site with 14.000 items.

    WordPress is an awesome, indeed very user-friendly (that's why I started using it) CMS that is as versatile like you want it to be. A decent knowledge of front-end coding will get you a long way. Knowing how to write PHP gives you even more control.

    Tom Hermans.


    Yes definitely! The fact that all the functions can be called up in your own designs really makes a difference. It's great that WordPress is easy to use for those without any coding or design knowledge but is also extremely useful for those that know PHP really well and HTML/CSS/JS.

  • Jack

    WordPress is nice, and I still use it for some projects. But as far as a custom content managed site I find MODx to be MUCH easier. I like writing all of my own XHTML and CSS and integrating JS where and how I want to. Plus, the ecommerce side of things is much easier.

  • Libby

    In answer to your question – yes, I will be a long-term user, I love WordPress! I just finished designing my first Joomla website and honestly, I was not very impressed… I definitely prefer WordPress over any other content management systems that I’ve tried!


    Yep, couldn’t agree with you more! :) I can’t wait to see what the future holds for WordPress.

  • Webdesigner

    I am also addicted to WordPress since I did some work on it for a client back in 2007. It directly felt so easy to create websites beside blogs with it and using wordpress as a framework for bigger projects is also easy. Allthough many of my friends do not believe, that WordPress can handle bigger websites I always can prove them wrong!

  • Anonymous

    Oh thats a really positive endorsement right there! It’s great to hear that wordpress can go all out and handle a bigger website.

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