Text Art + Typography Inspiration For 2011

As we enter another new year I wanted to share with you all another great roundup of typographic inspiration; maybe your stuck in that graphic design project where you need some text art to inspire you. Maybe you’re working on your own portfolio and need to visit some typography ideas on how you can put your own stamp and draw inspiration from other great text artworks.

This showcase is designed to inspire us all through the works and artists who use text art and typography; the works are predominantly taken from Deviantart and Behance. Each work is the respective copyright of each artist/designer, we do not claim any artwork to be our own.

Quote for 2011 by ~JamesRandom

When my Head Gets Empty by ~SpiderIV

Applause to Yourself by ~NOF-artherapy

Perfectionism by ~PhreshSoldier

Loneliness by ~paranoia123

Found by ~ladyluck-102

fk Christmas by ~koodiPL

Titillum Typeface by *alesfuck

xfg hcnerf by ~FrancoisLudovic

I’m Just a Thinker by ~vengeance2u

The American Leon by ~enzocavalli

New Year’s Eve Party by ~BK1LL3R

Making Love into the Lights by =DES-FAN

Something You’re Not by ~jeffrey

You’ve Got a Nerve by ~LayZeye

Maybe I Never Wanted Either by *stephensheehan

Type Song 31 by ~axlesax

Come Together by ~YunGraph

Why Not By: Nik Ainley


Let There Be Light By: Jeff Osborne

Illustration Seasons By: Elvis Benício

Walk In the Open Sky By: Jeff Osborne

Attractive Offers By: Nik Ainley

Summer By: Enes Alili

Matthew 28 By: Jeff Osborne

Smell Monkeys Lucky Dice Chaos by ~Metric72

Learnt by ~krazy-kristina

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