Xmas #WishList Interview: Featuring Scott Hovind

Today on day ten of the 12 Days of Christmas #WishList; We bring you an interview and showcase of the works of Scott Hovind. We recently got a chance to talk to the man behind the brand, we discuss who is Scott Hovind, and what first drew Scott into photography? and What their #WishList for Christmas is in 2010.

Hi Scott, It’s great to introduce yourself to the Design Juices readers. Could you please tell us how Scott Hovind photography came together and what it is your work brings to the world of online retailing.

It’s actually a long story but it came from spending a lot of time in the woods. Learning about different animals, how to track them, their routines, etc. At that time digital cameras left a lot to be desired so I took my video camera into the woods with me just to capture nature. It still wasn’t what I wanted to do so I put the camera away and forgot about it.

Fast forward a few years and I finally got my hands on a camera that could actually zoom past my feet and I poured myself into learning everything I could through books and practice. Around the end of summer of 2009 I uploaded some photos to Flickr for the first time just to share them. It was then that I saw an ad for Imagekind. I started uploading there soon after and that’s how it all began.

With photography I see you have two main focuses in landscapes and animals, is one subject harder to shoot than the other? Which is your favorite subject to shoot?

Animals are much harder than landscapes. With landscapes the only hard part is trying to do something different and not boring. With animals, even the ones in the zoo can be difficult. Zoo animals are very bored, they’re tired of seeing us and it can be very hot outside. All of these things prevent zoo animals from being very active so the ideal days are the days when most people don’t go. Early spring and late fall when the temperatures are cooler.

But wildlife in nature are far more challenging. You have two options. Sit and wait, requiring a lot of time and patience. Or you can stalk and move around. This last is more difficult and can be very physical. Climbing a hill in a somewhat squatting down position can make your legs scream so loud you’d swear they’ll give away your position.

How do you identify what style of photography to use the most, I see you really effectively use black and white photos, are some photos inappropriate to be shot in black and white?

This is the catch. In my opinion, as a “fine art” photographer, half of my fun and art comes after the shot is taken. Sometimes I know what I want to do with a photo before I take it but most of the time it’s done when I get home. I sort through all the “weeds” I’ve taken and pick out a few good “flowers”. Now that I have them separated from the rest of the photos, I look at each one individually until I decide what I want it to look like. Even then I don’t always know until it’s finished. I think the patern is, I generally do all of my historical pictures in sepia or black and white. But no. other than that, I don’t always have a set rhyme or reason LoL

What first got you into shooting photography? Was there a single person or event which made you want to pick up your camera and take shooting pictures seriously? Was it a moment of picking up a lens and looking through which made you see an environment in a new light.

No, not really. I’ve always looked at nature a bit differently, even as a child. To be honest, I often can’t even get the camera to catch something beautiful in nature the way I see it. I think I’ve always wanted to photograph nature and wildlife since I was a kid but couldn’t afford to. And if I tried to use an affordable camera that couldn’t do what I needed it to do I got frustrated and put it away. Several years I would try again, still couldn’t do it and put it away again. Early in 2009 I finally bought a camera that was both inexpensive and capable and I hit the ground running. So to be honest, I’ve really only been doing this seriously for a little more than a year and a half. I just had to wait for an affordable digital camera.

Complete this sentence: “All I want for Christmas is…”

All I want for Christmas is… a Hasselblad 60 megapixel camera and a telephoto lens that can see the space station and a wide angle the can catch both the north and south poles in one shot and a macro lens that can see if an aphid has shaved her legs today…..since we’re just dreaming.

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Scott Hovind: My Favourite Works

Look Into My Eyes

Autumn Poster

Red Fox Pup

Serenity Mug

Chaotic Star

Thanks to Scott, for talking his time out with this interview today. Tomorrow we will be interviewing and featuring Sogeshirts. #WishList

Don’t forget to enter the second part of our #WishList giveaway with some photo fun, which will be judged by Jason Sadler of I Wear Your Shirt.

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