Product Design Served: The Best in Industrial Design Articles in July

Here I hope to present some of the most creative and informing articles found on the design magazines and blogs I know on the web. Featuring all kinds of articles pertaining to product and industrial design.

Does Industrial Design Effect us all?

Talk of industrial design and automatically many of us will think about our history lessons back at school regarding the industrial revolution. It cannot be denied that this was the pinnacle of industrial design when so many ideas came together from so many diverse sources that it thrust the developed world into a time of accelerated advancements in all directions. Read More

Found on Cool Weather

Using a Depth Pen To Generate 3D Models

It has always been a fantasy of mine for 3D modelling to become more virtual, more tacit. Why does 3D need to be restricted to a 2D computer screen? Why can’t 3D modelling be like playing with play dough? Read More

Found on Embody 3D

Professor Working on Industrial Design Documentary

Western Washington University associate professor of industrial design Jason A. Morris is currently working on a feature-length historical documentary film about prolific industrial designer Walter Dorwin Teague. Read More

Found on Bellingham Herald

Book Review: Plastic Dreams By Charlotte and Peter Fiell

Plastic Dreams by Charlotte and Peter Fiell, aims to be, as it observes on its back cover “quite simply the definitive guide to plastics in design.” Indeed, Phillippe Decelle of the Plasticarium in Brussels agrees; “Plastic dreams is outstanding. Read More

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Actual iPhone 4 CAD Drawings

Just for you design geeks: When we learned Apple had made the CAD drawings of the iPhone exterior available for case manufacturers, we couldn’t help but overlay it, albeit somewhat messily, over the product photos to experience that twinge of joy that only a CAD jockey can feel. Read More

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Non Design Skills you Need 2

Yes, believe it or not you will need to be good at communicating verbally as well as visually if you hope to make it as a designer. If you’ve ever wondered how designers with less ability than you have managed to surpass you professionally, this may very well be the deciding factor. Read More

Found on Roberto Blake

How e-Waste is recycled

Let’s say you’re an industrial designer toiling away and designing electronic consumer products. During the process you picture your design sitting in someone’s house, providing them with joy and functionality. Read More

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Recommended Books for a Product Designer

Despite the recent news that amazon is seeing e-books outselling the humble paper and hardback books we see filling up libraries across the world, to have a book a physical copy is a great way to self teach and help mentor you as a product designer. Read More

Found on Design Juices

The Design Related Videos on The Web

Learning is paramount in the creative fields of design, we all should never rest on our own limited knowledge. Not only make sure you are picking up new books and reading online articles and blogs. But check out a few videos, documentaries and design films also, it is amazing some of the content involving design that is becoming more and more mainstream.

Here I hope you enjoy some of the great clips, films and video on design featuring some great designers and creative thinkers from across the web.

Read More

Found on Design Juices

Interview Joshua Saling

Embody 3D had the great opportunity to talk to Joshua Saling, an industrial designer from Sydney, Australia! Even as a recent graduate Joshua has kept himself busy working in a variety of design fields and industries from interaction design to graphic design, from designing cars to designing in the audio visual industry! Read More

Found on Embody 3D

JCB SCAD Celebrate Relationship

To build a better looking backhoe, however, the heavy equipment manufacturer consulted the Savannah College of Art and Design. Read More

Found on Savanna How

Red Bull Factory tour

We came across this fantastic video revealing an insight into the design and development of Red Bull’s F1 race car. It shows the application of high performance materials like carbon fiber and alloys all the way through to painting and testing using the latest and greatest in expensive. Read More

Found on Embody 3D

Rescue Transportation Vehicles

‘rescue transportation’ vehicles by taiwanese designers meng-chang lin, yu-min cho, yan-rui huang, yi-xin huang, are a disaster-specific transport carriers. the project consisting of a helicopter and a truck can be combined together for the goal of
providing fast delivery of resources and quick transport of injured victims from disaster areas. Read More

Found on Design Boom

Global Color Research

Global Color Research was formed as a London based colour consultancy studio in 1999 with the aim of making accurate colour and trend forecasting accessible to all market sectors, giving businesses a clear view of the future.  Read More

Found on Mix Publications

Clever Furniture Design of Oooms

Dutch design duo Guido Ooms and Karin van Lieshout are OOOMS, a two-person atelier with the creativity of a ten-person firm, as evidenced by their body of work. Read More

Found on Core77

Washing Machine Wall Mount

As promised, I’m here with the details on the Dismount Washer. It’s a concept that looks at space saving and hygiene at one go. The way it works is like this, you have your own personal tub for your laundry that can be mounted on an “energy stick”. Read More

Found on Yanko Design

Combo Couch

Sofa beds sneak two functions into one piece of furniture, but these designs go beyond the binary ‘convertible couch’ typology to be completely modular, comfortable for sitting up, laying back or lying down in any number of custom configurations. Read More

Found on Doornob

Richard Seymour on Imagintion

Here’s another insightful video from Eastman Innovation Labs featuring
industrial design guru Richard Seymour, who talks about the gap between the capability of our tools and the extent of our imagination. Read More

Found on Core77

Dieter Rams Video Podcast

Folks, you can never have too much Dieter Rams, the motto “less is more” notwithstanding. It was about a year ago that we reviewed his book with the similar title, and now an associated video podcast of Rams being interviewed (released by Gestalten TV) Read More

Found on Core77

Geeky Product Designs

The majority of products and objects were designed to fulfill a necessity or simply because of its form, like decoration. There is also some in which besides of form and function there is the fun and humor. With that in mind I have selected products with creative and funny ideas inspired by the geeky culture.

Read More

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Ross Lovegrove for Yamagiwa

UK designer ross lovegrove for japanese lighting company yamagiwa has now been released. the hanging light appears as if it were some kind of sea creature floating in the ocean. LED clusters emit light via mirror reflectors within its delineated configuration, distributing pure brightness and shadow, and creating an ambiance which appears much like reflections of water. Read More

Found on Design Boom

Fortune’s Smartest Designers

Fortune’s 50 Smartest People in Tech article highlights individuals in the expected categories of CEO, Analyst, Engineer, Scientist, Academic and, we were pleasantly surprised to see, Designer. Read More

Found on Core77

Manufacturing in China

The thought of manufacturing in China can seem daunting, particularly to smaller firms and individual designers who don’t have any contacts in the country. In the following video, MAKE editor/publisher Dale Dougherty talks to Liam Casey, who runs a supply-chain business in China and often serves as a sort of manufacturing liaison between Western companies and Chinese factories Read More

Found on Core77

Bendy Bike

This has to be one of the best bike inventions in the history of bike inventions. It was created by the guy in the photos, 21-yo designer—and Adam Frucci impersonator—Kevin Scott. Read More

Found on Gizmodo

Mouseless Project

MIT researchers including pranav mistry has developed a computer control system that works just like a mouse, without a physical mouse being present. users place their hand on a flat surface and move it around as they would with a mouse, clicking the table and scrolling.Read More

Found on Design Boom

Transformable Rug

Now, you don’t have to read a ton of ancient voodoo books or take drastic training from a professional magician to amaze your friends by showing some interesting tricks of transforming your rug into different shapes, sizes and functions, because magic rug will do it all for you. Read More

Found on Tuvie

Hollywood Sign Hotel Concept

Danish architecture firm Bay Arch wants to transform the famous Hollywood Sign into a modern hotel. Read More

Found on Toxel

Core77 Speaks to Jonathan Ive about the iPhone 4

As a designer you can’t help but think about weird stuff. I can’t help but imagine that if curious space aliens with no knowledge of human artifacts came to this planet and went through my apartment, they’d initially find little to distinguish one possession from another. Read More

Found on Core77

Should I get the New Hot Gadget?

See The Picture

Found on Posterous: Im Just Creative

Guide to Landing a Design Job

This is a helpful guide to land that design job you always wanted. In this post you will learn the right ways to make a portfolio, resume, and where to look for jobs. Read More

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