Xmas #WishList Interview: Featuring Lady Umbrella

Today on day six of the 12 Days of Christmas #WishList; We bring you an interview and showcase of the works of online t-shirt store Lady Umbrella. We recently got a chance to talk to the man behind the brand, Rob and I discuss who Lady Umbrella are and discover how life is different for them over in Ireland? and What their #WishList for Christmas is in 2010. Just don’t mention Rick Astley.

Hi Rob (& Elana), It’s great to introduce yourself to the Design Juices readers (again). We have previously been lucky enough to introduce yourself to our readers before. What we want to do is open you up again and showcase the real passion of LU. Firstly if people didn’t know what is your role and Elena in the business? Does one of you have more control in the day to day workings?

Hi Jared & Design Juices readers of the world..Indeed, it’s our second time on your “couch” and we’re happy to be here again..There are two of us involved in LadyUmbrella – our Spanish designer Elena Montes Casado and then me, Rob, the “spreadsheet guy”..Elena is responsible for all design elements that LadyUmbrella has ever created, any logo any anything anywhere has been designed by Elena..My role is to keep her designing things..Whenever I get ideas for promo I’ll ask Elena to whip up the artwork to accompany it and if I’m lucky she’ll oblige me 😉

I wouldn’t say either of us has more control though..In fact I’ve often mulled over it a bit but have come to the conclusion that LadyUmbrella would not work if either myself or Elena weren’t as committed to it as we are..I think because we are both so committed to it control or who is “in control” is not an issue – both of us are just enjoying this crazy experience..True story, whilst showering today it dawned on me that we haven’t even been in business for a year yet (only launched Jan 20th 2010) but as we are so consumed by this adventure it has seemed way longer…Viva..

If people haven’t been following on the blog or Twitter; they won’t have notice your one of the hardest working brands on the web. What is it you’ve been doing recently to keep the brand fresh? and has there been much success in taking LU on the road to different places where you wouldn’t first think of selling T-shirts?

Thanks for considering us one of the hardest working brands on the web – we don’t think that but we are just trying, fear of failure is one heck of a motivator hehe..Also, like I said before we do enjoy what we do so it doesn’t really seem like work, a real perk of the job 😉 To keep the brand fresh we continually try to come out with different videos and products and just try let some of our excitement come across through what we do..We’re pretty open in that regard with our blog posts/tweets – whatever we are doing people can find out about if they want..And, it seems like you’ve been perusing them as yes we’ve been “on the road”.

We’ve been lucky to team up with a renegade team of traders and have been fortunate enough to show off our wares in a variety of different places like hospitals, colleges and large businesses (like Microsoft hehe)..An opportunity arose and we grabbed it..So far so good so hopefully it will continue..We also sell every weekend in the Loft Market which is more or less the fashion Mecca of Dublin – such an incredible place with over 20 designers there selling fashion, vintage, clothing, jewellery (and of course LadyUmbrella – ole)

Your a brand from Ireland, (just over the sea from myself here in the UK) Do you embrace the Irish roots into the brand or do you think it takes inspiration from lots of cultures?

Yep, you’re only a long par 5 from us there in the UK hehe..Being Irish I’d like to think that we embrace some Irish things in our designs although being honest I don’t think LadyUmbrella has a very Irish vibe (even though she was inspired by the Irish weather hehe). Elena is the designer and creator of LadyUmbrella and is a Madrid native..She has been heavily influenced by lots of artists and people whose names I can’t even remember (I’m the spreadsheet guy hehe) and also Madrid & Barcelona (where she studied) but I think that LadyUmbrella still has some Ireland in her. When dealing with people I am just being me, I try to avoid putting on a “business front” and instead talk to people on a level..The level I’m on is Irish so as long as I’m here LadyUmbrella will always have a bit of Ireland in her.

Is Guinness the choice of tipple for LU? or do you enjoy a nice bottle of wine to wind down at the end of the week?

Wow, don’t want to be stereotypically Irish but I’ll drink pretty much anything (exception being tequila, can’t stand that stuff hehe). That said though I’m quickly becoming a big fan of Spanish wines, nothing better than a nice Rioja Gran Reserva 😉 Around this time of year though when out Guinness is always a good choice, something very satisfying about the black stuff when it’s cold out.

Will LU being doing anything special for Christmas and New years?

Hehe, what’s more special than partaking in the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway? Along with that we’re getting our Christmas gift set sorted now which we hope lots of people will snap up for Christmas for friends and family or even themselves, we don’t mind :) The gift set will include a t-shirt, our totebag, our set of badges and our brand spanking new notebooks – we’re excited :)

Complete this sentence: “All I want for Christmas is…”

All I want for Christmas is to get on TV..I want to try spread LadyUmbrella to the masses and also talk shop about social media to the people of Ireland at large..We’ve been lucky that Facebook/Twitter have helped us become “established” as an online brand but I’m eager to take the next step..Although I do hear the camera adds 10 pounds so… All I want for Chirstmas is to get on TV and gym membership 😉

You can Follow @ladyumbrellaltd on Twitter, Check out the LU Online Store and Become a Fan of Lady Umbrella on Facebook.

Lady Umbrella: Favourite Designs

Away With the Birds

Sir David Attenbrough

Merry Go Round

The Umbrella Tree

Tote Bag

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Thanks to Rob of Lady Umbrella, for talking his time out with this interview today. Tomorrow we will be interviewing and featuring Matthew Dunn Art and Angry Mongo. #WishList

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