Finding Inspiration For Creativity

In my time as a designer I’ve found that one of the most important things you can do is find things to inspire you and motivate you to create. I thought that I would share some of the ways I’ve found to inspire myself to design new and interesting work and encourage you to share yours with the community as well!

For me, music is one of my primary sources of inspiration and it shows up in my artwork quite often. It can be as simple as picking the title or a set of lyrics from the song, or as involved at finding the meaning or message the song has for me personally. A great way to find inspirational music is to look at what friends post for #MusicMonday on twitter, or to visit or download songs or albums off of I personally do all of these things at some point.

G.O.D. is a Girl by Roberto Blake

G.O.D. is a Girl by Roberto Blake

T Shirts
Occasionally I will see something amazing on a T Shirt or piece of clothing that will spark and idea, or an art style that I will want to try out. There are no shortage or interesting graphic tees floating around on the street or your local mall. When I see someone wearing something cool I actually ask them where they got it, and tell them I’m an artist and ask if I can take a quick pic of it for a reference. There are also plenty of creative people making custom apparel that is simply amazing and unique. I love this particular graphic tee by Dennis “Thesis” Williams. You should google him sometime, his stuff rocks!







Custom Tees by Thesis Originals


Movies and Television
There are
plenty of ways that movies  and television can inspire us to be creative. I’ve come across countless celebrity photo manipulations that blew me away. There are also some very interesting concepts you can borrow and manage to make your own. After watching the intro for Fringe, I actually became very interested in playing with Kinetic Typography. I also think that there some great and inspiring design elements in the intro to AMC’s Mad Men.


The world is a big place and there are ton of things out there that can lead you to your next brilliant idea. Take the time to explore, look at things with fresh eyes, and don’t hesitate to whip out the old camera phone and snap some reference pics every now and again. Why don’t you drop us a line in the comments and let us all know where you get your inspiration?

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