Thanksgiving 2010: As Designers What Are We Thankful For..?

Before we get the tree out of the loft and the stockings down with all of the other Christmas decorations we must first reflect on the year. What are we all thankful for as designers? Are we thankful for the material things is our lives? The friends and family that have guided us through the past year? or Thankful for every new morning we awake in our jobs?

“I’m thankful for my sister the most, she has been through so much and I’m glad she brings a smile to me all the time. In design I’m most thankful for a thriving community of people who inspire me, advise me and pick me up in hard times.”

As a design community we often receive help and support not only from our family but as a thriving community, here designers answer the question; As a designer what am I thankful for in 2010?

Thank you to each designer who took a moment via twitter @designjuices or by email, or via our Design Juices Facebook page to get in touch with your responses.

What as Designers are we Thankful for in 2010?

@ireneabcd ‘Thankful for working with people who understand creativity #rare’

@greeninkstudio ‘Thankful for twitter. I’ve been learning tons of useful knowledge from the generous design community.’

@sanchaDESIGNS ‘Thankful for helping bring people’s visions to life.’

@DSPICKETT ‘I’m really thankful for all the people’s comments on my guest posts’

@missrachi ‘I think I’ve had the most growth this year!’ ‘I’ve grown as a designer over the past year, but I’ve also grown in the community & know so many more people’

@sn0flke ‘I’m thankful for: my worst clients, who make me a better designer! #strength #patience’ ‘Of course our achievements are growth, but I think our difficulties are equally beneficial.’

What mistakes we make will only make us all stronger and improve us all?

@SteJay ‘Thankful for having a job in such a competitive market, in times like these.’

@9designblog ‘Inspirational conversation & Apple products

@Blanksky ‘Smart objects’

@callumchapman ‘Thankful for the community. Not only have I made some awesome new friends, but I’ve had so much support for my work!’ ‘Helped me out a lot when I went through a tough time too! :)’

Have to agree with that, such a wide varied community for support, help and advice.

@Sonicinteractiv ‘I’m thankful for still loving what I do – crazy deadlines, demanding clients, tight budgets & high creative expectations :)’ ‘You’ve got to love what you do! For me it’s been 9 years now and every year is so challenging and different to the last.’

That must be so great to be in a job for so long but still wake up with a smile and willingness to work everyday! Some situations can sometimes make us lose sight but great to hear every year is a new challenge

@DanielRivasDP ‘Thankful for the huge interaction we are able to have between the entire design community, making the whole art easier’

I think we all appreciate the amazing community we are a part of.

@RADesign_Stdnt ‘as a student, I’m thankful for great instructors who help fine tune my talent into skill’

When you have that support its great, if only every student received that support for the length of their course.

@trudesign ‘In 2010, I’m thankful for learning, new skills, new friends, new opportunities, afternoon naps, and coffee.’

@ccvertiasforge ‘I’m thankful for having my dream job and all the great people I’ve met because of it!’

@TimothyWhalin ‘CS5’ ‘I use Ps, Id, Ai, Dw, and Br. I use a lot of the CS5 features, though content-aware fill the most. :)’

@scottglasser ‘I’m thankful for new friends.’ ‘met a lot of great people on Twitter and in the “real” world this year.’

@pixel_jockey ‘CS5, Wacom tablets, cheap RAM & storage, twitter’ ‘web designers/developers luck out since code wrangling doesn’t require a lot of RAM or space. Video, on the other hand…’

@Tigzy ‘I’m thankful for great friends and colleagues who’ve helped make this a successful first year in business :)’ ‘And here’s to many more friends!’

Heres to many future years of success!

@phdesignuk ‘thankful for work picking back up lol’

@Hildy77 ‘I’m thankful for my new Macbook Pro’

@psdesignuk ‘I’m thankful for a great family, who are supportive and inspirational. Also, thankful for the support I’ve received on here’

@bkmacdaddy ‘Family. Love. Change. Growth. Forward progression. New discoveries. The adventure that is my life!’ ‘My family is my all. Love learning from them, sharing with them, providing for them, watching us all grow. 2010 has ROCKED!’

2010 has been many changes but thankful for the constant that is family around us.

@GritFX ‘This year I am thankful for the education I received via terrific peers and industry folk I’ve meet online.’

@rebeccakdesigns ‘This year I am thankful for… my years experience in a full time graphic design role’ ‘Also this year I am thankful for… the extra freelance jobs i got allowing me to save enough money to start my travels.’

@kalstudio ‘This year I am thankful for loads of things- my health, my awesome family, work that is interesting & fun, and great friends, both real & virtual!’

@nymphont ‘This year I am thankful for all the amazing people I have had the pleasure of corresponding with as a result of my font designs and Blogger templates as well. I am absolutely blown away by the kind words and encouragement I have received from people all over the world. I am truly humbled and delighted each and every time I receive feedback from someone who is happy with something I have created. It’s amazing.’
‘I am also thankful for my wonderful family and friends whom I love dearly, and of course, thankful that God is so gracious and merciful. I love people and life, and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving 2010.’

@nickmetcalf ‘This year I am thankful for people helping me and giving me guidance at this years most important moments!’

@whatmattdoes ‘Thankful for more creative freedom in my job, WordPress +3.0, iPhone4, Dropbox, ReadItLater, oh & where would we be without Twitter!’

I’m definitely thankful for WordPress!

@Ian_Lunn ‘Thankful for @forrst. It’s helped me meet tons of like-minded people as well as improve my designs and skills’

@manifest_1 ‘I’m thankful that my little bro’ gave me an opportunity to be a guest writer for Design Juices. I truly appreciate it!’

@davidvogin ‘thankful for my family & all the new friends & inspiration I’ve uncovered via Twitter’

I think your an inspiration to many people on twitter yourself!

@maddisondesigns ‘Thankful for caring friends :-)’

@tonygil ‘I’m thankful for my MacbookPro :-)’

@AdrianaMullen ‘Thankful that we made this far in spite of .’

@embee ‘Thankful for converting to Mac, my job and endless good coffee <3’

@ecdesignz ‘Thankful for my kids and my job that enables me to be here for my kids :)’

@cpdpueblo ‘I am thankful for my wife, my child, my health, and my career. Oh, and all you guys on twitter are pretty cool to :)’

@mathewballard ‘I’m thankful for the web dev position I gained at Humana this yr. I work w/ fantastic people and have really learned a lot!’

@dambold ‘I’m thankful for a community of designers that interacts and gives to the grater design and public community!’

Why not let us know what your thankful for? All comments, thoughts and opinions are welcomed, please leave them below.

Thank You to everyone again for taking their time, in giving their thoughts and opinions.