Future Design Thinking: I’m on a Boat! I’m in a Storm!

This is a second article in the “I’m on a Boat!” series. Last time we discussed how the world is an ocean and our only way of floating in business of Graphic Design is by using the Elements and Principles of Design, which are these:
(Note: Some of these vary depending on your country of origin)

Line, Shape, Direction, Size, Texture, Color and Value

Balance, Gradation, Repetition, Contrast, Harmony, Dominance, and Unity

So we’ve used the elements and principles of design to keep us afloat, staying from the undertows of design fail and steering clear of massive storms that could tear our ships apart.

Weathering the Storms

Storms can be both the worst and best thing for our careers. You never know how strong a ship is until it goes through a storm. If the ship is strong and sturdy, made with the right wood, it can withstand very strong storms. Ships with weak construction will not survive any storm.

If our principles and strength of believe in principles of Design, we can weather and actually guide the ship between waves as they come. If you learn to ride the waves as they come, then you can keep the ship afloat for longer. The versatility of a ship is crucial to it’s survival in any storm. If your ship can ride the waves and go WITH them instead of against them, you haven’t lost your boat but have navigated the storm WITH it.

Beware the Pirates!

Many times in our careers we are bombarded with attacks on either our designs or sometimes our character (made by those who do not know the difference). Our holding to the Elements and Principles of design will keep us safe and we can ride out any storm, and in fact gain experience on which waves to ride and how to strengthen our ship for the next storm.

But regardless of all of this, we stay the course for the island we’re looking for, and the treasure we seek.

Next article we will deal with the Island, it’s inhabitants, and the hidden treasure!

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