The Ultimate Design Roundup of the Web this Week

This list features articles, resources, roundups and showcases (whilst also this week featured related posts from Design Juices.) I make this list of the best articles on the web in all aspects of design and creativity, so you don’t have to go trawling through cyberspace to find them all! Enjoy!

Each picture links to its original location online for each article 🙂

Find last weeks review of the week here, don’t forget to look through the community news of the week from Sunday here.

Be inspired this week by; SEO tips, vector resources, free moleskine icons, women in industrial and web design, less is more in web design and ipad tools for developers.

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The Best Design Roundup of the Web this Week

The best practices for driving traffic to your design blog  found on Nenuno Creative

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Community News are you missing out in submitting your articles online? Design Juices

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60 Creative mind blowing Examples of Photo Manipulation found on Creative Nerds

Enlightened Typography Artworks, Portraits and Typefaces found on Box Model Junkie

Create a Glossy High Resolution Box Art Icon with Photoshop found on Psd Tuts+

How I got Started in the Design Industry found on Chris Spooner

16 Vital Checks before Releasing a WordPress Theme found on Net Tuts+

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50 Very useful Free Vector Illustrator Patterns and Resources from 2010 found on LBOI

DMU Footwear student looks forward to a dream career found on Creative Boom

Getting ahead while getting your degree found on Sodevious

25 Abstract Wallpaper Packs for Download found on Web Design Mash

Interview women in web design: around the world found on One Extra Pixel

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Who Needs University: The best Nettuts+ Screencast Training Courses found on Net Tuts+

Women in Industrial Design: Where my ladies at? found on

Mssks found on GritFX Magazine

Less is More: Simplicity makes perfection found on Designora

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Related ‘Why not be simple? When web design embraces less is more.’ Design Juices

200 Websites to submit your blog and rss found on Web Design Shock

Change the world with Daniel from Skreened found on Teesinapod

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Business Card Design Starter Kit found on Smashingmag

FYI Monday: Beautifully dark Illustrations by rob shields found on Fudgegraphics

Illustrating the Lab found on Inspiredology

10 of my favourite online tools for design and development found on Echoenduring

Sylvain Willenz: New CLS freecom mobile drive found on Design Boom

The flat-folding Thinbike: Tailor Made for Narrow Spaces found on Core77

Tat-ris found on Industrial Design Served

Working with writers: Some Insight from the Other Side found on Colorburned

5 Great sources for free to use pictures found on Designer Freelance

Free Moleskine Icon Set for Logo Lovers and Designers found on LBOI

Ultimate list of tools and Resources for iPad Developers and Designers found on Admixweb

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Five of the Best Community Links

Giveaway 2 Free Accounts on

I’d like to take a moment and thank for allowing my readers a chance to win one of two $30 dollar stock photo accounts. Their library of over 1 million images can’t be beat and I’d like to give them a hand for making this giveaway possible. All you have to do is follow me on twitter and tweet about the giveaway. Let me know you did so in the comments and at the end of August I will select 2 winners at random and get you your Deposit Photos accounts credited with $30 dollars.

Found on Lucas Cobb Design

What Does NTA and BTL mean?

Hi friends, this time I will talk about two concepts that are used often in advertising and perhaps for those who are not on the subject may not know wthat they are, these concepts are NTA ( Non-traditional advertising) and BTL (Between The Lines)

Found on Concept Dezain

I Want Candy: Sweet Tooth Creative Photography Showcase

These photographs go out to all those people with a sweet tooth for a bag of Haribo, the penny sweets we all used to eat as kids from the candy shop or for those us who loved a good old Chuba Chups lollipop.

Found on Nenuno Creative

11 Must See Adobe AIR Applications for Designers

Desktop working with Adobe Air applications brings the web to your desktop on your PC or mac.I’m quite a fan of air applications because they are so easy to use and often much more efficient and effective than similar online tools.

Found on Skyje

45+ Great Historic Vintage Glamour Photographs

We proudly present Vintage glamor photographs choose from famous photographer albums, Pin Up and Burlesque Specialist. This is an creative passion for Vintage and Retro style Photography, all from the 1900s, Burlesque, Cheesecake, Classic Pinup, Fashion, Glamor, Fetish, Swimsuit, and Lingerie” Here is huge collection of vintage photographs for your inspirations even can learn from these lights and historic poses, hope you all will share your comments and leave your own experiences.

Found on Smashing Buzz

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