Astonishing Kawaii Vector Digital Art Inspiration

Today we roundup and showcase a selection of art known as Kawaii:

“Kawaii is a Japanese word that is roughly translated to mean cute, pretty, dear, charming, or lovely. It can be used to describe a person or objects and has become more known outside of Japan as a result of the growing interest in anime and Japanese pop culture.” –All Things Kawaii

I have personally come across Kawaii artwork when it was first showcased to me through the works of Lauren Thompson, who created a Kawaii themed wallpaper design for the June Calendar. Showcased today is a wonderfully selected roundup of Digital art in the style of the Japanese Kawaii; these astonishing graphic designs are bright, colorful and cute.

All the works showcased in today’s roundup are the respective copyright of the artist’s featured, each piece of wor is linked back to their original location online.

Kawaii Oishi Pyramid by *ValentinaCrespo

Dragon Roll Piece by *ValentinaCrespo

Frappacino by *PixieDust01

Kawaii Noir by *A-Little-Kitty

Hello Kawaii Pirate by ~kepalakardus

Kawaii Chinese Girl by ~luchii

Kawaii Girl by ~colchete-sasuke

In Wonderland by *A-Little-Kitty

Nano’s World By: Emma Barratt

A Bekyoot Halloween By: Christy Sanderson

Big Strawberry By: gabriela Castro

In My World By: Caramelaw a.k.a Sheena Aw

Ice Cream By: Natalia Anima

Yummilicous By: Caramelaw a.k.a Sheena Aw

Kawaii Food By: sswoss

More Kawaii by ~pinkversusblack

Do you have a favourite design or artist? Maybe you have your own kawaii illustrations you would like us to feature in our next digital art showcase?
Leave all your thoughts, comments and opinions in the comments section below.