Outstanding Photo Manipulation Tutorials for Photoshop

Photoshop is arguably the top design program for manipulating photos. Most Photoshop users know at least the basics of photo manipulation, but the amazing thing about Photoshop is that it seems you can always learn more. So, if you are interested in building new skills by playing around with Photoshop, the following are the tutorials for you.


This tutorial will show you how to take your photo and turn it into an abstract masterpiece.


Use Photoshop to combine photographs and make an image of a face that is young on the bottom and old on the top. Water is used to break the page in half.


Once you complete this tutorial, you will know how to combine a hand drawn sketch with a photo. The result is a really impressive image with a grunge effect.


Learn how to combine several photos for make a surreal but realistic image. This sample image has a twist of water going up to the sky, very cool.

Surreal 3DOutdoorRoomSceneTutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to place a painter in a room painting a scene of your choice.


Create a platform environment by combining a digital painting and a photo. This technique is a handy one to have in your resume.


You will use simple techniques like the Warp Command and Brush tool to turn a normal picture of a woman’s face into a flaming head. The effect is incredible but really simple.


Sharpen your Photoshop manipulation skills by using the Clone stamp tool and the Cold Movie Photo Effect. You will learn how to seamlessly combine water and the night sky.


In this tutorial you will combine an iguana photo with a bat photo and create a dragon. Add it to a castle and you have a fantastic image.


Turn your landscape photo into an alien invasion with this Photoshop tutorial. This effect can be applied to any landscape so you can make it look like your hometown is under attack!


Practice your technique with the Pen tool and freehand brushing in this fun tutorial. The sample image uses color pencils and fruit.


In this tutorial you will use the Warp effect, Dodge and Burn tools, and more to add texture to skin. The final image gives a creepy grunge texture to the man’s face.

Have fun and happy designing!

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