A Collection of Business Cards with Exciting Pattern Designs

There is no doubt that all graphic designers are internet-savvy; many conduct their marketing efforts with social media and online portfolios. However, the need to personally establish business connections comes up once in while. Without a virtual art gallery to showcase your skills, what do you do?

When the need for offline marketing arises, your business card can be your best friend. Not only can this tiny card hold all your contact details, it can also serve as a mini-portfolio. Therefore, your card must have a design that can stir a receiver’s interest.

One way to attractively design a card is by using patterns. Patterns present harmony in complexity. They range from rigid geometric shapes to intricate ornaments. Because of the balance they create, they can make your card look sophisticated without sacrificing artfulness. However, patterns are never easy to create; making one requires an intuitive awareness for details and a sense of mastery. When you do successfully design one, it’s more than rewarding and you may expect your potential clients to be impressed. To get you inspired, we have collected 20+ business cards that make use of patterns in their designs! Get ready to be blown away by these exciting designs: