Xmas #WishList Interview: Featuring Creature Creations

Today on day three of the 12 Days of Christmas #WishList; We bring you an interview and showcase of the works of online store Creature Creations. We recently got a chance to talk to the woman behind the brand, Amanda and I discuss who Creature Creations are, why their products are on Zazzle? and What their #WishList for Christmas is in 2010.

Hi Amanda, It’s great to introduce yourself to the Design Juices readers. Why don’t you tell us how Creature Creations came together and what you bring to the world of online retailing.

It’s truly my pleasure Jared and am honored to be introduced to your readers! Creature Creations was formed due to the amount of photographs I had taken over the years that were just sitting on my computer. The reason I took the photographs was to share them, but hadn’t found a place to do so online, until Zazzle.com. Once I created a store on Zazzle called, Creature Creations, I began creating products to share my photographs with the world and to have them easily available to customize and purchase.

What I feel my store brings, as my motto states, “The Outside, In!” Basically, my focus has always been to have people reconnect with nature, however, we may not always have the time, so by purchasing animal/nature photograph or personalized gifts from my Creature Creations store, it allows people to enjoy nature while doing other things, by bringing the outside, in.

You have a large selection of products on your Zazzle store, are customers limited to only buying creature creations products from Zazzle? or can we find you in other places across the web?

Zazzle is the home of Creature Creations and can only be purchased from there at this time. I chose it to be this way, due to Zazzle’s great variety of products and in allowing customers to easily customize products before they purchase. Zazzle also always has great deals on, which can be used in my store and I am always about putting the customer first, which I feel, Zazzle does as well.

Your work can often be found to be personalized by the customer, Which products do you think are the best to personalize? are there any products which you think shouldn’t be personalized?

I believe that ALL products should be personalized if that is what the customer is looking for. Personalizing a gift, is all about the customer creating a product that suits their taste and style. If a customer feels as though one of my products would make a better gift if it was personalized with a name, etc. I would definitely encourage this.

We know you as being a large part of the social media web, how has this helped/hindered your online store working?

I have not found it has hinder my store at all, for I feel it has helped me tremendously! I absolutely love social media due to the ability of connecting with people all over the world, be it if they are a customer or not, it really has been a wonderful experience for me. I have found that in using social media sites to share my work and to explore others, has always helped in creating discussions around similar interests or in finding a new follower, friend, fan, and/or customer.

Is Creature Creations a full time job? If not, Would you like it to be so?

I feel that at this point in time, it is more of an avenue to help me express a hobby of mine which is photography, rather than it being a full time job. I am definitely up to seeing where it goes, but at this time it is more of a creative way to show a piece of who I am and in showing the world through my eyes via photography. Right now, I am more about branding myself than just one particular project, for I am always exploring new and inventive ways of keeping my imagination alive by taking on different projects that allows people to see other pieces of me as well.

Will Amanda be doing anything special for Christmas and New years?

For Christmas I will be hiding behind the couch to see if I can sneak a peak at Santa Claus 😉 and not too sure how I will be celebrating New Years as of yet, but I usually order Chinese Food, while celebrating!

Complete this sentance: “all i want for christmas is…?

All i want for christmas is.. peace, happiness, success, and for everyone to take every photograph as if every moment is worth remembering!

You can Follow @Amandashares on Twitter, Check out the Creature Creations Online Store and Become a Fan of Creature Creations on Facebook.

Creature Creations: Favourite Designs

Hang In There T-shirt

Your My Beautiful Butterfly

Stand Out Mug

Thanks to Amanda of Creature Creations, for taking her time out with this interview today. Tomorrow we will be interviewing and featuring Detour Designables and GritFX T-shirts. #WishList

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