Giveaway: Show 604 Republic Some Love CLOSED

Today we have teamed up with established t-shirt brand 604 Republic, to bring you all our amazing Design Juices a chance to win not one, but THREE 604 Republic t-shirts. We are going to give you all every chance to enter and be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize.

Just Who Are 604 Republic?

Previously you may all be thinking haven’t we seen them before on Design Juices? And you would be right, they came on board for the Design Juices Xmas Wishlist giveaway and were part of our interview series. Why not revisit that great 604 Republic Interview.

604 Republic is the online store founded and run by Sebastian Arciszewski, found back in September of 2010 the store came about after his previous experiences founding the online store Split Reason. 604 Republic comes out of Vancouver in the great North America, Canada.

604 Republic are self confessed nerds who are in love with pop culture and general all round geeks. “Not Everyone is a geek but we all geek out about something.”

How Can I Enter?

This giveaway is going to allow you to enter via several ways; Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Commenting on this post! You must follow the rules and terms of the giveaway to be able to claim your prize at the end of the giveaway. You can enter via any one of these four ways to enter, (entering via each method counts as one chance to win.)

Entering Via Facebook

We want you to write a status update completing the sentence; ” I Love 604 Republic because…”

Make sure you are already a fan of 604 Republic on Facebook.

When entering via facebook you need to use the @604republic to mention the 604 Republic Facebook Fan page. (See image below.)

We will be able to monitor these entries via the 604 Republic Facebook page.

Entering Via Twitter

We want you to Follow @604Republic and @DesignJuices and write the most creative tweet you can including one of the following hashtag’s.

#ilove604republic or #ilovedesignjuices.

Entering Via Design Juices

Just leave a comment below this post, completing one of the following sentences.

“I Love 604 Republic because…”

“I Love [NAME] 604 Republic T-shirt because…”

“I Love Design Juices because…”

We are looking for the funniest and most original answers and responses possible :)

Why not subscribe to the Design Juices RSS Feed.

Entering Via Tumblr

If you on Tumblr we want you to post your favourite 604 Republic t-shirt (or hoodie) on your profile, AND make sure you use the hashtag #ilove604republic so we can track all Tumblr entrants!

Example: I Love this 604 Republic T-shirt” #ilove604republic”


  • Entering through each format (Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/Comment) counts as one entry.
  • If you enter more than one format you can gain a up-to a maximum of four entries.
  • Worldwide; Everyone can enter!
  • Giveaway Opens Friday 11th February 2011.
  • Giveaway Closes Monday 21st February 2011 18:00pm EST.
  • Entrants will be announced 2-3 days after the giveaway has closed.
  • Make sure you give the correct email address so we can contact you.
  • Winning Entrants will be contacted via their relevant social media accounts or email.
  • Design Juices say is final on winners.
  • Winners must respond within 24hrs. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen.
  • THREE t-shirt’s available, Winners are able to pick the t-shirt of their choice from the 604 Republic Online Store.
  • Good Luck! Any question get in touch with us here at Design Juices.

Check out the 604 Republic Store; Mens and Women’s Tees & Hoodies available.

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  • Lisa Garrett

    I Love 604 Republic because there are so many designs that my son in law would love~

  • Anonymous

    Great idea lisa! Why design did you have your eyes on? I really love the new family guy t-shirt.

  • Randy Jay Zielaskowski

    I Love 604 Republic because…they have some of the most unique shirts i’ve ever seen!

  • Kelly

    I love 604 Republic because who doesn’t love to see T-Rex’s fighting! Epic Duel tee is awesome… epic, even!

  • SickPigeon

    I Love 604 Republic because they are the bees knees! Basically they are so geeky cool that they are like the results of throwing the Where’s The Beef old lady, Lara Croft, an iPhone, King freaking Kong, James Bond’s Austin Martin, a stealth bomber, seasons 1-3 of Lost, pepperoni pizza, Mr T’s feather earring, the ability to dance like John Travolta, zombie proof spray, Jessica Rabbit, every super model from Brazil, an Oompa Loompa, and a light saber into a industrial blender.

  • psdesignuk

    I Love 604Republic because they print tee shirts that every geek would love! Especially me!

  • Anonymous

    thanks for commenting randy!

  • Anonymous

    we’ll forgive your mistake there yuni, you very excited. Thanks for commenting.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta agree pickle, gotta be my favourite of the bunch everytime.

  • Anonymous

    EPIC is the optimum word kelly! Thanks for your entry :)

  • Anonymous

    wow, some serious effort gone into this. thanks for your entry taking the time to comment.

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  • Francois

    I Love 604 Republic because… they offer nicely done and funny t-shirts ! LOve the t-rex one and I love anything related to the zombie genre.

  • Luka

    I Love 604 Republic because they have nice sarcastic t-shirts just the way i like them 😀

  • Anonymous

    T-rex design getting a lot of love, thanks for stopping by francois!

  • Anonymous

    gotta love when sarcasm and design meet. thanks luka.

  • Helen Bowman

    I Love the Jeeves3000 604 Republic T-shirt because if I wore it, then whomever saw it would realize that it’s impossible for me to do everything at the same time, unless I were a robot. Or maybe they would think that I really was a robot, and they would fear my awesome ability to accomplish so much in life. :)

  • funny t shirts

    kudos on your tees. excellent detail. very crisp artwork. i dig the retired plumber. he’s cool.

  • Diana Cotter

    I Love Design Juices because they are simply the best – inspired design and fluid creativity, a thoroughly modern blend of aesthetics and practicality.

  • Dave & Manz – GritFX

    I love Design Juices because they help satisfy a designers insatiable thirst for inspiration! Thanks!! ~ Manz

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  • Chocochipz Studio

    I Love Design Juices because they have a category called “GIVEAWAY”. If you didn’t win, you still have a chance in their other giveaway programs!

  • oasis789

    I Love 604 Republic because I am a secret (well not so secret) nerd and I wanna show it! :)

  • Anonymous

    The giveaway category is simply a way to archive any giveaway posts, giveaways run for a week or less in the main.

  • Anonymous

    nobody can hide being a nerd surely!

  • Anonymous

    I take it you like the retired plumber tshirt?

  • Anonymous

    thank manz, one of the few people to take the ‘ilovedesignjuices’ route! It’s always great to hear positive comments about the site, thanks for that!

  • Dang Tuan Anh

    i love 604Republic because… their T-shirt is freaking funny :))

  • Dang Tuan Anh

    i love 604Republic because… their T-shirt is freaking funny :))

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  • Angry Mongo

    I love 604Republic because… The voices in my head do.