How to Make Your Designs Universally Appealing

How to Make Your Designs Universally Appealing

If one man’s meat is another mans poison, is it possible to design a website that is universally appealing?

People have varying tastes; beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

So how do you design a website that your client loves and which does not compromise on your personal design principles?

Probably the biggest problem most web designers face is trying to sell their idea of a good design to their client. Many clients may have different perspectives of website design due to the number of website templates that exist from free website businesses. They know they have a winner, but unless they’re able to convince their client of the same, it’s all water down a drain. They’re unable to come to grips with the fact that they have to design a website based on what their client wants, especially if they feel that the design makes them compromise on their personal skills and reputation.

However, the world of web design revolves around clients – if you want to make a living doing designs, you must have paying clients who go away happy with your work. They’re the ones who’re going to recommend you to their friends and associates and get your free marketing taken care of. A satisfied client is priceless, and every web designer worth their salt knows this.

So how then do you satisfy your creative cravings and your clients at the same time?

How do you make your designs universally appealing?

Some clients are happy to go with the designers’ suggestions; they’re pliable and therefore every designer’s dream. Unfortunately, there are many others who already envision their sites in a particular style, and what’s worse, they’re unable to portray their needs and ideas effectively. So even though the designer wants to do as the client wants, he or she is unable to do so because the instructions are not clear and needs are not clearly delineated.

In such situations, the designer must know how to ensure that the client thinks they have eaten their cake and have it too.

Do what they want even as you insert your own suggestions subtly and cleverly; show them examples of other sites that have become hugely popular and which are based on the designs you’re pushing; don’t blatantly oppose them, use a softer approach so that they believe that you’re giving in to them even though you’re not.

You may ask – why not just do what a client wants and leave it at that?

Why is it a compulsion to come up with the best design that is suitable for the client?

The answer lies in the pride that every creative artist takes in their work – they want each creation to be their best and they do not compromise on quality. So if your client wants a simple watercolor, the cleverest thing you can do is create a masterpiece and then work on convincing your client that it is indeed the watercolor they wanted. In short, a good web designer must also be a master salesman if they are to achieve success in the online world.

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