The Best Industrial Design Links on the Web: August

This article goes to re-address a balance, in my time as a design writer and blogger I have often found more exposure is given to web and graphic design based articles. As an educated product designer I wanted to showcase the best in industrial designed based articles for you all, be inspired by some of the best designers and writers out there today.

How to Properly Apply for a design position

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Rama Corpash to Direct Parson’s Design Program

After an eight month international search, Core-fave Rama Chorpash was selected to join Parsons The New School for Design School of Constructed Environments (SCE). He’ll be taking a tenure track position as Associate Professor of Product Design, and as the Director of Product Design. Read more

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Beats by Eames

This right here is a wireless speaker system inspired by the works of Charles and Ray Eames. Specifically, it uses the “Eames Quadraflex Speakers” system as a drawing board to create this DIY project. Designer Joel Pirela built a wooden box with an access door in the back, jammed (with care) a bunch of amazing speaker components in there, and created an opening for sound at the front, covered with a black aluminum grill. Painted all in an off-white shade for that “vintage look” and set it right up in Pirela’s house. Read more

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Delft Design Guide Posted Online

The Delft University of Technology’s Industrial Design Engineering department has posted their “Delft Design Guide” online, for free PDF download. The content in the guide is drawn largely from five of their design courses: Introduction to Industrial Design, Concept Design, Fuzzy Front End, Materialization and Detailing, and their Final Project course. Read more

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Interview: Inigo Gisbert, Head Designer For TH Industries

Head Designer For TH Industries Inigo Gisbert is the head Industrial Designer for TienhSien Industries, the company behind the brands FSA, Vision, Gravity and RPM. Read more

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James Dyson Awards: Top 20 Projects

I’ve been a witness to many squabbles between designers & engineers who can’t seem to look beyond form or function. While engineers are right in their place to comment on the practicality of a project, designers are equally correct in dreaming futuristic scenarios. To cultivate both the workability & alluring aspects of design, the James Dyson Awards encourages students from the world over to “design something that solves a problem.” In an attempt to please both the faculties and to prove my point, let’s look at this year’s Top 20 entries that are shortlisted for the grand prize! Read more

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10 Washers of the future

The humble washing machine revolutionized the way we all live. Before automatic washing machines came along, clothes were washed by hand in a tub, a tedious and tiring process. Today, the washing machine takes care of all of the hard work for us, even if it is a less-than-thrilling machine. But the next generation of washing machines is on the way. What will it bring? These concepts offer some of the best, strangest and most ambitious guesses for the future of our laundry. Read more

Found on WebUrbanist

MIT’s 2010 Top Young Innovators

Today, MIT’s Technology Review magazine reveals their 2010 list of the world’s top innovators under the age of 35. They were chosen because their work—spanning medicine, computing, communications, nanotechnology, and more— was chosen for the immense change they are affecting in the world. Read more

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Sdesignunit: Zero G Collection

korean sdesignunit in collaboration with sukwoo lee and dongjin byeon have designed ‘zero G’ collection
for super studio. Read more

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Apple Preparing to Take Huge Leap forward in Production

Apple’s “special event” scheduled for next week (and probably heralding the arrival of a new iPod Touch) is intended to excite consumers, but it is yesterday’s Apple news that’s sure to capture the imagination of industrial designers. Read more

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LPS7000 Compact Saw

By David Miller Read more

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Strip Ease

While the name may sound a bit scandalous, the Strip Ease itself is quite wholesome. The name comes from the single strip of recycled steel that the Strip Ease is made of. Designed by Italian architects Mark Lana and Alberto Savettiere of Lana + Savettiere, the Strip Ease is a piece of multifunctional furniture meant for the outdoors.

The Strip Ease can be used in four different ways: bicycle rack, garbage can, bench, and vase.

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Phillipe Starck Thinks Deep on Design

Designer Philippe Starck — with no pretty slides to show — spends 18 minutes reaching for the very roots of the question “Why design?” Listen carefully for one perfect mantra for all of us, genius or not. Read more

Found on TED talks

Cooking Outdoors a little more Bearable

I really dislike camping. The need to commune with nature isn’t enough of a reason to rough it. I can enjoy the view just the same from a cabin thank you very much. If you nag me about it, I’ll say it’s the cooking. Camp food sucks but the Kuzmit social cooker might pry me away long enough from my 400 thread count sheets to engage in a little R&R. It’s modern, easy to clean, and looks quite fun to use. See the guy leaning back eating while the woman cooks? Yea, I’m that guy. Read more

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Stefan Jagmesiter at Levi’s Workshops

This summer, Levi’s kicked off a new initative to open a series of production shops, starting with a community print studio in San Francisco’s Mission District. There, they taught classes on letterpress machinery, screenprinting, and setting type, in an effort to encourage community members to get together and make things. Read more

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GIFs That explain Basic Mechanisms

This is so freakin’ rad: The World of Technology blog has posted a series of GIFs showing how common mechanical mechanisms work. I’m in awe of whatever genius developed the Maltese Cross mechanism, which turns smooth circular motion into segmented second-hand motion for clocks: Read more

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Bufanlino Mobile Camper

German Industrial Designer, Cornelius Comanns had come up with the “Bufanlino’ the mobile camper based on existing Piaggio APE 50, for his graduation thesis. His believes for “Bufanlino’ are based on keywords like, “base camp”, “easygoing” and “spontaneous”. I think it’s a great concept but not feasible here in locally.

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Apple’s Desktop touchscreen Patent

When I’m typing, I can’t physically touch my screen without leaning forward. Not exactly a layout conducive to touchscreen interfaces.

If you were wondering how touchscreens could be ergonomically integrated into desktop machines, check out these patent drawings (filed by Apple in Europe and dug up by fansite Patently Apple) that show one possible design for a future iMac that could switch between keyboard and touchscreen modes.

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Space-efficient Vehicle

the compact three-seater named the space-efficient vehicle is the creation of dutch designer ralph panhuysen. the concept aims to create a small lightweight vehicle much like many micro cars created right after the second world war. the design uses three wheels and seats three in a v-formation. Read more

Found on Design Boom

Pocketbook e-readers

the e reader company pocketbook will be releasing a series of new designs early in the fall. the release
includes the entry level 600 series models and the larger more premium 900 series. the 600 series models
feature 6 inch screens, while the 900 series will boast 9.7 inch touchscreen displays. Read more

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Jason Phillips Shapes Global Influences with Awards

Phillips, 26, was the youngest ever recipient of the ARTS Awards Product Designer of the Year last winter, and from a very early age has been involved in his family’s business, The Phillips Collection in High Point, N.C. It was, he will tell you, a childhood punctuated by trips to Southeast Asia, Europe and throughout the Americas, where he learned a great appreciation for global design. Read more

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Marc Ross Makes Clear Choices for Casual Designs

MARC ROSS, creative director for high-end acrylic furniture manufacturer Spectrum, maintains and recharges his creative spark by staying connected – not with phones or computers, but via travel destinations, art galleries and simple people-watching. Read more

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Why is Industrial Design Important?

In this period of cut throat competition in the world markets, the relevance of industrial design has grown manifold over the last few years. When there are a lot of firms targeting at the attention of customers, constant enhancements in the products can play a critical role in the company’s success. Read more

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Microsoft Arch Mouse

In the last couple of days images of the long talked about ‘microsoft arch mouse’ have appeared online. the touch scroll design is reported as having two modes: curved for when it’s in use and flat for easy packing. It has a small battery indicator up top and a 2.4GHz nano transceiver. Read more

Found on Design Boom

Flux Chair by Douwe Jacobs & Tom Schouten

Here is another design, inspired by the art of origami. Founded in 2009, Douwe Jacobs & Tom Schouten founded Flux which focused on flexible and luxury design.

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Found on Ive Design Studio

iPhone 4 Notebook Case

for those worried that their new iphone 4 may be stolen, they can now disguise it in this case which
embeds the phone is a small black notebook. the case is created by pad & quill and is actually made
from a birch wood frame with a paper cover that is made to look like leather. Read more

Found on Design Boom

Revert to Type: Typographic Structure, architecture and sculptures

I think you will all know my weakness in design often comes down to typography and text art in particular. So much so that I have personally developed the idea to have typography merge into furniture design through kids chair designs. The idea is still formulated in CAD form, but more on that later. Architecture and furniture can take advantage of typography in conveying a message, speaking directly to its user. Read more

Found on Admixweb

Dieter Rams Tech Design Icons

No designer has had a stronger direct influence upon modern consumer industrial design than Dieter Rams. Whether it’s an Apple iPhone, a Bowers & Wilkins speaker or a Plus Minus Zero CD player, the shadow of Dieter Rams’ designs still loom across the landscape of today’s best designs. Read more

Found on Unpluggd

Kia Pop Concept

earlier this week motoring company kia announced their ‘pop concept’, a new three-seat car  which will be unveiled at the paris motor show on september 30, 2010. Read more

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2010 NYIGF Favs: The DBA 98 Pen

As a designer and writer, I amass and burn through an absurd amount of pens, and it pains me to think that each and every one is bad for the environment. Read more

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Interview Paul Charlwood

Embody 3D had the great opportunity to talk to Paul Charlwood from Charlwood Design, the director of one of Australia’s most prestigious and innovative industrial design studios. In this in depth interview we find out about Paul’s involvement with educational development and day to day running of Charlwood’s Design think house. Read more

Found on Embody 3d

Egglike double Axis Transport

The vehicle features fuel cell technology using electric motors in each of the wheels. These motors are tied in with magnets which act as stabilizing gyroscopes in keeping the vehicle upright in both moving and braking. Read more

Found on Yanko Design

Chris’ Industrial Dreamers Dream Loft

Large windows are a valued element to loft living. Chris worked as a residential window cleaner growing up, which helped develop his appreciation for unique and expansive windows. In fact, these industrial windows and the generous natural light they provide sold him on this particular loft. Read more

Found on Apartment Therapy

Interesting Industrial design Concepts

Amazing portfolio display from industrial designer Emmanuel Laffon

Read more

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Video: Nokia’s New X3 Phone

The first half of this video shows the new interface for Nokia’s X3 phone, which combines a physical keypad with a touchscreen, and it looks like they’ve done a nice job incorporating touch. The second half of the video goes over the object’s physical form. Read more

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metaphys: ojue – vertical lunch box

japanese brand metaphys has designed ‘ojue’ – a lunch box with a minimized base that can be stacked vertically, allowing it to be placed neatly inside even the slimmest of bags. based on the idea of providing ‘vertical flexibility’, ‘ojue’ is comprised of three units and can be freely combined depending on one’s appetite or physical condition.  Read more

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The Best in Youtube Videos & Tutorials for Product, Industrial Design & CAD

This selection and roundup of videos features; official Apple videos, interviews and discuss from Jonathan Ive, CAD tutorials [Both Solidworks and Auto Cad 2010,] tutorials on clay modeling, what is rapid manufacturing and much more. Read more

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Wildwave is not your regular SUV

Explore any landscapes easily with WildWave, not so ordinary SUV. This car is designed for an exhibition called “From Dream to Reality”. The first idea behind this futuristic vehicle was created by Iman Maghsoudi, an Iranian designer, which then modeled and finalized by Mohammad R. Shojaie with the help from Farzad Barkhordary. This cool vehicle has been designed with specific engine position that gives Wild Wave an impressive stability due to the weight percentage that is near 50-50 percent. Read more

Found on Tuvie

Upstanding Retractable Markers

Upright & retract: the two new mantras for a dowdy marker pen; too amusing and cute! What we have here is the Upstanding Retractable Markers, a set of sketch markers that stay upright (think Weeble Wobbles) and have a retractable nib. This saves you the trouble of leaking nibs, but I seriously recommend a cap for keeping the color-stick dust-free and moist. Somehow the idea of pens lined upright on a desk makes me wonder, how many will become Humpty Dumpty and have a great fall! Read more

Found on Yanko Design

Tom Scott: Journalism Warning Labels

concerned with the increasing amount of ‘sloppy journalism and other questionable content’ found in newspapers, comedian tom scott designed a set of ‘journalism warning labels’ to make ‘newspaper reading that much safer. Read more

Found on Design Boom

What exactly can Apple’s Liquid Metal do?

The web is abuzz with news of Apple’s acquisition of a company called Liquidmetal Technologies Inc., a onetime NASA collaborator whose namesake material is a fast-cooling alloy mix twice as strong as titanium. Read more

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Liquidmetal maybe used for new iPhone

Apple may be planning to use Liquidmetal for a new iPhone antenna, says the co-inventor of the sci-fi metal alloy. Interviewed exclusively by, Dr. Atakan Peker says Liquidmetal might be a good material for building a next-generation antenna to replace the problematic part in the iPhone 4.

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Found on Cult of Mac

Tetra Prism Pak

The idea was to offer perfume in a new packaging format. Tetra Pak packaging is an ecological and innovative solution for recyclable packages. Furthermore, the design was intended to be an adequate and elegant packaging for perfume as well as an more ecological alternative to conventional perfume packaging.Read more

Found on Industrial Design Served

If You Lie You die, Richard Seymour

As part of Eastman Innovation Lab‘s ongoing series, Richard Seymour speaks about communication, push media, and transparency. Very short. And very powerful. Read more

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Picking good Clients for Industrial Designers

Sometimes we have to remember it is not just about whether the client picks you, but you also have a say as to whether you pick the client. The industrial design job market especially for contractors is extremely competitive and you will often find yourself viciously and desperately tendering against fellow industrial designers. Read more

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XYMARA Future Forecast

Every year, global materials consultancy Material ConneXion places its cards on the table and predicts what the key advances will be in its Material Technology Reports. Here it shares its findings for 2010 with Simon Jones

Read more

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Move-it: Recyclable, removable carboard box

How do you get a heavy box across town without using a delivery truck, car or taxi? That’s where the Move-it could help – it’s a cleverly designed kit, made of self-adhesive cardboard parts that stick on your box and transform it into a lightweight trolley. And would you believe it’s entirely made of cardboard – including the wheels, axle and chassis? Read more

Found on Gizmag

2012 Olympic Torch Design Competition

Consider this a call to illustrator for all Northern Ireland based Design consultancies, engineering firms and manufacturers are being sought to create the Olympic and Paralympic Torches for London 2012. Read more

Found on Creative Boom

The Solar Suitcase

Sam Aquillano and Derek Cascio, and their team at Design Museum Boston, are collaborating with Smallbean to develop the next generation of something called The Solar Suitcase. Read more

Found on Core77

A Peek Inside the Mind of Dieter Rams

In the early 1960s the Federal Republic of Germany gradually emerged from the isolation resulting from National Socialism and World War II. America was now no longer only a model to emulate, but also an export market, primarily for German cars made by Mercedes, Volkswagen or Porsche. Read more

Found on Gizmodo

Moshi Multipurpose Kitchenette

Moshi is a multipurpose kitchenette that includes the induction cooking hub, dish washer, sink, fridge and washing machine in one structure. The entire gamut of appliances is controlled via an interactive touchscreen pad. Designed for apartments that lack space and yet want to host all the comforts of a luxury home, the Moshi targets the young and the restless! From time-marking groceries to recipe cards, and ingredient status of the fridge-contents, all can be controlled and accessed via the pad. So typically for the gadget-savvy! Read more

Found on Yanko Design

An industrial design project using no computers

A friend who works as a toy designer recently told me her new intern–an ID grad–had never used a glue gun! And I wonder if today’s ID grads know what graphite smells like. I believe my graduating class was one of the last to learn drafting the old-fashioned way, with an assortment of mechanical pencils. Read more

Found on Core77

Cambridge Industrial Design Blog

A great cool blog I have stumbled across. Read more

Subway-bus Hybrid

The Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co. of China has a proposal situated somewhere between Superstudio and Plug-In City: An elevated megabus/subway hybrid that slides over the traffic instead of going around it, or creating congestion itself. From the looks of the video though, this excludes trucks—they’ll have to go around, as if they don’t have it hard enough already. Read more

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TAXI: Sebastian Wrong: Co-founder of Established & Sons

Product design is a fickle beast. Go too far on the aesthetics of a piece, and its usability might be compromised; but focus too much on its function and you might end up with an uninspired paint-by-numbers design.

Read more

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Industrial design Martha Davis

I suppose you could say it about a lot of fields, but to me, industrial design is problem-solving. And the education involved–at least the one I had, which combined theory, a good amount of hands-on work, and very limited resources–imparted a strong sense of DIY, which is why many of us at school made a lot of the things in our dorms, apartments and studio spaces with our own hands. Read more

Found on Core77

Bill Moggridge: What is Design?

A big question, and Bill Moggridge, the director of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and our newest columnist, breaks it open in this lecture at the Smithsonian Design Institute, delivered to K-12 educators from around the country. He recaps the National Design Awards and gives many examples of good design, but also, to round out his definition, many examples of bad as well. Read more

Found on Core77

Scott Summit: The future of 3D Printing

Industrial Designer Scott Summit of SummitID gives an incredibly informative and entertaining presentation at Singularity University on The Future of 3D Printing. Read more

Found on Shapeways

DMU Footwear Student looks forward to dream career

A De Montfort University (DMU) student who  graduated on Monday 19 July is looking forward to a dream career in sports footwear design after a work placement with sports giant Nike. Read more

Found on Creative Boom

The Ideal (Junior) Industrial Designer

It’s always about this time of year that the news is suddenly full of unemployment horror stories; debt-laden graduates scrambling to find even a whiff of an opening to the world of work, in an ever-shrinking and increasingly uncertain job market. Reports of Bachelor waving twenty-somethings rummaging in bins for basic sustenance, or facing the prospect of moving back in with the parents, is enough to set the teeth of any student on edge. Employers don’t exactly help matters. Professing that recent graduates are lacking in slightly mysterious sounding “soft-skills”, doesn’t help current students identify where they should be focusing their academic energy. Read more

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Solidworks Handy Tip

So many people I know ask me questions about how Solidworks files are linked to one another. And sometimes I can’t blame them! For a typical user that is used to how computer files work and how programs operate, these users would assume that duplicating one Solidworks assembly would be as simple as copying and pasting the assembly folder and waalaa! Read more

Found on Embody 3D

New Simplicity Exhibition: Featuring Rapid Prototyped Products

New Simplicity showcased the work of both established and emerging international product designers, presenting classic simple design, with many of the new objects produced using Rapid Manufacturing technologies. New Simplicity ran in London until 8 August. Read more

Found on Shapeways

Graduate View: From student to high-street designer

Fashion graduate, John Little, reveals how he bagged a placement at John Lewis’ design studio straight out of university Read more

Found on Guardian Online

Martha Davis: Industrial Design Meets Shoes

Martha Davis may not yet be a household name when it comes to shoe design. But in the world of industrial design, her specialty of 20 years, she made her mark in a way that has since affected millions of women: dial pack birth control packaging for Johnson & Johnson. Now she hopes to change the lives of millions more, but this time, with her shoes. Read more

Found on Fashion Wire Daily

Women in Industrial Design: Where my ladies at?

How do we encourage more females to become industrial designers?

When I catch wind of a design conference my fingers go scurrying across the keyboard towards the URL. But I don’t go clicking on the glamorous location (usually a hotel ballroom) or the glitzy parties (usually at a hotel bar). I go directly to the speaker lineup. I count the number of female speakers. I count the number of male speakers. And then I do some math.

Read more

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