Xmas #WishList Interview: Featuring Thriving Ink

Today on day twelve of the 12 Days of Christmas #WishList; We bring you an interview and showcase of the works of online t-shirt store Thriving Ink. We recently got a chance to talk to the man behind the brand, Matt and I discuss who Thriving Ink are, and their connection with the Bay Area. and What their #WishList for Christmas is in 2010.

Hi Matt, It’s great to introduce yourself to the Design Juices readers. Why don’t you tell us how Thriving Ink came together and what you bring to the world of online t-shirts.

Thriving Ink came to fruition in February 2008 when my sister, my mom and myself decided to get into business together combining our love for art and fashion (t-shirts in-particular). The brand has gone through a roller coaster ride of different styles and ventures and has now settled as a indie t-shirt brand representing the Bay Area. I am also now the sole owner and operator here at TI. Everything that is Thriving Ink is done by myself. I do all of the printing, sewing, photography, shipping, customer service, website updates, blogging, social media – you name it! I have learned more running this company than I have doing anything else in my life. I’m super grateful and stoked to have the opportunity to do this.

You have big ties with being a tee shirt brand from the San Francisco area, how was this past October for you with the baseball world series? Is having t shirt tie ins for major events something you have begun to work with? What examples of this have you sold?

Yes! Big ties indeed. For a while, the brand sort of fluttered because I was not sure what direction I wanted to go with it. For the longest time we were just another “indie t-shirt brand” in the big sea of indie t-shirt brands. I had made a decision to define what our brand was all about – and I had come to the conclusion that the most important thing to me was our roots in the Bay Area. I was born and raised in the East Bay and I have an undying and unbreakable love for where I live and what the Bay Area represents to me. It is truly a melting pot of culture, diversity, and some of the best cities that you’d ever want to live in or be a part of.

October was a great month for me! The Giants are my team, and they came to play this season. The Giants fans are also some of the most incredible and respectful fans that you can find – and their passion for Giants baseball and San Francisco is unlike anything you can find in the sport! The limited edition tees that we produced for the NLDS and the World Series were killer. Big thanks to my homies Johnny Foster and Devon Chulick (D-structureSF for making it happen with me). Aside from Giants baseball, we are working on shirts for the 2010-2011 Warriors, the 2010-2011 Sharks, and also working on some Niners’ tees.

Is Thriving Ink a brand that is online exclusive? or Should we expect to see thriving ink in retail stores in the near future?

Right now it is sold solely online and through D-Structure on Haight in San Francisco. Hopefully you will start seeing TI in stores around the Bay Area and beyond.

Who out of your piers either in tees or business in general has inspired your business acumen? Is there an artist/store which has really driven you to achieve success? Personal goal to achieve with thriving ink?

I have always been most inspired by Johnny Cupcakes, Benny Gold and Ugmonk. I feel that their brands are so well tied together and the quality of the product is unsurpassed! D-structure SF has helped me a lot to get to a point where I can allot more time for Thriving Ink. He has really boosted my printing business as well as helped me out a lot with artwork and new accounts.

Is there a T-shirt design which has a special personal meaning to you as a company? or Does every design feel personal having been personally designed?

Well, I have collaborated with a lot of different artists to create the shirts we have out now. I do have a few favorites though! Including SF Pendant, Cursive T, and TI Banner. I’m a huge fan of our Tri-blend tees!

Will Thriving Ink being doing anything special for Christmas and New years?

We will indeed be releasing a batch of Christmas tees!!

Complete this sentence: “All I want for Christmas is…”

Well, I love anything from the North Face and Levi’s :)

You can Follow @thrivingink on Twitter, Check out the Thriving Ink Online Store and Become a Fan of Thriving Ink on Facebook.

Thriving Ink: Favourite Designs

Collective Vision

Headline Giants

Splatter SF



Thanks to Matt of Thriving Ink, for talking his time out with this interview today. Tomorrow we will be your last chance to enter the giveaway, to win one of twelve T-shirts + stocking fillers. #WishList

Don’t forget to enter the second part of our #WishList giveaway with some photo fun, which will be judged by Jason Sadler of I Wear Your Shirt.

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