Octobers Showcase of the Best Articles in Industrial Design

It hard to keep up with the volume of great content that can be found on the web week to week; this showcase of links of industrial design articles and more goes some way in changing this. Here we go to showcase great industrial design content such as; How printing ink is made, the new Macbook Air, Carbon fibre violin’s, Fuel Cell Motorcycles and the Playstation Phone

Here we showcase articles of varying nature; new concepts, new artists and other news associated with industrial design across the web. We hope you appreciate the collected content gathered over the course of the month, if we have missed any links or if you want to leave your thoughts or opinions leave them in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

How to Apply Eames Legendary “Powers of 10” To Real-Life Problems

This October 10, 2010 is Powers of Ten day — 10/10/10, a milestone on the design thinking calendar. It’s named for the film Powers of Ten, made by Charles and Ray Eames in 1968. And for designers, it’s an opportunity to both celebrate the Eames Office’s groundbreaking film as well as a chance to recognize the power of scale in shaping our understanding of the world around us. Read More

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Learn a thing or Two at AutoDesk Online Sustainability Workshop

Autodesk’s Sustainability Workshop is a free online site with short videos to educate viewers on the environmental impacts of design. Right now they’ve got a section up for Intro to Whole Systems design, which encourages viewers to think through the entire lifecycle of a product, and the self-explanatory Intro to Lightweighting and Material Reduction. Read More

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The Desks of Creatives

In a Design Observer article entitled “Massimo Vignelli’s Desk,” design critic Alice Twemlow references both a Guardian photo series of writer’s workspaces and Imaginary Forces’ The Desk, a short film documenting the desks of creatives, Vignelli included. Read More

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Whipsaw Designed Pano Device

The Pano Device is like a computer with nothing inside it. You plug your monitor, keyboard and mouse into the back, but it contains no CPU, no memory, and no software; all of that stuff resides on a Pano Manager server, which hosts the OS and virtualizes it to the Pano Device. Read More

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Wacky Cardboard Homeless Shelter

Sounds like a gimmick, but yeah. Tina Hovsepian, a recent grad of USC’s architecture school, has invented a cardboard shelter that pops up like an origami balloon. A repeating diamond shape in the walls keeps the structure stiff. Read More

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Couple win Silver in Product Design Category

While YikeBike, the electric bike invented by ex-Invercargill man Grant Ryan received the supreme prize at New Zealand’s Best Design Awards on Friday, two innovative Queenstowners also scooped top awards. Read More

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Reax Resusitation Device

Lars Imhof and Marc Binder, graduates from the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern in Switzerland, came up with the Reax concept as a more efficient, automated means of doing chest compressions. Read More

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Nokia Researching Fabric Like Electronic Devices

Dropping phones might not be an issue in the future if a current line of research Nokia is pursuing takes off. Dr. Stephanie Lacour of the Nokia Research Centre in Cambridge demonstrates a “stretchable electronic skin” that could one day be the form phones come in, in which case we’d be wearing them rather than holding them, and dropping them would be more like dropping a handkerchief than a crystal dish. Read More

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Biomimicry or “Nature did it better.”

In exploring this series on inspiration, certain recurrent themes come to light. We’ve repeatedly stressed that inspiration shouldn’t be thought of as coming from a sudden divine jolt. Indeed, surrendering inspiration to forces beyond our control would imply a near nihilistic randomness to success. Read More

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Video on How Printing Ink is Made

Making colors on a webpage is easy, it’s all numbers. But the colors that go into magazines, brochures and posters is made the old-fashioned way, with ink. In the following video, a Chief Ink Maker from the Printing Ink Company shows you how powders and varnishes are combined to make their product. Read More

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CAD addict: The evolution of rendering

A quick review, of the evolution of rendering. Read More

Found on CAD addict

The Astonishing Tribe’s Interface design coming to Fujitsu dual screen phone

A couple of weeks ago we showed you a “Future of Screen Technology” video by TAT (The Astonishing Tribe), which seemed pie-in-the-sky amazing and almost too fantastic to be realized. But just today TAT has announced that Fujitsu Japan “will reveal a ground breaking dual screen mobile phone user interface powered by TAT’s design and technology initiatives.” Read More

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Auto CAD for Mac

AutoCAD for Mac is now available for purchase or free 30 day trial. This version of AutoCAD software, one of the most widely used applications for professional design and engineering, makes powerful AutoCAD features and functionality available to customers who choose to work natively on the Mac. Read More

Found on Dexigner

Sparkling Chair mad of PET and Air

The most eco-friendly material to make furniture is probably the one we don’t use (no material, no ecological footprint so to say)… so what about air? Read More

Found on Treehugger

Bring back our Knobs: Analog Versus Digital

Not so long ago, if I wanted to adjust the heat in my car, or the volume on my car radio, I could grab a nice, simple knob. Turn it to the right, and the car got warmer, or the radio got louder. Turn it the other way, and the opposite occurred. Read More

Found on Popular Mechanics

Herman Miller STYL Chairs

After 2.5 years of intensive research and development, which involved over 70+ prototypes which had been subjected to the cycling of building, testing and breaking, a new iconic work chair was born. Read More

Found on Ivedesignstudio

Industrial Designer Interview: Luke Norman Price

Today we introduce to you a talented industrial designer of the future; Luke Norman Price. I came across Luke’s work on Coroflot quite a few months back and he really made me jealous of his sketchwork and CAD skills. I recent was able to get in touch with Luke not only to be able to showcase some of his designs, but I also got a chance to exchange some questions and sit down with the man to talk all things industrial design. Read More

Found on Design Juices

GD Awards: Dell’s 24 Laptops and Motherships

Dell’s Experience Design Group took home a 2010 Good Design Award for their Latitude 2100 series, a system of notebooks aimed at the educational (K-12) market. The ruggedized laptops dock and charge up in a sort of IT Cart mothership, 24 laptops to a cart, so that you don’t have to deal with a classroom of hellions swinging power bricks around like lassoes. Read More

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Nokia N8 Teardown

Nokia don’t really intend end-users to open up the N8; the Symbian^3 smartphone follows the iPhone’s example of using a non-user-swappable battery, and has a sturdy, creak-free chassis as a result. However, lack of manufacturer approval never stopped iFixit from tearing down a new gadget, and so they’ve taken screwdrivers and the rest to the Finn’s finest. Read More

Found on SlashGear

Viktor Schreckengost’s design legacy inspires dreams of reviving manufacturing in Cleveland

The art and industrial designs of Viktor Schreckengost have inspired two recent books, a major museum exhibition, the renaming of a city street in his honor and the posthumous donation of his personal archive to Cleveland State University. Read More

Found on Cleveland

Gus Desbarats confirmed as chairman of British Design Innovation

British Design Innovation (BDI), the national trade body for leading industrial designers, service designers and innovation professionals, today announced the election of Gus Desbarats as chairman of the organisation. Read More

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Foreign Designers open Shop in South China

As South China’s manufacturing base starts to see labor-intensive industries flee for the next low-wage location, a few foreign industrial designers are moving in and seeing advantages to settling down among the factories that make many of the world’s TVs, toys and iPods. Read More

Found on PlasticsNews

3D Design Inspiration: Intricate Stylings of CAD Modelling

This is a showcase to recognize the talents of 3D designers who master the skills of programs such as Solidworks and AutoCAD, and various other CAD software programs. I personally am familiar with Solidworks and have spent many an hour working on sketch planes and extruding sketch models, but these examples show just how far you can go in creating just about anything if you have the patience and skills in CAD programs. Read More

Found on Nenuno Creative

A Peek of the Future of DIY: Open-Source Workshops

DIY reigns in the virtual world. With so many old points of friction removed, we can freely and cheaply build our own blogs, e-books, and Web magazines. But making real, live stuff still seems like a slog reserved for those who know their way around a bandsaw. Read More

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Pratt’s Experimental Design Laboratory circa 1952

Pratt’s Industrial Design Department took a broadly humanistic approach to training future designers, one that sought to develop creative potential, but one that ultimately centered around machine techniques, hands-on experience, and constant experimentation. Read More

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“Sketch Chair” is a exploration in using computation and rapid manufacturing techniques to allow users to design and build their own products or in this case their own chairs. Read More

Found on Greg Saul

Siemens Breaks down Silos in Machine Design

Think of the silos between design and production and the efforts and years spent at trying to break them down. Now there’s a new battle being waged to break down the silos inherent in product development, those between mechanical, electrical and software. Read More

Found on Industry Week

Apple’s iPad Play a Perfect fit for Discount Retailers

So what to make of the recent news that Apple’s iPads will be available for sale at two of America’s leading discount chains, Target and Walmart? When you think of either store, you don’t think of glass staircases, maple-topped tables and hip employees whipping out their iPhones to ring up your sale. Why on Earth would Apple decouple the shopping experience from the $500 product it wants you to buy? Read More

Found on Pcworld

Where Product Design and Music Meet

At the just concluded London Design Festival, product designer Yuri Suzuki presented some of his latest works. Some of these included a Sound Chaser that has tracks made from vinyl records and stylus trains running on them, a Rec/Play Pen that records and plays back audio and a Barcode Book that produces descriptive sounds without words. Read More

Found on Psfk

Sketching Your Most important Tool

I have been an industrial designer for twenty-five years, beginning my career in 1986. My first five years were spent with a small consulting firm where I used old-school techniques and tools. Most (but not all) of those tools and processes are now out-dated, made obsolete by improvements in technology which enable designers to works in a faster-paced world. Read More

Found on Fuel Your Product Design

Freelancing Graphic Design for Practicing Industrial Designers

In 1982, I began my studies at RIT intending to study medical illustration. Shortly after the start of freshman fall quarter, I attended a show in the Bevier Gallery that featured senior graphic design work. I was immediately hooked, and I changed my major. During my sophomore year, design students were encouraged to take two “core” series, and I chose the Graphic Design and Industrial Design cores. Read More

Found on Fuel Your Product Design

Peter Simon: Credo e-bone bus

the credo e-bone bus is a concept vehicle by hungarian designer peter simon that is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. the bus design is completely zero emissions thanks to the hydrogen cells and power storage in the form of lithium ion batteries that are housed on the bus’ rooftop. Read More

Found on Design Boom

5 Myths of CFD

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation has long had the reputation of being too difficult, slow, and expensive to be performed as part of the mainstream design process. That may have been true 10 years ago, but CFD has changed over the past decade and today has become much easier, faster, and less expensive to use. Read More

Found on DesignWorldOnline

Where is Product Design Headed?

n the 1990s American affluence, branding/marketing/advertising and “designer” products reached a point of maximum synergy. Target launched housewares by architect Michael Graves. K-Mart offered Martha Stewart product lines (this was before she went to prison). Colorful iMacs and a reinvented VW Beetle came on the scene.

In other words, design was democratized. Consumers proclaimed their allegiance by purchasing mass-produced items that made a lifestyle statement. Read More

Found on The Line Media

20 Futuristic Industrial Design Concepts

Industries depend on design concepts to realize ideas for new products in a creative process leading the path to true innovation. Industrial concept designers create practical designs that accommodate present day and include the technology of tomorrow. Read More

Found on Graphic Mania

Backer of Twitter, Foursquare and Etsy Dishes of the future of 3D Printing

Recently, famed venture capital firm Union Square Ventures anted up $5 million for an investment in 3-D printing company Shapeways. The partner leading that investment for USV is Albert Wenger. Read More

Found on FastcoDesign

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle by SeymourPowell

ENV Bike is the world’s first purpose built hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle designed for Intelligent Energy, an international power systems company. It answers the needs of lightweight, minimalist, eco friendly, and easy to use transportation for the future without sacrificing the visual design. Seymourpowell conducted product research for powered two-wheeler vehicles that showed the majority of users wanted something lightweight, easy to handle, and easy to use. Read More

Found on Tuvie

Search Bot

The following project is based mainly in the sketch realm, so bare with me all ye lovers of reality. For the rest of you, take that last swig of caffeine and strap on your air-pistols because this is one o’ them destroyer robots! Named “Search Bot” by its father Alp Germaner. Designer Alp Germaner I should say, but refuse to! Because this is a child of the mind. A robot from the electronic zaps and responses of the brain of Germaner, father to a race of machines that will one day crush us all. Read More

Found on Tuvie

The Future of Urban Agriculture

Saranga Nakhooda and Devin Lafo founded GrowingCities as “a research and design think-tank for urban agriculture.” Looking at tight urban spaces, they have developed five innovative prototypes for urban farming. Read More

Found on Treehugger

Designer of the Week: Engin Tulay

Engin is just a design machine…get it…? ANYWAY, Mr Tulay is this weeks DOTW. With unbelievable sketching, rendering and modeling skills it’s not hard to see why. Engin is a pro through and through and i’m sure many of us have/been driven in something designed or inspired by him already. Read More

Found on Monkee Design

Transparent Cell Phone Design

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka is exactly the guy you’d expect to come up with a cell phone that could almost pass for art. He has made a table look like a giant ice cube and a chair look like crumpled tinfoil. Read More

Found on Fastco Design

PHOLED Technology: The future of flexible Displays

Right now one of the things holding back the possibility of flexible or even rollable screens is the juice required to power them. But a company called Universal Display Corporation has recently developed a display technology called PHOLED, or Phosphorescent OLED, that’s reportedly four times more efficient than a regular LED display. Read More

Found on Core77

Mobius Car Design

A Mobius strip is a surface with “one continuous side formed by joining the ends of a rectangular strip after twisting one end through 180°” (Apple Dictionary.) It’s named after its discoverer August Ferdinand Möbius who basically found it super interesting because it was forever three dimensional. The vehicle you’re about to glance upon is the Mobius as well, this one designed by Tommaso Gecchelin who aims to merge aesthetic suggestions of both math and geometry into one harmonious shape. Read More

Found on Yanko Design

Design Forecast: CAD in the Cloud

This year’s hot topic in the world of design software has been ‘the cloud’. For those not up on the scuttlebutt, most software houses appear to be falling over themselves to develop products and services which can be delivered to your desktop via the Internet. True ‘cloud’ products don’t arrive on a disc in a cardboard box, they are remotely streamed, run through a browser or are partially downloaded; they are on-demand and hosted on huge server farms around the world and require little local processing. Read More

Found on Develop 3d

Phillips invites You To Design the Ironing Steam Generator

For its 2010 design competition, Philips is inviting you to design the next steam generating iron. The goal is to come up with something innovative, geared to 2015, that represents Phlips’ brand promise of “sense and simplicity.” The top prize is $4500; second prize, $3,000; first, $2,500; and three honorable mentions will be awarded $1,000 each, plus Autodesk software for all. Read More

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AutoCAD WS for iPad and iPhone now in the App Store

The AutoCAD WS mobile application enables AutoCAD users to edit and share AutoCAD files on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch so they can have real-time collaboration even while on the go. Read More

Found on Dexigner

Specification for Sketches

here are many types of sketches in the industrial design. They all focus on different goals and purposes. For some, main point is about understanding an assignment and other sketches are created for designers themselves. All sketches are important steps in design developing process and none of them should be left out while carrying a project. Read More

Found on Sketch My World

Video Interview Chris Bangle

hris Bangle is one of the most controversial and polarizing automotive designers of our time. Already a successful designer, at the young age of 35 he accepted the top design job at BMW, where he implemented disruptive change for seventeen years as the longest ever chief designer at the company. Read More

Found on Core77

How on Demand 3D Printing could increase Waste

There are a lot of great ideas floating around Poptech this year — I’ve already covered plenty of them. But I also wanted to highlight something that isn’t strictly or necessarily green, yet that could end up having some interesting implications on supply chains and mass production. And that’s on-demand 3D printing, an idea being pushed by a startup company called CloudFab. This type of production could have a number of environmental benefits, including reducing waste and transportation emissions. Read More

Found on Treehugger

Building Design Teams like Cables

Myself and a few other designers here at frog had the pleasure of sitting down with some folks from Art Center College of Design (ACCD), including Karen Hofmann, the new Chair of Product Design and Lorne Buchman, newly appointed president of ACCD. I love that they are engaging the professional design community to investigate what changes are happening at the forefront of our industry. Read More

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Lightning Strikes

According to PTC, Project Lightning is positioned to change the mechanical CAD market for the next 20 years. Even though the CAD industry was very dynamic through the last decade with much technology as the parametric modeling approach became widely adopted, radical innovation on core modeling products has diminished. Read More

Found on Design World Online

Peugeot Shine Concept Car

Awesome concept car “Peugeot Shine” made by Piotr Czyzewsk, a CG artist that uses his experience in 2D and 3D to make incredible concept cars, shoes, watches and other things. Now working for Cobrey has a Yacht designer Piotr uses 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, Flash and Adobe Premiere. Read More

Found on Creative Side

Automated Bottle Plant in 20ft Box

When catastrophes strike and safe drinking water becomes contaminated, scarce, or unavailable, peacekeeping and human aid organizations, as well as military and commercial customers can benefit from a new kind of automated, water bottling factory. Read More

Found on Design World Online

Plastic Dreams: 12 landmark Plastic Products

Plastics, as we all know, were the future in the 1960s. And they still are: The sheer breadth and pace of innovation in the material has been nothing short of amazing, and shows no sign of slowing. Read More

Found on FastcoDesign

GE Uses Jet Engine Cooling Technology in LED Bulbs

We’ve all known for a while that light emitting diodes (LEDs) are the future of lighting. But at some point, it has to change from “future” to “present”, and we’re not there yet. But some of the remaining challenges are slowly being eroded away by various companies, including GE. They’ve just released information about one of their LED bulb prototypes that produces 1,500 lumens (equivalent to a standard 100-watt halogen PAR38 bulb) while being half the size and weight of a 600-lumen LED downlight available today, and this without the thermal problems that come with high-power LEDs. Read More

Found on Treehugger

In the market for a milling machine but don’t know where to start?

Milling machines are becoming increasingly in demand as their flexibility, versatility and commercial viability make them an asset in commercial as well as domestic environments. They are able to cut, drill and carve 3D shapes in a range of materials including plastic, wood and metal with precision accuracy and speed, making them ideal for use in a wide range of industries including furniture making, sign writing and cabinet fabrication. Read More

Found on Product Design UK

Why Design Now?

The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum has graciously posted videos of all the public sessions of the conference to YouTube. If you missed our live broadcast, or have just been waiting to rewatch your favorite bits, head over to the GEreports channel on YouTube for the full list of videos. Read More

Found on Core77

Prints Charming

With a small physical footprint, allowing them to be easily incorporated in the home, classroom, design studio or small business, the machines have a build envelope of 236 x 185 x 127mm, a build speed of 20mm/hour and resolution of 300x 450dpi. But how did Z Corp manage to design and engineer a product at such a price point that still offered a reasonably full set of features? Read More

Found on Develop 3d

Laptop Backpack

My friend asked me for a recommendation for a Laptop Backpack, and now I can’t stop looking for the best-looking-most-practical-model out there. I love my ACME Slim Pack but would definitely consider getting this FREITAG Model, would I be in the market for a new one. Nice to see that backpacks are coming back. Read More

Found on Swissmiss

Apple’s Stunning, More Affordable Update to Macbook Air

Apple nerds, sit down, put down your drink, and make sure you have a soft surface to faint on: The new Macbook Air has just been announced. And it’s tiny, affordable, and gorgeous. Read More

Found on Fastco Design

CFDesign 2011

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is rapidly gaining mind-share in many industries, from the earlier adopters in the aerospace and automotive/auto-sport world, through to more mainstream applications such as pumping or electronics cooling. Read More

Found on Develop3d

Topeak Camper

When is a camper not a camper? When it’s a Topeak Bikamper ($175). Designed to be used with 26-inch mountain or 700C road bikes, the Bikamper is a one-person tent that uses the bike’s handle bars and front wheel to create it form, with a waterproof, 45D ripstop nylon canopy, 70D ripstop nylon fly, and the ability to pack down into a small, space-saving size, making it trivial to pack along on your next overnight ride. Read More

Found on Uncrate

6 Cutting Edge 3D Printers

When many of us first heard about 3D printers a few years ago it took a couple of minutes to get our mind around the concept. We were told they print plastic and we thought, “print ON plastic? Is that what it means?” Of course, the answer is “no!” What comes out of the printer Is plastic, or alumide, or sterling silver, or something else. If you are in the design business you’ve probably gained a working knowledge of this fascinating process which many believe to be a huge part of the future of design and manufacturing. Read More

Found on Admixweb

Bloom Laptop designed with recycling in mind

Autodesk’s Inventor of the Month award for October goes to the Stanford group’s Bloom laptop, which is designed to be disassembled for recycling in just two minutes, and using no tools! Read More

Found on Core77

A Bike for India

An internal design study around using one small capacity motorcycle platform for 3 distinct models to suit the Indian market. Read More

Found on Industrial Design Served

Starting Out: Alice Wang

Starting Out is a series about designers who have recently struck out on their own. More than a string of studio visits, the articles profile talented, risk-taking professionals all around the world. We hope their anecdotes will inspire your own entrepreneurial spirit. Read More

Found on Core77

Benoit Goeuriot: High-end bike trailers

about five years ago french-born german-based designer benoit goeuriot was looking for a high-end bicycle trailer that looked good and had better functionality than those already on the market, so he started aevon trailers. Read More

Found on Design Boom

Can Sony stave off touchscreen gaming with their Playstation Phone?

I had counted Sony down, but I guess I can’t quite count ’em out: Engadget reports the once-dominant electronics giant is soon to release a PlayStation Phone, which, if successful, ought to help them reclaim some relevance in the gadget landscape. Read More

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Laser Removal of Substrate Contaminants

Laser Ablation – aka Laser Cleaning. What is it? Laser cleaning is a method of getting rid of substance from a surface by irradiating it with a laser beam. This process is an alternative to conventional sandblasting media. At low levels of power, the material is heated by the laser and evaporates. At higher laser energy stages, the matter is most frequently converted to plasma. Read More

Found on Product Design UK

Teague’s 20/20 Headphones

When it comes to over-the-ear headphones design there isn’t much that can surprise me since, over the years, I have seen all sort of crazy contraptions that were meant to improve the fit and sound, but few are actually more lunatic then Teague’s own 20/20 concept headphones. Read More

Found on Softpedia

Plastic Pollution meets Product Design

When plastic ends up in the ocean, it becomes problematic to the ecosystem. To raise public awareness around this issue, Electrolux launched the Vac from the Sea initiative. Read More

Found on Psfk

Product Design, Quality, Culture – Loyalty

Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia, and Maserati are world class Italian auto brand names. They are products of extraordinary design. Engineering products – design and manufacturing engineering is one set of skills, and it is another to produce affordable high quality products. Read More

Found on Nowpublic

Importantance of mechanical modeling in mechanical product design

Mechanical 3D models using CAD tools brings life and transparency into the design goals with respect to clash detection, clearance, aesthetics, tolerance aspects and helps communicate design ideas more effectively. Read More

Found on ezinemark

How to Create Stunning Product Design

If you want your business to flourish and grow then youd better a stunning product design. It is important that you make your product design fresh and unique that will certainly catch the attention of those who will see your products. Just make sure that if you are going to create your product design, it should be appropriate on your business. Never use any product design that is similar to other product design in the market as this will surely cause you a lot of troubles. Read More

Found on ezinemark

National Student Contest Seeks Sustainable Products

The office supply store Staples is offering a $25,000 prize to college students who can come up with the best design for a new, environmentally friendly office product. The contest is open to all undergraduate and graduate student teams. Eight finalist teams will fly to Washington D.C. to present their product for a chance to win the grand prize. Read More

Found on unlvrebelyell

Canadian Electric Car

One of the reasons cars cost what they do is because they’re made with a lot of stamped steel and aluminum, and those materials, not to mention the tooling they require, ain’t cheap. Read More

Found on Core77

Barnes & Noble Nook Colour

the popular nook e reader by barnes & noble will soon be available in a full colour edition beginning november 19th. The new colour nook will feature a 7-inch colour touchscreen that replaces the original design’s e-ink and colour screen hybrid model. Read More

Found on Design Boom

Outstanding Young Person of the World

Emily Cummins of the United Kingdom is only 23, but she’s already invented a solar-powered refrigerator currently being used in Africa. The thing uses zero electricity, can be partially manufactured locally, and keeps its contents at a cool 6 degrees Celsius (43 F). Read More

Found on Core77

The 50 Best Mobile phones

Invented by Motorola vice president Martin Cooper in 1973, the mobile phone has gone from a cool, if geeky niche gadget for the wealthy to the most ubiquitous piece of technology in existence. Take a look at the numbers: In 2009, 1.15 billion mobile phones were sold worldwide, and that number is supposed to grow by 35% in the years to come. And it’s easy to see how. Nowadays, it seems there’s a new mobile phone being released every day, with only a handful of them being good enough to garner good reviews, permeate pop culture, and drum up large consumer interest. Read More

Found on Complex

Carbon Fibre Violin

Freelance work with Carbon Concepts, for which I designed acoustic and electric carbon fibre violins; both manufactured later that year. I also worked with Carbon Concepts on my major project. Read More

Found on Industrial Design Served

Auto Designers Compete to create £1,000 Car

For the past six years, the Los Angeles Auto Show has invited automobile designers to participate in its Design Challenges. The challenge for this year’s show was to come up with a design for “a 1,000lb [453.6kg], four-passenger vehicle that is both comfortable and safe, while delivering satisfactory driving performance without sacrificing the styling consumers’ demand.” Read More

Found on Gizmag

Different Grinding Tools an their uses

Common sense will dictate that grinding tools are materials used for crushing and regardless of what that material might be, these tools ought to be strong and fierce. It is possible to pulverize hard matter due to the custom made abrasive wheel that are found in these tools. The abrasive wheel of a grinding machine has a significant role in grinding. Read More

Found on Product Design UK

How 3D Printing is saving this Jewelery Design Business

It may sound like something from a sci-fi movie—a machine that prints out actual models of designs, rather than two-dimensional renderings on paper—but three-dimensional printing is not only real, it has established a beachhead with businesses of all kinds in recent years. Read More

Found on Crains NY

Featured Designer: Andrew Browder

Andrew’s obviously a very skilled designer, with strong sketching, rendering and modelling skills, i’m sure he has a long and succesfull design career ahead of him. Read More

Found on Monkee Design

Maya 3D 2011 Training Videos

Maya 3D is a high-end 3D creating software that provides artists with professional, comprehensive tools for 3D animation, modeling, simulation, visual effects, rendering, matchmoving, and compositing on a highly extensible production platform. The complexity of Maya is not matched by many softwares available, so mastering it is quite a challenge. Read More

Found on Crazy Leaf Design

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