Icon Demon: Download 5300+ Unique Web Icons

Creating and redesigning websites has become the chronical, everlasting activity for many companies today. This tedious process may take years, especially if you are an absolute lamer in web industry area. Although there is a right track to speed up the process – it’s finding some nice resources providing ready-made website templates, web icons, clip art, animation and scripts.

When building a website you make some predesigned mockup with the dominant colors, styles and blocks postitions. But you need something to make the website differ from millions of other sites. Something that represents your company in a unique and memorable way. The key is simple: eye-catching web icons and logos are helpful for beautifying and unifying your projects. You may find escellent web icons on the websites of stock icons providers such as IconDemon.com. This will save you much time and nerves while designing smart icons for your project. Moreover, you will save pretty much money on downloading the proper icons instead of ordering the custom set from some web studio.

Every icon you will find on IconDemon.com is exclusive, created individually by one of their experienced designers and illustrators. The icons are not just duplicated, varying in sizes, textures and styles as on other web icons stocks. There are more than 5300 completely unique icons, classified under topics and styles. This makes the website navigation convenient.

The icons are provided in .png format and have the following sizes: 64×64, 80×80, 100×100 and 128×128 pixels.

The process of icons selection is easy: you just enter their website IconDemon.com, get into appropriate category, choose the icons to your like and add them to your download cart. Then you  select the type of membership. They offer two membership packages: limited and unlimited pack. Both packages are valid for 1 year.

The limited package is the low-end possibility to get access to the whole collection but you will be able to download up to 500 icons only. It is offered at the ridiculous fee of  $19 and is handy for one-time projects.

Another type is unlimited membership that is clear without specifications. You purchase the membership and get access to download any number of icons from the whole collection. Unlimited package cots $99 . The price is many times lower than the sum you may spend on a custom icons set. So the benefits are obvious. This package is a find for designers and web developers who may need the icons of various types and styles for their numerous projects.

Navigation through  20+ categories and 10+ styles makes it easy to find the needed icon quickly. Keep in mind that it should match the whole website layout. Among the categories you will find sport icons, system icons, business icons, game and folder icons etc. The styles include vintage icons, line icons, simple icons, glass icons etc.

Feel free to check other cute professional icons on Icondemon website and spice up your websites!


Creating and redesigning websites has become the chronical, everlasting activity for many companies today.

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