Review Of Industrial Design on The Web January

This showcase of industrial design articles from across the web is a collection of the best informative, inspirational, instructional and news worthy pieces on the web. We are aiming to make up from our missing of the November and December reviews with this bumper review pack, you won’t find a more thorough showcase on industrial design anywhere on the web.

Here we feature articles from top sites such as Core77, Design Boom, Sketch My World, Embody 3D, Fuel Your Product Design and so much more. Articles range from discussing the recent industrial design stamps, new Solidworks related news, designer showcases, the Abduzeedo review of the work of Dieter Rams, an interview with J Mays of Ford on Cool Hunting and lots more besides. Be inspired and informed by this roundup of the best industrial design news and articles from across the web in January.

Braun Turns 90: Keeps in Quiet

With typical German restraint, Braun has no splashy banners all over their homepage announcing the anniversary.

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A POV on the future of the automobile

As an industry going though massive change, a category we work in and an object designers love to obsess over, there is a lot to talk about. What began as a conversation turned into a POV we shared out on designmind this week.

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The Volkswagen XL1 – Not your fathers 261 plugin hybrid

This is the kind of concept car you put under your pillow in the hope you’ll absorb some of its genius. It is quite a remarkable vehicle. It is a hybrid deisel/electric capable of an astonishing 261 miles per gallon (.9 liters per 100 km).

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The Leica M Series

Leica cameras have been around for a long time. It has been close to 100 years since the first models were built. Many of the cameras made in the last 50 years are still around, and for that matter, still in use. They’ve got a reputation for lasting…decades.

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Power Drill or Hand Drill? Which is Better?

Finding the perfect hand replacement for the rechargeable drill is a practical and sustainable consumer affliction. Because, after 6 or 8 years, truth be told, today’s hottest rechargeable Li-Ion drill will need replacement batteries and each will cost more than an entire kit box of the next big thing out there.

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DIY Panton Chair by Peter Jakubik

Slovak designer Peter Jakubik has hewn an impressively convincing Panton from a rather rugged looking log and—baring any awkward copyright disputes—intends to sell his sculptures for country cottages and gardens.

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Would you Drink from a Papier Mache Milk bottle?

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Red Bull F1 Racing Technology

As the summer of 2009 drew to a close, anyone with even a passing interest in motor sport found themselves spellbound by an epic battle. In one of the most exciting Formula 1 seasons for many years, the Red Bull Racing team was pitted against the newly formed Brawn GP for both the driver’s and the constructors’ championships.

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Line Weight Importance in Product Sketching

Lines of different thickness clarify a form and add dynamics to a sketch. Choosing a thick or thin line you have ability to emphasize chosen parts of an object. It can lead viewers to most important aspects of a product.

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3D Food Printing

Lovable geeks that we are, we’ve always got a watchful eye on developments in 3D printing technology. Its amazing to see interest spreading through a whole host of disciplines. Core77’s very own Matt Brown has even speculated on how such technologies might influence food production in his design fiction work.

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Naoto Fukasawa Shiba for Alessi

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Alessandro Mendini: Moka for Alessi

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Unusual Vehicle Concept from Gambon Design

Some interesting concepts on the vehicle front from Nuremberg-based Gambo Design.

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Sony’s Next Generation Portable Entertainment System

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Compostmodern ferisilizes the creative mind

I had the great good fortune this past weekend of attending Compostmodern, a two-day conference here devoted to exploring different ways in which designers can help create a sustainable future. And I’d like to mention a few of the tech- and Internet-related highlights–some of which are new, some of which you, like me, may have missed the first time around.

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A New Museum To Celebrate Viktor Schrekengost

A museum devoted to the life and work of Cleveland artist and industrial designer Viktor Schreckengost will soon blossom on Superior Avenue, just east of downtown.

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Shelter POP & SCAD

When ShelterPop teamed up with the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) for our first ever ShelterPop & SCAD Design Challenge, we asked students in SCAD’s interior design programs and Working Class Studio intern program to design products that embodied the ShelterPop motto, “Happy homes make happy people.”

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What’s Next For Apple

With Jobs now taking an indefinite leave, there’s been speculation about what this will mean for the future of the company. If Jobs doesn’t return, will Apple be able to continue its growth and continue to innovate with new products?

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Unfold | Form With Us Love

The UNFOLD pendant lamp offers a new take on an industrial design classic. Crafted from soft but strong silicone rubber, Unfold projects a modern and warm personality. The soft material also allows the lamp to be folded into a neat package. – Just open and unfold your new lamp.

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Grain & Gram | Woodworker

My name is Blair Sligar and I build furniture and sculpture from salvaged and local materials.

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3D Cinema Seeing Double

It’s always fun to talk about a small, obscure movement in film aesthetic that creeps in from the fringes and slowly makes inroads into the mainstream. You may not have noticed it (perhaps you’ve been living up a tree in a forest somewhere?), but 3D is apparently now ready to take us all into the future.

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Product Design Inspiration for your Motivation

One of my favourite email newsletters that I signed up for a month or so ago is from Yanko Design. They just seem to be able to find incredibly innovative and beautiful product design every time.

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New Beginnings

Norton is a brand that resonates with many people who still feel an immense pride for this quintessentially British motorcycle manufacturer.

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Old School Radio Sketch

Here is a sketch of a vintage looking radio. The main point was trying to pay more attention to details.

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Twisted Urban Furniture

Twister is a range of urban furniture specially designed for a park in Tbilisi,Georgia. It will be launched by Jaume Espí in November 2010.

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Tips For Creating an Effective Online Portfolio

An online portfolio should present your image and capabilities flawlessly. Strategic planning and preparation will ensure a professional presentation.

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Martyn Day sees Good Times Ahead

2010 has been an interesting year for product development. Martyn Day takes a whistle stop tour of the last twelve months and, with good news on the horizon with regards to manufacturing, is already looking forward to 2011

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How To Get Promoted to Senior Level Designer

I think I’ve had a decent share of good and mediocre bosses. The mediocre ones will assign you the tedious projects that nobody else wants to do, let you sit there quietly and finish them, then check in on you a few days later and give you a pat on the back.

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Michael Princpal’s Re-design Football Helmet

We like this ESPN story about designer Michael Princip and his self-started project to redesign football helmets, because it shows Princip thinking not only about the design, but the business side of the project as well.

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An Interview with J Mays of Ford

Ford’s new all-electric Focus and their Chief Creative Officer on thinking globally and making drivers happy.

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Solidthinking 8.5

Few modelling programs cover the entire design and engineering process. SolidThinking takes a unique approach to product development, allowing more exploration in design while forming a foundation for engineering and manufacturing.

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Desktop CNC Machine

Today’s the last day to get in on Stephen McGloughlin’s Kickstarter project for a desktop CNC machine kit that you can actually assemble yourself and drop a Dremel into. Best part? You can spend less than $400 for a full machine and as little as $12 for the plans.

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Clever Soap Dispenser Design

Eindhoven grad Nathalie Stampfli’s brilliant Soap Flakes dispensers use bar soap while taking cues from cheese graters and peppermills.

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the Supplier Becomes the Master

Johnson Controls, formerly a supplier to the auto industry, is taking a bold step forward with their ie:3 concept car, unveiled at the North American International Auto Show.

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Toyota Unveils a Tiny Version of the Prius

Toyota expands its iconic Prius line of hybrid automobiles with the Prius C concept, aimed at young urban tastemakers.

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Mind Node for Mac/ iPhone

I, like many designers love to brainstorm and use mind maps to explore and manage new ideas and I also find value in being able to organise these ideas hierarchically. Unfortunately there has never been a really good way to do this digitally, previous solutions tend to be clunky, confusing and miss the real organic flow of mind mapping that you achieve with pen and paper.

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5 Tips For Beginners to be Motivated

People constantly learn and try to become better in their fields. But there are times when you can’t just keep up with the pressure of seeing others being better at things you are trying so hard to be good at. As we all know that to be perfect at something takes plenty of time, but we are so impatient that we want everything right now and right here on a silver plate

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Top Design Schools & Tips for Choosing One

A question I often get asked via email is “Which graphic design school / university should I attend?”. To be honest it’s a very hard question to answer as everyone has different needs, however, today we have Brian Jenkins* here to highlight some of the top US design schools.

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Light It up!

Stephen Holmes takes an illuminating look at three companies lighting the way ahead with the 3D technology

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Print-on Demand Flexible Planner

Although more and more of us are abandoning daily planner books for much more convenient digital calendars, there’s still something terribly satisfying about keeping your to-do list in the physical world.

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Designing a Better Bicycle: Product Design Show

Vince and Allison look at bicycle designs past, present and future.

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US Post Service Honours Pioneers of Industrial Design

The 2011 USPS Commemorative Stamp Program has released its latest round of honorees.  Among them are twelve of the nation’s most influential industrial designers during the 20th century.  Each stamp features a notable object from a particular designer, as well as the designer’s name and the name of the object.

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How To Benefit From General Public’s Lack of ID Knowledge

Wouldn’t it be awesome to spend your spare time hunting for ID treasures? There’s an article in Canada’s Telegraph-Journal focused on individuals “who are doing their part to foster good industrial design in Saint John,” a city in New Brunswick (that’s the Canadian province next to Maine, for us geographically-challenged Americans).

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Product Sketching The Views

Views are used as system to describe different design aspects of a product. A successfully chosen view is a crucial point to represent your product concept sketch in the best way. A wrong impression of a concept can be given by choosing an improper view. That is why there are many ways to show a product sketch.

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Design History: Dieter Rams

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Product Design + Innovation Conference

Product Design + Innovation is being created by Crain Communications to bring together senior design professionals from leading brands, OEMs and design consultancies to focus on growth opportunities and share ideas and experiences about how approaches to product design and innovation are evolving – in terms of strategies, business models, partnerships, processes, methodologies, materials and technologies.

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Design Innovation Key for Manufacturing Sector

Avantha Centre for Competitiveness for SMEs had organised a two-day national seminar and exhibition recently in the city on ‘new product development’ last week.

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Interview Emily Lutzker From OpenInvo

We had the priviledge of talking to Emily Lutzker founder and CEO of OpenInvo a company which aims to connect people who want ideas to people who conceive them. Emily explains some of great features of OpenInvo including the extensive work the company has done ensuring both the idea generator and seeker are protected.

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3D Printing a Chair with Robots

Soon we’ll have the capacity to print objects as large car parts and will be made out of comparable materials. These chairs are pretty gooey but demonstrate whats possible with precision robots, time, and lots of melted plastic.

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To Draw is To See Book Review

On its own merits this book deserves the attention of any student of drawing, but it is more than just an inspirational collection of drawings; it is also a memorial to a dear member of the Art Center design community.

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Understanding a Design’s Return on Investment

In 2009, respondents to the European Commission’s public consultation on ‘design as a driver of user-centred innovation’ were asked about the most serious barriers to the better use of design in Europe.

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If Apple Made Printers?

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Freedom of Creation Unveils Customizable 3D Font

The Dutch rapid-prototyping manufacturer and distributor bills Kasheeda as the world’s first 3-D font.

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Roundup: Cinema 4D Tutorials

Time to introduce a new section of the blog where we collect and present awesome resources from all over the web. In this first one were going to cover a specific 3D application that have been becoming increasingly popular, Cinema 4D by Maxon.

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20 Mobile Phone Sketch Collection

The everyday device that we use is a mobile phone. People cannot imagine a life without it anymore. We text, call, send pictures, take pictures, record and do a lot of things with a mobile phone due it’s multiple functions.

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Connecting with Inventors and Like Minded People

Since starting this blog I have been amazed how helpful inventors have been with their time, taking part in my inventor interviews and sharing their stories. Before starting this blog I really didn’t know where I would find likeminded people to connect with, so I thought I would share what I have learned.

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Three Free Solidworks Tutorials To Up Your Game

Here’s something to keep busy with while you’re avoiding holiday shopping: a collection of excellent (and free) Solidworks tutorials.

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