Photography Inspiration Showcase: Glasses Are Beautiful

Glasses seem to be growing into a fashion accessory almost, in years gone by people and children at school would be picked on for wearing glasses. But in today’s society I think it has grown to be something completely the opposite in people embracing glasses, and the new styles in glasses design make them all the more appealing.

Today I showcase a great selection of the subject wearing glasses to highlight just how beautiful glasses wearers can be, they encompass all styles of photography. Be Inspired!

Each photograph is the owned by the respective photographers, with each photograph linking back to their DeviantART profile page.

Hup by *clyme

Breeze by ~AnnieAutopsy13

Her Sensitive Confession by *ta-nya

Nerd by ~RukiRetention

Hero by ~Juliamy

Im a loser by ~missfortunex

My Glasses by ~BiaGhost

Glasses by ~Moshtik

Pointless Glasses by ~EyelashTowers

Me Paper Glasses by *Matt-ikus

Glasses Again by ~sibelleblk

Glasses by ~ANNENN

Heart Shaped Glasses by ~WhisperingVoice

Life Behind a Pair of Glasses by ~D4rkWizard

Glasses by *Basistka

Glasses by *xTive

Reading Glasses by ~rocketina

Dork by ~marenkathleen

Strawberry and Nerd Glasses by *kuribitah

I got Glasses by =MaX—DeAtH

Glasses by ~YourxSecretsxOut

Black Glasses by ~Elipa

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