Iconsland: Customized Icon Design Services

With a highly quality set of designers, Icons-land designers have strong experiences in providing you with the best quality icons available on the web. We all know that an icon is an important role in many web design projects and choosing the right icons can really make a design work to the highest standard.

Icons-Land is known for offering the largest amount of Vista Style icons and royalty-free stock icons along with the three main stays of: Stock Icons, Vector Icons and Emoticons and avatars. Besides these great sets of icons Icons-Land also offers custom design services and they are available to help you in your own projects.

What Icons Sizes are available?

Stock Icons are made available in the following sizes; 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256.

What Icon Formats are available?

Icons formats can be provided in PNG format; additionally .ICO format is available on request. Vector icons are provided in .AI (Adobe Illustrator) format.

What payment options are available?

The essellerate system is used and they also accept all aacept credit card payments as well as the popular online payment service PayPal.

Three Sets of Icons available from Icons-Land:

Stock Icons

These should be used to enhance your applications; ready-made they cover all sorts of domains, and should be the perfect accompaniment for any project you are working on.

Vector Icons

The real power in vector icons are their scalability and means that the quality of the icon stays allowing for resizing the icon to your desired size.

Emoticons and Avatars

Emoticons and avatars can help to brighten up your instant messaging communications as well as other related applications. Why not brighten up your emails, desktop and other programs with these great emoticons and icons.

Top 5 Icon Sets:

These are my top five sets of icons available in the many sets of icons available on Icons-Land.com.

Vista Emoticons Icons

Emoticons in new AERO (Vista) style will boost popularity of communication tool you are developing or customizing. They are suitable for Instant Messengers, Email readers, Forums, Blogs, etc. Attention to details made these icons look great in all seven sizes from as low as 16×16 up to 256×256.

Vector Emoticons

Vector emoticons are provided in Adobe Illustrator format and are suitable for presentations, web and graphic design, brochures, printing materials, etc.

Vista Style Sport Icon Set

This icon set contains 60 icons that represent different sports, activities and sport inventory. Icons-Land Vista Style Sport Icon Set includes the foregoing images in the following 7 sizes: 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256. All icons are crafted in .PNG format, .ICO format is available on request.

Vista Style Halloween Pumpkin Emoticons

Using Vista Style Halloween Pumpkin Emoticons is a good chance for seasonal promotion of your blog, chat, forum, Instant Messenger applications and other communication tools. Also you may use these icons for your desktop, emails, messages, software and web.

Vista Style Multimedia Icon Set

If you are developing media-centered software application (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), mobile application or website, and you would like it to have modern Vista (Aero) style – then get these icons. This Multimedia Icon Set includes 58 unique icons (502 variations) of seven sizes.

Don’t let this small selection deter your view, there are many more sets on offer so don’t hesitate to head over and check if they can provide the icons for your next web design project.

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