Industrial Designer Feature & Interview: Luke Norman Price

Today we introduce to you a talented industrial designer of the future; Luke Norman Price. I came across Luke’s work on Coroflot quite a few months back and he really made me jealous of his sketchwork and CAD skills. I recent was able to get in touch with Luke not only to be able to showcase some of his designs, but I also got a chance to exchange some questions and sit down with the man to talk all things industrial design.

We hope you find his work and the interview we have put together inspiring, and if you are interest in being an interviewee or could recommend someone then please do get in touch.

1. Thanks for taking your time out for this short interview introduction luke, Can you please introduce yourself to the design juices readers?
Hi design juices readers, I’m Luke Price. I am graduate from Coventry University 09 with a passion for Automotive and industrial design. Although of late I have become a bit obsessed with 3D art and animation.

2. What aspect of design motivates you the most? Do you have a favourite designer or movement which inspires you the most in your design style?

I love to see how things were designed or made, that motivates me the most. I will buy a DVD just to watching the behind the scenes, generally Pixar films of late. Favourite designer or movement… I generally appreciate a lot of design work and try not to gain all my inspiration from 1 persons work. I will see something I like and take something from it as inspiration, such as the rendering style. And from that I will try to create a new style for my own work.

What I gain most from other peoples work, weather its film, Art or a really nice piece of design is the motivation to pick up a pencil and be creative.

3. How was your experience through education was it a postive experience? Did you partake in any shows? Win any awards whilst studying and learning your design trade?

My time through education was full of ups and downs. At first I loved art and creating ceramic sculptures at school, then the art teachers began to change and they put me off art almost to the point of despising art. All I wanted to do was draw cars and have done so since I was 11. I never wanted to spend days on 1 drawing, then I chose to do my A-levels in Design technology and Fine art. Fine art was only chosen due to being required by Coventry University. More art I did the more i disliked it, however the more Design Technology I did the more I knew I wanted to be a designer. When I got accepted to Coventry University to do Automotive Design my design teacher ( still a friend to this day ) congratulated me straight away where as my Art teacher said, and I quote

” Thats the worst thing to happen to you because you wont finish your work for us now”

At that point I knew I never wanted to do art. So then off to University and it was the best 4 years of my life! Since finishing University I am beginning to find a love of art again through the means of 3D animation. I just figure I had a really bad Art teacher.

4. Where do you go for inspiration at the beginning of a project or when creating concepts? Do you spent time researching online? blogs? magazines? print media?

At the beginning of a project I will come up with a brief and state from the start what the inspirations must be. I never look at an image and think I’ll do a design based on that, and this is because I tend to have a certain taste and if I did have something inspire me to do a project all my projects would look the same. For example my latest project is a Volvo concept which was inspired from woven fabric and wicker chairs. Normally I wouldn’t look at a wicker chair and think thats really nice. So this forces me to take something I wouldn’t use as inspiration usually to then create something special.

5. What is a typical designers toolkit for you? What pens do you carry around? Is it filled with lots of french curves, rules, rulers etc?

A typical designers tool kit for me;

  • A3 plain paper ( a very large pile, I go through paper like its going out of fashion )
  • A black,blue,red biro.
  • A black fine liner
  • Copic markers
  • Letraset Pro markers
  • And finally and most importantly , Lots of music!

6. Do you have a set workplace or area of working when you are designing?

Currently I have taken over my mothers office.

7. Do you partake in much of the social media that is across the web as a designer? Do you think that social media is a positive thing to be a part of as an industrial designer? and as a student?

I would say I am mildly obsessed with social media. I would say that this day and age it is a powerful tool to get you name out there and promote you work which is what I try to use it for.

8. Where should readers go if they wanted to find you across the web? Do you have anything exciting planned for the near future in 2010 and 2011?

My work is on a few places to name a few:

Find my portfolio on Coroflot,

Find me on Blogspot,

Twitter @lnpdesign.

Quick fire five to choose:

Digital or Hand Sketching? Sketching
CAD or Hand Modelling? Hand Modelling
Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Jobs!

We must take time to thank Luke for giving up his time to make this interview possible! Any further questions you would ask Luke?

For this and any other comments, views or opinions please leave them below.

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